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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Diagnosis

Dear all loyal guests of Hotel Solace,

Sometimes I wonder where would I be in this cyberuniverse without you guys. Reading all your well-wishes and caring messages has proven to be a much more effective cure than any medication can offer.

Just so you know, I am recovering, but very slowly. What happened was unusual, probably even a first. I had gastrics on Sunday, and only got to bed at 4am (which technically means Monday morning).

I was in a comatose for a full 20 hours and only woke up on Tuesday 12am. That practically meant that I slept through the entire Monday without waking. Well maybe for a mere 5 minutes - when I was struggling in and out of consciousness to send a simple SMS to my PA to tell her I couldn't make it to work.

It was amazing how I never woke up at all after that. The only reason why I woke on Tuesday 12am after that long slumber was because my body was screaming for water. Imagine that I have gone without a morsel of food or a drop of water for 20 hours straight, or even more since my gastric attack on Sunday.

Took a sip of water, and fell right back into total unconsciousness. I remained in coma until a phone call from the office woke me up at 9am on Wednesday. By then, I have been unconscious for almost 30 hours.

Something's not quite right, and it worried me....a great deal. So I dragged myself to the doc - still feeling extremely lethargic. I slept again while waiting for my turn. The sleepiness was intense and I couldn't shake it off.

The diagnosis? I was overworked.

Doc actually felt that it was serious enough to give me an injection to ease the giddiness and medical leave for the rest of the week, coupled with tons of medication that will make me drowsy and allow my body to rest and recuperate naturally.

Funny thing is, I don't feel stressed at all. My body didn't show any obvious signs of breaking down. But yet, when it hit me, it felt like I was being consumed by a sweeping hurricane. Nothing I do could break that deep sleeping spell.

Sometimes I wonder if my phone didn't ring that Wednesday morning, would I just slip into perpetual unconsciousness, without anyone realising it? Would I even wake up at all?

I should be resting actually, but unfortunately my boss from Sydney is in town this week. Tons of meetings, tons of updates and presentations and tons of planning and deadlines to meet.

I was back in the office the very day I got the jab, while I was still feeling woozy and extremely tired. I would have slept some more if I did not have to go back to work. It's really no one's fault, 'cos there are some critical press deadlines I have to meet. And with my marketing boss in town for only three days, I really did not have much of a choice.

So now, I taking quite a while to recover...but I am recovering. Slowly but surely.

Thought you guys would wanna know what had happened to me since my last entry, in case you were worried sick and wondering if I am still breathing.

Thanks again for all your concern and love. I feel better already. :)

Yours gratefully,
Elvina da Divine Princess


busybee said...

Hmmn... why isn't he looking after you ya?

Do take care of your health, Elvina. I am telling that to myself too, for I worked about 12 hours daily, even on sat for the past one month or more. *sigh* Hope I won't breakdown.

I pray you will recover soon. Take care.

Cobalt Paladin said...

Hi Princess,

If possible, please rest from Friday all the way till Monay. You need it! Rest is to let you recuperate so that you can travel a longer journey.

Anthony said...

Take care!!!

Cheers the liveless said...

Oh Hello~
Do take care of yourself and have plenty of rest!
Humans are not like machines that can keep on working unless until the power is switched off. Even if work ends for human, the mind and body still has other things to do as well...
Try delegating some less important work for others to do so you won't be overworking? =)
Anyway do take care, we won't want to come to Hotel Solace without the host ;)

spy said...

My dear, you have a very good working attitude but you need to take extra care of yourself.

Working long hours means you need to take more food and water. Your body needs fuel to burn or gastric pains will come in and water will keep your body hydrated. Sleeping is a daily phase that should be treated seriously. Allowing your body to “crash” like this will affect your work performance and your health as well.

You might consider chilling out once in a while to give your mind a break too. You wouldn’t want to hit that bottle neck so soon; such incidents come without knowing or warning. Your creativity gave us much pleasure reading your blog and I am sure that same thing got you lots of compliments in your work.

Take care.

Sunflower said...

I think you love your work so much that you are not feeling stress at all.

Nevertheless you still need to pay attention to your health.

Cheers Divine Princess

Merv Kwok said...

Hey, take care still. Last thing we'd want is to lose you to overwork! Cheers Elvina

老星洲 said...

Try not to overwork yourself after your smooth recovery.

I myself, manytimes was shot down by overworking and high stressed up.

Maybe, working life is stress but we have to endure it.

Hope to see you more often then. Take care!

auratia said...


*wagging a finger at you* you are so abusing your body, don't forget there's no spare. Have a water bottle at hand to control your fluid intake plus pop some good quality supplements. Food can never be substituted by anything, neither can well deserved rest.
Take care now divine princess!

heather said...

what? Overworked??! Take a few days off from work and have a very good rest and don't over stress your body! Work is for money but remember, your health cannot be bought by money!

Shewin said...

Some battles are fought for a cause.

Some battles are fought for Pride.

These are the battles that you just have to go through so you can lift your head up high. fauilure is not an option.

Woman, you're doing a good job.

~Z~ said...

I think everyone can see you're overworked from what you blog.
Do take care!

take the chance to have a good rest. Nothing's worth losing your health over :)

Homer said...

Good to hear that u're getting better even if the going is slow ... better take care ya ... hope u can catch up on ur rest over the weekend ... cheers

Jay "Speedy Recovery!" Walk said...

Your body is trying to tell you something by shutting your system down.

It's a good thing that you are still young and your body should still be able to repair itself.

However, there will be a time when you need to decide what is more important. Your career or your health?

I shan't nag at you over this but I do wish for you to just sit down and think about what I said.

luvphobia said...

Ooi ooi ooi! Take care can??!!??

U must be enjoying yourself in ya work to REALLY not see that spell coming, don't you?

NJS said...

Well... indeed not enoff rest, you haven't been checking into Hotel Solace quite like b4.

See what you missed? *smirk* ;-p
Some "Hot boys Fishing" I bet...

Do ReAlLy take care!

NJS said...

Forgot to remind you... National Day is a holiday! ;-P

An said...

Take care and get well soon!!

Take a break, a rest or something. =)

Anonymous said...

take a break! maybe it's time for you to get one of your wishes 'travel the world' going now?

- absolutjoiz, aka the crapper -

Azxel said...

Hope you're recovering well.

A lot of people tend to go overboard when they're too engrossed with work. Take a short trip somewhere for a nice little getaway just to chill. That should help you recover and refocus again. Cheers.

KuraKat said...

Take care, gal