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Thursday, September 28, 2006

seafood & shisha

I am organising a belated birthday party for my girl friend Vivienne tomorrow evening. To de-stress myself (I have been drowning in work for the last two weeks!), I decided to create an invitation card just for her.

Close your dropping jaw please. It isn't my design. It was a shameless rip-off from my favourite creative website - www.deviantart.com. The real Picasso is Mahfia.

All I did was to put in those crazy little words and viola! - behold the surreal masterpiece.

Seafood's on the menu - followed by an evening of Shisha indulgence at a Moroccan lounge, Marrakesh.

Here's sneak preview of our dinner....

Chili Crab @Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

...and the place where we are going to unwind.

Marrakesh Lounge

If you wanna see the photos of our 'wild revelry' tomorrow night, please send a US$50 check to: ILUVVIVI Secret Pix, P.O. Box 290906.

Otherwise, all you get to see on this blog will be the ones where we pretend to be boring.

I need to sleep. seriously.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

For The Last Time...

I am NOT Andrew.

There is this 40-ish to 50-year old lady who has been calling my mobile asking for Andrew. The first few times when she called, I said, "Sorry auntie, I think you got the wrong number."

Few weeks later, she called for Andrew again. Multiple times. I took a deep breath and said as nicely as I could muster,"Auntie, there is NO Andrew here. You called the wrong number."

Auntie called again a month later. "Can you please check the number before you call? This is NOT Andrew's mobile." I could almost hear myself losing my cool.

"Auntie! This is my number, NOT Andrew's number! Please don't call me anymore looking for Andrew because there is no such person!" said an exasperated me, a few months later to the persistent Auntie. I have really lost it this time.

Early this year, she called again. The moment I picked up, I tried to use my most menacing mafia voice ever and growled,"You have called this number many, many, many times! How many times must I tell you that you've got the wrong number? I am NOT Andrew ok? Don't call this number again!"

The calls stopped after that.

I was at a seminar yesterday afternoon, having a fruitful discussion with an ex-colleague whom I happened to run into. The phone rang. In a swift reflex motion, I answered it with my chirpy voice, "Heh-llo"?

"Eh elo....Is Andrew there?"

It's the Return of The Auntie.

It's been two years now, and she's still calling my bloody number looking for her bloody Andrew. I want to tighten my fingers around Andrew's neck so much.

The little red devil with the forked tail in me really wanted to scream at her, and asked her why da hell she keeps calling the same number looking for the same idiot when I have told her umpteen times that she had got it wrong.

I wanted to yell and shake her and insist that she writes her stupid Andrew's name and REAL phone number on the wall in blood and get herself a phone that has number pad dials as big as her bedroom.

I even wanted to threaten to sue her for harassing me, though I have a nagging feeling that she simply kept dialling the wrong number due to dementia.


"Wrong number." My voice came out flat and emotionless, and I hung up the phone almost the same time I said it. The little white angel with fluffy wings has won the battle.

Somehow, I knew the phone would ring again. Someday.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Photo Blog: Hong Kong (Part 3)

Ok guys - these would be the last batch of my photos in HK, because the rest are just silly shots of everything and anything that caught my eye. :)

I don't have many pics on scenery this time - sorry Richard! - but hope you like it still.

Trip to Shenzhen (China)

The adventurous spirit in us struck again! We took an express train from HK to Shenzen, one of the shopping havens at the outskirts of China.

You can tell we are trying really hard to capture the location signage behind us.

Before we went on our party spree, we had a yummy dinner and more photos at this Spanish resturant in SoHo.

Michelle looking classic in a black and white photo.

My attempt at taking a stylish catwalk-style photo.

Hong Kong without colours somehow look quite exotic.

Lan Kwai Fong - Hong Kong's most happening party strip!

That's all folks! I will be back with some insightful topics - to share with you guys. Blog with you soon! :)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Photo Blog: Hong Kong (Part 2)

You know what? I took so many photos that I really couldn't remember which day they belong to. So I am just going to put them up in 'parts' instead haha!

Part 2 took us to some of the best sights, food and entertainment in Hong Kong. Let's the photos do the talking while I bring you all along with me on this virtual holiday.

Let's start with some scenery along the roads, shall we?

The long and winding roads

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I simply love the mood and feel black and white photos convey.

Tsim Sha Tsui - Nice area located on Kowloon where my hotel was.

An amazing architectural wonder - Bank of China tower.
You have to see it for yourself to be awed by the strips of blinding light that wraps itself across the entire building. We were transfixed.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thought this shot looks cool.
A quaint electric bus stopping at a bus stop in the still of the night.

My girlfriends posing in front of the Peak tram.

Views of Hong Kong from The Peak.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The Peak Resturant.

Food. Glorious Food. Yum.

Our first peek at nightlife in Hong Kong - Lan Kwai Fong.
We were there every night thereafter.

More photos coming up in Part 3...