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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Photo Blog: Hong Kong (Day One)

As promised, here are the photos of my HK trip. My girlfriends were sweet enough to join me there after my business meetings, and I extended my trip so that we can explore HK to our hearts' desire.

Being the obssessed planner, I swept all available maps from the airport and hotel and laid them all out on the bed the evening my friends arrived. Armed with a pen and paper, I poured through the descriptions and locations of all the cool and exciting places I wanna go, or show my girls, and generated a 5-day itinerary in one night!

Day One: Unexplored Territories

Being the adventurous traveller, I suggested exploring the outskirts of HK - places where none of us have ever been before. Taking directions from the hotel, we hopped onto a bus that will take us to Aberdeen for dim sum.

The classic HK double decker bus!

Jacqueline, moi and Michelle on the bus to Aberdeen

Views from the bus

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Stanley Market - quaint li'l village at the southern tip of HK Island

A nice cosy resturant called the Boathouse

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Smugglers' Inn

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Great place for a drink and resting our tired feet.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Our ice cold beers

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Just like everyone who came before us, we left a souvenir on the ceiling.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Jacqueline and Michelle up their funny antics again

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Another artistic attempt of mine to take a black & white photo

I am working on the sizes of the other photos. Stay tuned for Day Two...... :P

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

dry spell

for a writer like myself, it's a tragedy to be hit by dry spells. the need to purge has been highly inhibited by the incapacity to write.

writing has never been a problem, at least not for a girl who's inflicted with what's commonly known as the verbal diarrhoea disease. but I guess when one's life is going nowhere but spiralling into a hopeless quicksand, one surely has more grievances to air. but when one is in a state of calm and peace, ironically, one becomes "word handicapped" and is inevitably stricken by writers' block.

seems as if joy is the ultimate bane for all writers. happiness murders creativity. that's why most creative people such as artists, poets, writers, painters - are a bunch of eccentric, temperamental and individualistic egomaniacs.

hong kong was simply divine. i shopped and ate like never before. yes - me, elvina shopping. i get goose pimples just remembering that. what on earth was i thinking about?? but the stuff was cheap, and it made me look ten years younger - so i thought i should spend some money to lie to the whole world. it made perfect sense. women do that ALL the time.

the food, oh my, was absolutely tempting. desserts were swimming not only in my mind, but in the cavities of my digestive system every few hours. roast meats, dim sum, spanish food, hong kong street delicacies somehow manage to squirm their way into me. i must have carried a whole 50kg worth of food in me during the whole trip. ahhh yes....miss tummy is peeking out as well, enjoying the world view with miss belly button.

time for the hamsters' run on this idiotic looking machine they call a treadmill.

i couldn't bear to look at my shopping bills. maybe if i stash them underneath the bed, they might disappear. i bought shoes, dresses, sleeveless tees, skirts, bags, accessories, lingerie, snacks and other ridiculous gadgets which i may have no use for at all in the near or far future.

i must be possessed.

either that or the woman in has finally been unleashed.

i think u guys would prefer to believe in the latter, though i am very much inclined to think otherwise.

photos? tons and tons. the gadget freak in me was unstoppable. trigger happy me was trying to capture the entire state of hong kong in a 512mb chip. ambitious fool i am. but the pictures were lovely - because they encapsulated all the amazing fun i had. one of my most memorable vacations i must say, in more ways than one.

i think i will have to spend some time making the pictures smaller so that i can upload here for your viewing pleasure. kindly donate to the elvina's future foundation before you view them so that i can continue such altruistic projects in my years to come.

suddenly, the dry spell has been broken...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Taking Off

I am taking off into the skies again.

This time, I am jetting to Hong Kong. I am responsible for managing all marketing and branding activities for our HK office as well, but did not have the opportunity yet to meet the team there since I started my new job.

Well, today's the day. My flight's in 5 hours time.

I am looking forward to it, 'cos I have not been to HK for quite a long time. I miss the food most. Heard it's summer sale season over there right now, so though shopping's not my favourite cup of tea, I may just do it for the sake of it. Grab some nice dresses for work since I am there.

The TV brought some disturbing news though. Typhoons invaded HK last week and left more than 30,000 people stranded at the airport. Got some folks worried for me there for a moment, but I am sure everything should be fine now.

I will be back on Aug 15 - and I know my absence will be sorely missed (haha..). Just keep me in your prayers and before you knew it, I shall be back to haunt you.

Meanwhile, here's a little Elvinalogy for you to work on again. I kinda of miss these stuff so humour me, won't you? :)

Answer these little questions in any way you want, with reasons if you want to be more detailed.

Ten Questions (Inspired by John Baker's Five Questions)

1. What makes you laugh?

2. Which person is the greatest inspiration to you?

3. Which song touches you the most?

4. What kind of present would you get for my birthday?

5. What is your greatest fear?

6. What will be your dream job?

7. What makes you blog?

8. Which three blogs do your read every day?

9. How would you describe this blog to strangers?

10. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this blog?

Looking forward to your attempts on Elvinalogy v3.0. For the rest who wanna know more about the Elvinalogy series, check these out: Elvinalogy v1.0 and Elvinalogy v2.0.

By the way, I have chopped off my long tresses and I have ash blonde, shoulder length hair now. I look like a wannabe Japanese chick.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

24 Weird Things About Me

1. I once wanted to be a fireman. Just once.
2. I don't like shopping.
3. Diamonds are not my best friends either.
4. My heart skips a beat when I see men in uniforms.
5. I sometimes swing from feeling extremely confident to desperately insecure.
6. I talk to myself. Especially when I am stressed.
7. The clothes in my wardrobe are 80% black.
8. I absolutely abhor bad customer service and I will make life hell for anyone who's guilty of it
9. I am not very good with old people.
10. I am very good with babies.
11. My online persona is so much more popular than the real me.
12. I remember things that I should forget, and I forget stuff that I need to remember.
13. My mind is a depository of useless trivia.
14. I am freakingly patriotic.
15. I simply love sleeping on hotel beds.
16. I could have been a lawyer, but I 've got a conscience.
17. I have an insuppressible desire to make people laugh.
18. I like to create my own life's philosophies.
19. I rarely regret the decisions I have made in my life.
20. My heart hurts and heals easily.
21. My brain generates new ideas 24/7.
22. I reveal my age to anyone who ask.
23. I believe that a short girl like me should marry someone tall or my offsprings will turn out to be gnomes and hobbits.
24. I don't know why I even bother to write a stupid post like that.