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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Kickin' Up A STOMP

In the month of September alone, I've watched 3 major theatrical productions. Quidam, Snow Wolf Lake, and best of all - STOMP! The mood was great. Pushcarts selling kachang puteh and ice-cream, cool live band music set against a lovely riverscape plus a great mix of crowd.


STOMP is 2-hours of non-stop kick ass entertainment. I could not keep my eyes off their performances, and my feet from tapping to the "music". The way the performers drummed their sounds into my system was totally awesome.

I mean, this show really exceeded my expectations. I would definitely rate it above Quidam and SWL. The percussionists' performances were simply amazing. Using everything they can lay their hands on, they produced super dynamic rhythms and sounds on buckets, kitchen sinks, pails, cups, pots, pans, barrels, brooms, lighters, newspapers, tubes, road signs, metal chairs, plastic and paper bags and of course, their own bodies! You name it, they've used it. It's one big percussionist orgy that brought me to an ultimate delirious high!

It was also hilarious at some point, as they had cleverly weaved in some cheeky humor within each performance. I was thrilled, tickled and totally entertained right up to the finale. The performers got the entire theatre on their feet, clapping and stamping their foot to the exhilarating beat of their percussions.

Each of the characters on stage lives and breathes the Stomp World, showcasing their wild percussionist skills through an impeccable sense of rhythm as well as humour.

Yes, I was completely impressed and 100% gratified. Highly, highly recommended if dough is not an issue.

Last but not least, thanks to my "FWB" for this wonderful treat. Cannot thank you enough for this lovely gesture. :)


Jade Falcon Elite said...

Wow! U caught the show STOMP??!!! I also watched it!! Very good hoh?? Wa..... The Best that I have watched so far! U lucky la.... people treat u show.... I have to buy it myself. Sigh.... hehehehe....

STOMP, The Best there Show in year 2005!

Anonymous said...

Wierd huh......2 pple wayang abt the stomp.... the one treating u giving comment saying he had to buy it himself

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

ya. i also think he acting berry weird. quite embarrassing. haha. but true what, he bought the tickets. i didn't ma. so he's actually not lying. just that the way he puts it very da misleading. :P