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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Things That Make Me Happy :)

Jade Falcon recently started a blog entry on "Things I Like." Thought it was a pretty cool idea and would like to try out my own version here today. If you are a blogger, do one for your blog too so that we can all get to know one another better! :)

Well, since I am quite easy to please, there are not many things that I don't like. So I decided to blog on things that "make me happy". Here goes....

1. Writing

Writing remains my #1 passion of all time. It is where I express words I cannot otherwise say, thoughts that I cannot otherwise reveal, and feelings that I cannot otherwise share. The literary world consumes my imagination and spurs me to create works that distinctly bears my character, personality and perceptions. It defines who I truly am, liberates what I try to suppress and shapes what I can become.

I love writing poems. I blog. I have tried writing songs. I have written a short novel once. I will continue to write as long as the passion continues to burn. I hope I can publish my own novel one day - and I wish that day will not be too far away. If you want my autograph, better ask for it now before I become famous! Haha.....

2. Music

Well, I have no talents in this field whatsoever. Could play a li'l organ here and there, but that's about it. Would love to accomplish my dream of learning the piano one day - so I can write my own songs. But music absolutely makes me happy.

I love all kinds of genre:

- Rock music (Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Guns 'N' Roses, Beyond)
- Instrumental (S.E.N.S, Chris Spheeris, Narada)
- Opera (IL Divo, Andrea Borcelli, Josh Groban, The Three Tenors)
- Pop (Linkin' Park, Hoobastank)
- Ballads (Emi Fujita, Air Supply)
- Canto and Mandarin Pop (Sammi Cheng, A-mei)
- Jazz (Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, French Jazz, Norah Jones)

To date, I have a collection of over 400 CDs - and still growing. Every kind of genre pulls my heartstrings in its own unique way. Music has really been a huge part of my life - and has also been as much a healing experience as writing.

3. Books

Books are the third great pillar of my life. I could not remember a time when I do not have a book in my hand. There were photos of me reading when I was as young as 3 years old! I have a library of close to over 200 books and comics now and my dream of a lifetime is to have my own house with a beautiful rosewood library filled with books from the floor to the ceiling. I will die a happy woman in this room....

4. Gadgets

YES! Gadgets, toys, consumer electronics are absolutely my favourites. I can swoon for hours over the latest mobile phone, PC, laptop, MP3 players, plasma TV, digital camera, turntable, speakers, hi-fi systems, wireless music streaming devices.... the list just goes on and on. Set me loose in a shop filled with gadgets and you will have me transfixed there for hours. I would be so completely hypnotized by all the cool toys in front of me that I'll be totally oblivious to you. :P

5. Movies

This is the world where most of us would often escape into. The world of make-believe, the world where good triumps over evil, the world where fantasies are created, the world where love precedes everything else in life.

Movies inspire me a lot - and there are times where one film would light a creative spark and bring out the poet in me. 11:55 is one such poem, totally inspired by the movie "Girl Interrupted".

6. Faeries

I am not sure when I started falling in love with these fantasy characters. Maybe deep inside me, I do yearn to be like the faery - carefree, kind, strong, magical, and beautiful both inside and outside. I want to have wings that will take me to the furthest ends of the universe. I want to be able to sprinkle miracles on those who needed help. I want to be able to change the world - and make it a better place.

I want to be a faery.

7. Food

Food could provide exquisite tangible and intangible comforts, you know? It not only satisfies your primal need - hunger - but at the same time, the right kind of food can so tantalize your tastebuds and make you want more.

Whatever they say about men, the way through my heart is exactly the same. Feed me. :)

8. Men

Though they are the major cause of many heartaches and tears, I do enjoy the company of men. Intelligent, witty and mature men. Men who make me laugh. Men who pamper me to no end. Men who put up with my idiosyncracies. Men who romance me. Men who keep their cool even when I lose mine. Men who are tender and kind. Men who are loyal. Men who are loving. Men who know what they want and what they have to do to get it.

They come in all shapes and sizes and different forms. Some are friends. Some are dates. Some are admirers. Some become lovers. One will eventually be my husband.

It's simply wonderful being a single girl for now.

9. Hobbies

There's little doubt that hobbies can make one really happy. These are some games/sports/activities that I love to indulge in whenever I have the luxury of time and/or money.

- Word Games: Scrabble. Boggle. I realized I'm actually quite good at word games. Open to challenges anytime.
- Sports: Cycling. Swimming. Bowling
- Singing: I am the undisputable KTV Queen!
- Web surfing: For news, creative ideas, blogs, games and other super duper cool stuff
- Concerts/Plays: Expensive hobby indeed, but shows my cultured and artistic side, doesn't it?

10. The Lord

I owe everything in my life to the Alpha and the Omega. Without Him, I am nothing. There's nothing more I could say about the greatest LOVE of my life.

= : : =

There you have it. Ten things that make me HAPPY. Check out the list of my faves below for what will make me really, really, really freaking happy!

Fav Food: Laksa, Chilli/Black Pepper crab, Curry, Tom Yum Gung (in short - anything spicy!)
Fav Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Fav Show(s): Crime Scene Investigation, Law & Order, Sex and The City, Boston Legal
Fav Book: Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught
Fav Song: Tong Hua (Fairytales) by Guang Liang
Fav Actor: Brad Pitt
Fav Singer: Emi Fujita
Fav Flower: Lilies
Fav Gadget: iPod
Fav Man: My dad

So do you know me better now?


Immortal said...

U have expressed ur likes very well young lady. Specific and clear. U know what u like and u know what u want. U will go far. Well done. A great joy to read.

Jade Falcon Elite said...

Joo chiat has good black pepper crab, but the queue is ridiculous. Nice to know u also like LOTR!

I like CSI too! I also like THE PRACTICE although not one of what u like.

Pai Seh, dunno who is Judith McNaught. Tong Hua is NICE NICE NICE!

Who the heck is Emi Fujita? So u like Lilies of the Valley eh??? hmmm.... cool...


mel said...

good piece. Made me wanna list my 'turn-ons' too, opps, i mean 'likes'...too bad, i got no blog.

Bee said...

hmmn... what's common for us would be 1,4,7,10. :)

Brutually honest said...

I wonder where's the originality of this simple girl's blog.

Life is beautiful said...

After reading your entry, it seems that I know you, and yet paradoxically do not seem to know you too.

Btw, would it be alright with you if I were to add a link to your blog from mine?


Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Sure. I have created a banner link too - at the right hand side of my blog. Use it if you want.

Thanks for your paradoxy comment haha...

Kristie said...