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Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute for Michael Jackson, King of Pop


A,B,C - it's easy as
And here's a short story
That's oh so iffy
As a kid he
and his brothers jived
Together they were five

Almost instantly
An icon came to life
Imbruing the universe
Living his ideated lie

Diana Ross,
she's his ingle
He wants to be her
The knife's cold
The incisions swift
His face rearranged
Just to look impish

Where the world used to
The MOONWALKER's night
Those colors have since
faded into purely BLACK OR WHITE
Neverland kids' finally drove
The final nail
Betrayed his love
and erected his tomb
So the issue now is
He's BAD
Just beat it

Starlitecafe's 10 Word Challenge: - icon - ideate - iffy - illume - imbrue - impish - incise - ingle - inward - issue

To Michael - the biggest star of all time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Saving Charmaine Lim

I was recently alerted to the case of Charmaine Lim, a 4-year-old girl who is suffering from neuroblastom , a most common form of cancer that afflicts young children. In Charmaine's case, the doctors discovered a tumor outside her liver on the lymph nodes and nerves - and other traces of cancer can also be found in her bone marrow.

At this point in time, Charmaine's mother, Cynthia (a single mum) is trying hard to raise funds for the girl's cancer treatment in the US - which will give Charmaine a 40-50% chance of survival. The drug used for this treatment is unfortunately only available in clinical trials, which means the Singapore hospitals have no access to it. If Charmaine continues to stay here for treatment, her chances for survival would be very slim.

The family is looking to raise USD 350,000 for the treatment - but as the amount is absolutely staggering (particularly in these times), their efforts in fund raising have been slow. I would like to appeal to anyone who is reading this to try and spread the message - and extend the beacon of hope to Charmaine and her family, who's trying their utmost to save her life

Apparently, her case has also been highlighted across various news platforms:

You can also visit her website at http://www.ourfeistyprincess.com/ and blog http://ourfeistyprincess.blogspot.com/ which details her illness and gives the latest updates on her current status (she just got out of the operating theatre today).

You can also read more about her illness and view her most recent photos in this powerpoint presentation.

If anyone of you would like to make a donation, please click here for instructions. Family and friends of Charmaine will also be organising various fund raising activities to help raise the money required for her treatment - which you can participate in if you would like to help out in ways other than donating money.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this - and just know that any form of help that you can give (fund raising, donation or simply spreading the word) - will go a really long way.

Have a good day.