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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What's going on?

It's exactly 12am.

I have unknowingly slept for 20 hours. Which also meant that I did not have single morsel of food or drink for that same amount of time.

My head feels heavy.

I feel weak.

I came online to search for a 24-hour clinic. Couldn't make it to work this morning. I vaguely remembered struggling to stay awake long enough to send an sms to my colleague before slipping into total unconsciousness.

I couldn't remember what happened. It felt like I was on an overdose of sleeping pills.

Found the clinic, gotta go now.

My eyes are threatening to close again.

What's going on?


Cavalock said...

Take care and go rest. Hope you are much better by the time u r back online n reading this.

Merv Kwok said...

Sounds bad... Get well soon mate. And take care

heather said...

gosh, drink lots of water!

Sunflower said...

Take care wo!

Cobalt Paladin said...

Hey! Are you ok? What did the doc say? Whatever it is, get well soon!

~Z~ said...

Thanks for the comment =)
You seem to be suffering abit of burnout. Yet oddly enough enjoying it huh... do take care, and remember honey lemon works wonders. Just remember not to take it hot!

auratia said...

Hey, hope u've got medication for the nasty bug u've caught. Loads of rest and fluids yes. Take care now.

Pip said...

Yoz elvina!! do take care of urself, i think sleeping is beneficial but too much of it aint good. drink honey lemon, and hmm...drink more fish soup coz i heard fish are great for recovery

take care!

Richard said...

I think it is hard for us to assess without knowing more.

Basically I would ask:

(1) are you eating well?
(2) Are you getting enough rest?

Are you using sleeping pills and coffee to regulate your waking and sleeping states, then I would strongly recommend stopping that.

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and should not be combined with other CNS substances - like sleeping pills or anti-histamines.

Are you sick? Is your blood pressure normal? Are you dehydrated? Do you have other symptoms like diarrhea? Dizziness?

Have you been using controlled substances? Are you sensitive to strobing and flickering lights (epileptic seizure)?

You are not indestructible and your loss will be noticed. Take care of yourself.

“In this galaxy, there's a mathematical probability of three million Earth-type planets. And in all of the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all of that and perhaps more, only one of each of us. Don't destroy the one named Elvina.” - adapted from Star Trek, "The Balance of Terror"

Homer said...

WOAH ... what happened ??? Sounds bad ... So what did the doctor say ??? Drink lots and lots of water ... hope u get better soon ... take care

Mickell said...

You've got tons of sleep to catch up on :)

sevenspell said...

Oh wow, sounds really bad. Do take care of yourself alright?

老星洲 said...

Did you have a fever? Take care of yourself!

aurora said...

You've been too busy to rest. So do take care and get well soon!

Sassy Lady said...

I hope by now, u are feeling well and kicking ur ass off..

Do take extra attention on ur health.