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Sunday, October 23, 2005

War of the Worlds

War is an all-pervasive phenomenon of the universe. The Oxford Dictionary expands the definition to include "any active hostility or struggle between living beings; a conflict between opposing forces or principles."

I moved my blog from the previous address because someone started a war of words once, which snowballed into something really ugly. The heated exchange online not only became personal, but simply ridiculous.

I for one, am a strong advocator of peace. I can accept differing views on what people think about me and my musings, but I would not condone comments targeted at specific readers of my blog. Settle it elsewhere if you must, but stay away from engaging in a public online sliming festival that makes everyone look stupid or bad.

That means anonymous comments - targeting at anyone else but myself - will not see the light of day here. This is not only to maintain peace within Hotel Solace,
but also my sanity. :)

Speaking about war, I was recently inspired to pen a poem on it. All my poems are hosted online at this poetry website called The Starlite Cafe. Every week, there will be a 10-word challenge - which is to create a poem using 10 words posted by the forum administrator. The theme for this week is the letter "U", and we are given 10 words that starts with U for the challenge.

So here's my humble attempt.....

Senseless Sacrifice

As the war unfolds
I cannot help but doubt
What are we fighting for?
We trudged on
Our bodies nothing more
Than bullet shields

As the massacre continues
I cannot help but question
What are we bleeding for?
Blood baked till umber
Under scorching sun

Umpteen times I’ve prayed
My usual prayer
Lord am I here to unite all
Seeking peace
Or am I your unique tool
Called upon to leave
My urban comforts
For this war-torn field
To fulfill my destiny

Were there really
Weapons of mass destruction
Have we done what we came for
Or have we been used
To further one’s ulterior motives
Bringing nothing
But misery and grief

As the gunfire rains
I cannot help but wonder
What are we struggling for?
Body count of enemies
Updated every minute

As the death toll climbs
I cannot help but despair
What are we dying for?
We began to realize
This Senseless Sacrifice

By Elvina

© 2005 Elvina (All rights reserved)

Week 42 - The ten word alphabet challenge - U
ulterior - umber - umpteen - under - unfold unique - unite - update - urban - usual


LV said...

It' abit sad,... abt the War thing, God bless the world.

Guan Yu said...

Good attempt. Like your pictures too.

Life is beautiful said...

I like your poem. =)

But I also wonder how does someone who has not lived through war (the real kind of war that most people will think of and not a literal reference)compose a poem about war.

Mickell said...

U can certainly write very well. Maybe you should consider a career in writing :)