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Monday, October 03, 2005

Rainy Days

Geez. Haven't been caught in the rain for a while. I remember when I was younger, I used to like walking in the rain. Love the feel of wind through my hair, the cold drops splattering on my skin, and feel my clothes soaking wet. I love the melodius taps it makes on my window panes.

Walking in the rain is really an intoxicating experience. Feels like a cleansing moment - where all your burdens are washed away from head to toe. But that was before - when I was still idealistic about the world - and full of hopes about my life.

These days, the rain makes me thoughtful. I still love the sound of the rain, and it gives me the calming effect, as always. However, the mood seems to be more melancholic lately. Maybe it's because I am growing older.

Got off work late today. Ploughed through tons of research to develop my Strategy Paper. Finally completed my portion, and decided to take a cab home. Saw threatening streaks of lightning flashing across the sky. Looked ominous...

There I was walking towards the taxi stand. And then the rain came - hard and relentless. It sliced through my skin - like icy blades. In just 10 seconds, I was completely drenched. I felt as if I have just escaped from the tsunami - my hair, clothes, bag and shoes were thoroughly wet. Felt very much like a squid.

Shivered all the way home when I was in the cab. Taxi driver was really kind - gave me his box of tissues to dry myself (and his taxi seat too, of cos). I was too cold to utter any words, so I just hugged myself to keep warm.

Felt really feverish after my bath. But strangely, the fever could not get me to sleep. So I decided to blog about the rain, something that I love very much even till today. It may not elicit the beautiful moods that I used to feel before, but it still is one of my favourite things in life.

The time now is 12:50am and my temperature reads 39.5 degrees celsius. Feels like my body is on fire....wooo... probably can cook an egg on my forehead now haha.

I am a victim of my own love...as always.


Mel said...

Take care...go see a doc if u not feeling well. Yah, last nite's rain was pretty bad.

Know what you mean. been working till past midnight last week too, that's why couldn't drop by that often.

Take it easy.


Bee said...

oh, didn't know it rained... slept very early last night. :)

ya, take care reena.

Anonymous said...

39.5 is no joke! hope you're better now....rest well


Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

thanks "g". By the way...do I know you?

Pillow said...

get well soon laoniang.

haha said...

39.5 no big deal lah. Babies can even go 41 easily. You get sick so easily? See la. That's the result of drinking too much, sleeping too late and not exercising enough. haha! Should have told the taxi driver to turn off his aircon. He wont have minded, since he was already nice enough to give you some tissues.


Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

yup. no big deal la. Just that I have history of high fever - and was twice warded in hospital for that..and almost died from it once. So..whenever I get fever, i will have to be a bit careful. anyway, taxi uncle did turn off the aircon in the end la. i was just too tired to mutter anything .... haha

Richard said...

I am partial to walking in snowstorms.

I am not crazy about rain, unless it is a good heavy rain with lots of wind (thunder and lightning are also good).

My wife thinks I am crazy, but I love experiencing the raw power of Nature.