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Thursday, September 28, 2006

seafood & shisha

I am organising a belated birthday party for my girl friend Vivienne tomorrow evening. To de-stress myself (I have been drowning in work for the last two weeks!), I decided to create an invitation card just for her.

Close your dropping jaw please. It isn't my design. It was a shameless rip-off from my favourite creative website - www.deviantart.com. The real Picasso is Mahfia.

All I did was to put in those crazy little words and viola! - behold the surreal masterpiece.

Seafood's on the menu - followed by an evening of Shisha indulgence at a Moroccan lounge, Marrakesh.

Here's sneak preview of our dinner....

Chili Crab @Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

...and the place where we are going to unwind.

Marrakesh Lounge

If you wanna see the photos of our 'wild revelry' tomorrow night, please send a US$50 check to: ILUVVIVI Secret Pix, P.O. Box 290906.

Otherwise, all you get to see on this blog will be the ones where we pretend to be boring.

I need to sleep. seriously.


Aristocrat said...

o.O Did you ask for permission from the Picasso? Haha..It's been long since we hear from you.

Have a great night tomorrow! And I'm so not going to forward a cheque for those pictures. I know they will come online ewwwennnnntually..

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

yeh it's been a while! My workload was horrendous. I have like eight events to plan for Oct. That's why I am gonna collapse soon.

Then I know my blog pals like Richard, Bee, and many others will worry and urge me to take care of myself! :P

But honestly, it's been quite tough the last two weeks. I can feel the burnout. Am trying to chill out a bit everyday to maintain some sanity.

I do love my job still. I must be looney.

Andrew said...

She works hard for the money,
So hard for it honey,
She works hard for the money,
So better check bank account tonight.

Richard said...

Hope you have a good time, try noty to inhale too much.

老星洲 said...

I was abit surprised that you used back the older template. Later, I realised that you had switched to blogger beta. ^_^

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Richard: you will be proud to know that I don't smoke! Have been a good girl!

老星洲: Yup no choice - since Blogger Beta has pretty standard templates that doesn't allow me to customise my headers and such. Need to do more research...

Richard said...

I am not your parent, you are an adult and can make your own ill and well informed choices.

Hmmm … sort of defeats the purpose of going to s sisha bar – don't you think?

If project pink is still going strong with you, you might want to check out bReal. Posts like this one are the sort of thing I think you were looking for. I have let her know about you and project pink, so maybe she has already contacted you.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Thanks Richard. Well the shishar wasn't the main highlight - for me anyway. It was the company of close friends who were there.

Project Pink - yes is still underway. I am quite selective on what I would like to put into this project - so it will take a while.

Thanks for the blog referral. You are right. She writes well. Will get in touch with her if she doesn't get me first. :)

And you are right that I am overextended. I am beginning to wonder why I keep getting jobs that require so much of myself. Then I started to think it might be me.

I am a die hard workaholic. That's what it is.