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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

24 Weird Things About Me

1. I once wanted to be a fireman. Just once.
2. I don't like shopping.
3. Diamonds are not my best friends either.
4. My heart skips a beat when I see men in uniforms.
5. I sometimes swing from feeling extremely confident to desperately insecure.
6. I talk to myself. Especially when I am stressed.
7. The clothes in my wardrobe are 80% black.
8. I absolutely abhor bad customer service and I will make life hell for anyone who's guilty of it
9. I am not very good with old people.
10. I am very good with babies.
11. My online persona is so much more popular than the real me.
12. I remember things that I should forget, and I forget stuff that I need to remember.
13. My mind is a depository of useless trivia.
14. I am freakingly patriotic.
15. I simply love sleeping on hotel beds.
16. I could have been a lawyer, but I 've got a conscience.
17. I have an insuppressible desire to make people laugh.
18. I like to create my own life's philosophies.
19. I rarely regret the decisions I have made in my life.
20. My heart hurts and heals easily.
21. My brain generates new ideas 24/7.
22. I reveal my age to anyone who ask.
23. I believe that a short girl like me should marry someone tall or my offsprings will turn out to be gnomes and hobbits.
24. I don't know why I even bother to write a stupid post like that.


老星洲 said...

Haha, you are quite different from typical women in Singapore.

jerry said...

the reason is simple, cos there are so many ppl who want to read:)

take care elvina~

P.boy said...

Your heart heals easily meh??

I guess maybe you have changed to be a better person over the years.

Cheers Elf-Girl

I AM ... NA said...

Firewoman, you mean.

About the weird part, no worries man. Everyone's weird you know. And mad too. Someone once said that we are no different from those in IMH, except we don't know that we are mad.

Anonymous_X said...

22. I reveal my age to anyone who ask.

Let's put this to a test. How old are you? ;)

An said...

Qn 4: yes yes yes yes .... !!! =D

Qn 5: I'm er... always... insecure.. sigh..

Qn 6: oh yah.. i agree... expecially when I'm pissed. =P But I try to control and not talk.. =P

Qn 9 & 10: I dun really like them, nor am I good with them, but they somehow seems to like me... ahahahah!! =D

Qn 23: a tall gal like me still need a tall guy to complement me.. but not TOO tall... =S so yah, tall guys seem to be more in demand har..

Qn 24: Prob cos u are bored?? or kanna tagged?? or...?? who knows! =S

Chandler said...

Wah. You hutang me this meme for over 2 months already leh.

Still, better late than never! :)

Azxel said...

umm.. no offence, don't mean to burst your bubble but from the things you've shared, I can't see a single thing that's weird about you.

Philip said...

For point No.23, you can look for me. LOL. Good to see u back. Hope u are in the best of your health now. Tk care.

Cavalock said...

Everyone's different. Everyone has his or her habits, likes or dislikes. Don't think there's anything terribly weird about the things u mentioned.

take it easy

Aristocrat said...

'Tis been a long while & back just to hear your ghastly news? Methinks you need someone to take care of you...

Sunflower said...

I like sleeping on hotel beds as well as I do not need to arrange them when I go to work, :P