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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

2 is The Number of Carnage

Savagely ravaged a 2nd time
2 times the horror
2 times the pain
Death toll clocked at 22
The wounded rose to 122

2 restuarants targeted
In 2 different areas
Jimbaran and Kuta - 2 popular spots
Instantly became 2 burning hells

Lethal blast in 2002
Bali bled for the very first time
202 bodies blown to bits
The beach made their sandy grave

As far as the eye can see
Are remnants of the bloody deed
Grieved faces

Those brainwashed bombers,
they were young
No less than 20,
not more than 25
What drove them
to such extremist acts
To die in this horrific way

What sick thoughts
went through their minds
to rob kids
of their lives and families
on Children's Day

20 witnesses questioned
200,000 police on standby
Now that the bloodbath has happened
Will this make a difference?
The bombs drove the final nail
into the coffin,
sealing its fate
Bali's downfall is imminent

All the numbers told the story
of the terrorists' rampage
Their coldblooded murder spree
has made 2
The Number of Carnage


Anonymous said...

its horrible!! We hv to pray for the wounded and the people behind this, that they will stop doing such things and repent!

And we have to thank God we're safe.. erm, i'm not a priest or church leader, just thinking calm...


SugarBoyfriend said...

yeah the world has indeed changed man...

btw used to love walking in the rain too

Jade Falcon Elite said...

Ask Shapeshifter Liu what he thinks of the terrorists and the Bali Bombing leh........ Me wonder what he has got to say about this. Kekeke......

But really sad. Indonesia is gonna have a tough time getting herself back on her feet.

Mel said...

The times they are a changing...

Hope you are feeling better.


Jade Falcon Elite said...

I am also wondering why 2 had such a profound effect on u?

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

There's no particular reason. These are hard facts culled from CNN, BBC and Reuters websites. I merely presented it in a different way through my poem.