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Friday, October 14, 2005

Oct 14, 2005

The guy in my blog entry "UNPREPARED" died today.

I killed my old blog.

I lost a friend.

I wish the one who died was me.


Anonymous said...



sÞ¡ηηєє said...

what's going on... *confused* read 3 different stories at 3 different blogs...aiyo....

Richard said...

Forgive me for being confused.

Which friend did you lose? The man? You seemed to be angry with him and the tone of your blog did not indicate friendship.

Or the adulterous woman?

Elvina said...

It's ok Richard. Doesn't matter anymore. :)

Anonymous said...

oh it seemed like it mattered a lot.. either you are lying to yourself or you trying to tell us you actually think of him as a friend even though you declared you hate him

Anonymous said...

ya i agree... you seemed confused yourself... i hope your girlfriend doesn't get to read your blog. I cannot imagine what'll happen... my heart goes out to her... I dont know her personally so i'd rather not comment about her relationship lor... maybe there's more to it? Is there? hmmm

Anonymous said...

oh wow!!! Your blog is very nice.. good job..

I tend to agree with anonymous, i'd rather not comment since i dont know your 2 friends personally. If what you say is true in your blog, it seemed like she'll be deeply hurt reading it off the web, though blogs are meant to be one's personal diary, I still decided not to start my own blog, cause i feel i still cannot tell all. so.. so much for being a diary . i'll be hurting someone i care about if i shared my true true feelings on the web, cause my subject will be hurt even though others may not know it.. like in this case, though i've also had friends being unfaithful, it hurts them if i were to publish it to the world, cause though others dont know them, my friend will know it's she/he i'm talking about... so, i'll keep my thoughts to myself...

blast it said...

Hi everyone... wow, didnt know i can post my comment so easily.. mm just want to share bit.. i was attracted by the picture you posted under this blog. Just curious why you killed your blog because the guy died ah??? So dramatic... he must've meant a lot.

Ruth Stine said...

WOO HOO!!! finally someone stood up for your girlfriend babe, i read unprepared and though i feel we should not comment on the relationship so fast. I mean, ya, takes 2 hands to clap but how come no one blamed the couples's partners? meaning your gf's husband and the man's wife??? huh? I feel should not just blast away as if you guys know everything. I am from the states, so it is a common sight actually however i assume in Asia this is not, but that's not what i am driving here. What i am saying is Elvina, if you claim to be christian, you should maybe stand up for your friend... you may know everything and we only know what you say. And i remember that in the bible, let the one without sin cast the 1st stone. And dont tell me none of you out there have never even lusted over a woman or man. Maybe it's a skeleton in the closet that you should put up on the link under Elvina's dark secrets. Hahaa..

Anyway, enough said, damage was already done. what's important is you lend your shoulder to your girlfriend; cause this must've been a devastating time for her... given what i've read, she must've have given out emotionally as well. And though it's all over (if it really is over), it'll still hurt... i don't know how to say it, i've seen lots of patients that come to me for councelling, and more than ever, they seek solace in their best friends, be there for her and you should not open the wound anytime soon. Cause, she'll probably not take it very well. I also hope you have not been showing her your blogs, they are very depressing and most times, i lost thoughts that you are a christian, cause you seem to focus a lot on how others see you, you are human i know. But may not be good as a testimony. Also i noticed that your language is definitely not commendable in any way. Just my thoughts. If you disagee, i understand, just sharing my thoughts from my experience as a councellor. Take care.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Thanks Ruth for sharing. I was indeed there for her throughout, but it was equally trying for me as well.

Not sure about why my language is not commendable - care to enlighten? May just be a cultural difference on how we express ourselves.

Though I must agree some of my blogs are depressing - and I do feel that way sometimes. So it just comes out in the blog naturally.

I know it's probably not a good testimonial, but I think it will come across very fake if everything in my life that I posted up online is rosy and cheerful. Because it's not. And I need to share the real me. Asians view Christians very differently. Harshly in fact. It's not a given that if I only blog all good and happy stuff that I will naturally be a good testimony. People here need to know that Christians are humans too - with ups and downs in their lives. Humans with flaws. Humans with weaknesses. Which I try and overcome with the help of the Lord. I am not always successful, but i'll always try.

Thanks for your comments though. Deeply appreciated.

Ruth Stine said...

Hi Elvina,

it's close to 2am for me here. Thought i take a look at your blogs again for other interesting libraries of thoughts before i turn to bed.

I am glad that you were there. I'm sure she appreciates it alot. Sometimes just being there for that person may not be enough... being there to help expose etc may not be enough as well. What i meant is that i also read the comments that were placed under this blog, and quite frankly, i am rather amused by how cruel people are.. such is life i suppose.

But sometimes, disclosing yourself may be theraputic to you, but the other person "the victim" so to speak here may not find it amusing at all, let alone, finding you sensitive. Anyway, it's really none of my business.. just thought i share my thoughts. If you'd like to chat, let me know. I'd love to explore the conversation further. I do find you interesting. And in case you are wondering... i am female so no fear and no promises. haha... Cheers

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Understand where you are coming from. But I have done it - there's no way I can undo that. And yes, people are cruel, but that's also because they know nothing, except for what I have posted. It's better for everyone to take these comments at face value and not read too much into it.

I am open to chat. Add me on msn! You can find my addy on the side menu under "circle of trust". :)

Thanks for reading my blog.