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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Swamped Lake

I have been so busy since I got back from Sydney - and the workload seems to be getting heavier and heavier.

I have four newspaper print ads going out in this Saturday's Straits Times, seven job descriptions to clean up for a global IT company, 12 HR print ads to edit for the Human Resource Magazine, and a mega project that includes working on a html e-mailer, putting up new roles on the website, creating a client profile page, advertising the roles on external job boards, and partner with government boards to target their database.

All these on top of an event that I need to organize for Commerce candidates next week, attend two peer briefings for industry parnters in mid July, supervise the creatives and production of a range of golf-related merchandise that we are producing for a golf event that my company's sponsoring, and meet boutique creative agencies and production houses to brief them on my new branding strategy for the company.

Hence, I am quite drained to blog - so I do apologize for the lack of updates.

As usual, I have tons of topics to rattle about, and I love the interaction you guys are having on this site. It makes me feel really privileged to know that you are always here, even when I have been slacking. Makes my heart ache too for letting all of you wait so long for a new blog entry.

I will try to put up something interesting soon this week. Meanwhile, just be awed that I am now gearing up for a classic performance of Swamped Lake.

Nevertheless, I love my job still. My colleagues have came up to me - one by one - to tell me they are very happy that I came on board, they think I am amazing and they could not imagine how life would be without me. (how sweet...I am such a sucker for compliments)

I organized a huge party last week, which was hosted by my company's group COO and Asia Pacific CEO and attended by over 200 senior management clients and media personnel. Recieved lots of compliments from industry partners, and tons more from everyone in the office. I was told that that particular client event was the best party my company has ever organized, and most of the clients were highly impressed.

Best of all, my lovely boss gives me so much autonomy - it scares me. He listens to my opinions, takes my advice, and accept my suggestions. I do work hard, but life's been good. I am the voice of all things marketing, branding and PR in this company. Everyone is close to worshiping the ground I walk on.

I should have just ask for a million dollar salary per month.


serendipity said...

wow! everything sounds really good!!!


i'm happy for you. =)

Cavalock said...

it feels great to be appreciated. Can't ask more than a good boss n colleagues...er, yah mabbe more money would be nice too. Am sure u deserved it all! Take care.

did u pick up the new Neil Gaiman comic? The Eternals.

Catherine *MeowMeow* said...

Seems like you enjoy ur new work greatly!

Happy for you!

absolutjoiz said...

yeah, we are still popping in to see your rambles and rattles. good to see that you are enjoying your new work. currently experiencing some downtime in work now...maybe gotta send my resume to you soon...hehe~

hope you get more pleasure out from the work you're swamped with now!! enjoy!

senbai said...

wow you should be on the Apprentice and work for Mr. Trump instead :)

Sunflower said...

Wow your job sound so interesting and challenging!

I am moving on as well. I hope I am as lucky as you!

All the best!

naeboo~ said...

time to ask for a pay raise!

Homer said...

hahahahahahaha ... looks like u're doing great : ) ... all the best with work ya

NJS said...

Hmmm... Seems like you won't be "HOT BOYS FISHING" for awhile. ;-)

I AM ... NA said...

You seem to be having such a great time. It's hard for me to say this, but I'm actually jealous of you, you know. And the part about worshipping the ground you (blog) on, well, it's a good expression, you know, except that it sounds too much like someone ...

Richard said...

Feeling appreciated and wanted are very important things. Doing work that is fulfilling, as well as feeling the sense of accomplishment, are also important.

I am glad to hear that all is, apparently, going well with you. Just remember to take it easy once in a while.

Merv Kwok said...

sounds like a dream job =) kudos! don't work too hard till get burnt out ya hehe.

psst, don't ask for a million dollar a month salary. start small. ask for half a million dollar a month salary then work it up. lol

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Thanks guys! You are the most supportive bunch of people I have ever know in my life! *HUGS*

Serendipity: Wow nice photo! Such a babe! :)

Cavalock: Is there a new comic!? Dang, too busy to shop now... :(

Catherine: If you do need a job, send your resume to me!

Absolutjoiz: You are such a sweetheart. Yes yes...send your CVs to me. If you need help in resume writing, let me know too. I have snared my friends some jobs by giving them a great resume template. hehehe

Senbai: Ya I think so too. Remember if my father was Bill Gates, I would be working for Donald by now. Alas......

Sunflower: Wow happy to know u have found a new job! Do keep me updated. I wish you all the best too! Most impt thing about working is to enjoy what you do, and heck what people say. That's why I am always happy no matter where I go.
I Am What I Am! :P

naeboo: I wish! if only u are my boss...

Homer: Hey thanks! I will do my best! Hope everything's going well for you too.

NJS: Ya....but my company a lot of Hot Boys too hahaha...so no loss! can drool everyday... :)

I Am...NA: What kind of nick is this ar? Anyway, every kind of job has its ups and downs, but i like to focus more on what i love about it then what I loathe. It keeps my head above water, and liberate things that used to frustrate me.

As for the expression, she copied me ok...?

Richard: As usual Richard, your comments warm my heart. Yes, at this point in time, I do feel fulfilled and satisfied. I guess it fits my personality, my ambition and my style. People here are really nice - and it's really touching.

Hope you are doing good too! How's the kids and wifey? And how have you been feeling these days?

I will try to rest...it's true I work myself very hard sometimes. It's like an obssessive compulsion. Eeks.

Merv: Hey dude, what a great idea! :) Thanks for your concern. I hope I can try not to work so hard. Like I told Richard, it's in my blood. I am a hopeless workaholic. Such is my life.

Richard said...

I am doing well, though a bit rushed this week as Sofia is in Panama and I have the kids.

Still looking for that flame of epiphany to consume me. I will be off to Peru in 2 weeks time and after that Sofia and I have to decide who will keep their job and who will quit. It is too hard on the kids to spend all day out of the house, they need a parent at home - that and living in two cities isn't so hot either.

Shewin said...

Was watching Superman returns today, and it hits me that the character Lois Lane is someone like you.

Both of strong characters and skillful with the pen.

So, Just poped by to see how things are.

Very happy that you are doing well.

and wish you would find your Superman one day.

Uncle Chong said...

"He listens to my opinions, takes my advice, and accept my suggestions."

Best. Boss. Ever.

Sheesh. Even I can't really do that when I was working.

老星洲 said...

Eh? Million dollars salary per month? Looks like we soon may have a millionair blogger in the block.

NJS said...

Its great to have lotsa hot boys to drool on... lucky you!

Matt said...

Sounds great, a million dollar salary a month sounds even better ;)

lynnx01 said...

That's a very interesting job that you have there :)

Tigerkiller said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tigerkiller said...

Hiak hiak hiak....Your company quite ATAS hor.....

My fren send you resume liao...give her good job ok?

Mickell said...

Hmm. $1m a month? Yes you should have just ask for it. You deserve it :)

Sassy Lady said...

Hi Elvina

Great jobs requires great skills..and its a definite that u have the qualities for it

All the best wishes and luck to u..u'll need it.

But watever u do, please DO NOT neglect ur health and spare a few hrs of ur time for YOU, dat'll help u destress and feel fresh.

Take care and good luck!