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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Ugly Truth

I watched The Ugly Truth today, and found it to be surprisingly refreshing and hilarious. Although rated crass and even crude by some critics, this movie cuts painfully close to reality.

Gerard Butler plays a TV host who dishes out advice on dating, sex and relationships - and is brutally blunt about what men are looking for in a woman - tits and ass. In the show, he claims that men don't fall in love with personalities; they fall for what turns them on in the first instance. Men - according to his theory, cannot be trained. Their life lessons stopped at toilet training, and it's almost impossible to change or train them. They are simple, and their needs even more so.

He revealed many other interesting tidbits - which I suspect many women already know, but are in denial and refusing to accept as what he calls the "Ugly Truth". Men love a woman with sex appeal. They are adverse to control freaks. They don't really care for your problems. Women don't need self help books - they need a stairmaster to get them in shape so that men would look at them, admire their shapely curves and imagine what it would be like to bed them. Flirt, play games, pretend to be someone you're not, wear sexy clothes that capitalize on your assets - if you plan to snare the guy you want.

It's depressing I know - yet I hate to admit that the movie rings of so much truth. I have dated many men in my life, and maybe it's really my luck that 90% of the men I have met, kissed and dated, were exactly as what Gerard Butler has described in the movie. They are all visual creatures, loved to be seduced, not remotely interested in your sob stories, and would very much prefer to spend their time frolicking in bed then go picnicking in the park.

Some women may say that this only applies to the bad boys we tend to fall head over heels in love for. But somehow, I have this nagging feeling that it applies to all men. They are who they are, and probably this is exactly how they are wired. We just didn't want to believe it because our desire to be romanced by Mr Right outweighs our ability to comprehend that men is far more simpler than we think they are.

Like what my guy used to say,"The truth hurts, but it will set you free."

Inspired by Steve Santagati, author of "A True Bad Boy Explains How Men Think, Date, and Mate--and What Women Can Do to Come Out on Top".

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R2D2 said...

I'm a guy. Never had a relationship. And now I know my own truth.

Screw girls. No, really, screw them.

What's another person worth to me? Not much, I can say. Because I'm not worth much to anyone else either.

And what of the sacrifices (monetary and time) that I'll have to make? There's a lot. I will have to give up my freedom and my goal just to be with ONE OTHER PERSON.

That's too much. Now, to be ranked the top of the field...that's a more worthy goal.

And since it's likely that 90% of my potential competitors will have wives/girlfriends that they have to spend time on....I'm pretty certain that I'll come out on top.

It just takes more time to accomplish, that's all.