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Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute for Michael Jackson, King of Pop


A,B,C - it's easy as
And here's a short story
That's oh so iffy
As a kid he
and his brothers jived
Together they were five

Almost instantly
An icon came to life
Imbruing the universe
Living his ideated lie

Diana Ross,
she's his ingle
He wants to be her
The knife's cold
The incisions swift
His face rearranged
Just to look impish

Where the world used to
The MOONWALKER's night
Those colors have since
faded into purely BLACK OR WHITE
Neverland kids' finally drove
The final nail
Betrayed his love
and erected his tomb
So the issue now is
He's BAD
Just beat it

Starlitecafe's 10 Word Challenge: - icon - ideate - iffy - illume - imbrue - impish - incise - ingle - inward - issue

To Michael - the biggest star of all time.


the virgin undergrad said...

Hey Lao Niang!

Gosh it must have been more than a year since I last visited your blog! Glad to know that you're still sitting around in Cyber Space. How've you been? I'm back in Singapore for good now.

Richard said...

Your composition? Very good.

I was never much of an MJ fan. Actually, I was never much plugged into my generation and culture.

Since 2005, I sometimes drift through moments of "regret" (although, I don't think regret is the right word). Moments, when I wish I had been more "normal". Moments, when I wish I shared a history with my peers. But ... I can't imagine it. I can't imagine myself ever having been different, because, if I had been, then I Would never have been me. And the one thing I know about myself is that I am who I am (definitely more confident about that than I was 4 years ago).

I always felt sorry for MJ. He never fit into the celebrity mould. So people always pointed out how weird and strange he was. I thin kit must have been hard to grow up without a childhood. To never have privacy.

Geo said...

nice tribute you've written

thanks for shairng it