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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Confessions (of A Simple Girl)

If I’m granted but just one wish
There’s nothing I’d want more
I want to be
The woman of your dreams

If the world should end today
There’s no one I’d loved more
I will love you
And that’s enough for me

You may not believe
How much you mean to me
I only want to be the girl
Who’d love you for eternity
Though I may fail
But try I will
I’ll never go
As long as you’re in my life

If I’m given but just one chance
There’s nowhere I’d long to be
I long to be
The lover in your arms

If the sun should set tonight
There’s nobody I’d miss more
I will miss you
Wish I could turn back time

You may not feel it
How much love I can give
I only want to be the girl
Who’d be where you’ll be
Though I may fall
But through it all
I’ll be there
As long as you’re here with me

That’s how much
My love for you truly is
I may never be
The girl you want to me to be
I’ll still love you
Because I am me
Because you are he

And because,
I am what I am
No one can love you more than me.

© 2005 Elvina. All rights reserved.

(Inspired by IL Divo's "The Man You Love")

"I only wanna be the man, to give you everything I can,
Every day and every night, Love you for all my life.
I don't wanna change the world, as long as you're my girl.
It's more than enough....
Just to be the man you love."


mel said...

good grief, looks like someone is still carrying a torch for someone...*sigh* good luck.

Tan Kok Seng said...

Lucky guy. Who, who?

Bee said...

hmn... i will never love a man who won't love me. It has been like that and still is. :)

I believe "eros" love (man-woman type of love) has to be 2-way. Only "agape" love (unconditional, God's type of love) can be 1-way, which also means u can give it to more than one person at the same time (both sexes too).

Just my thoughts.

Life is beautiful said...


You're a romantic at heart.


Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Aiya you guys read too much into the poem!!

It was inspired by a song that I heard. Creative people like me are inspired from time to time, and then we will churn out such sappy stuff like this poem!

Not carrying a torch for anyone. So no luCKy GUYS - YET!!! :P

Richard said...

I read it as a confession of love to your true love - although I was not sure if it was to a known or as yet unknown love.

As your clarification explains - it is to an as yet unknown love.

Take care

Guan Yu said...


pinning for someone?? Kekeke.....

WhatLiesBeneath said...

Love can't be measured but don't confuse love with infatuation.