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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Social Butterfly

Sometimes I feel that my work turns me into a social butterfly. I flit from one place to another - smiling, greeting, nodding, making small talk, exchanging name cards and pleasantries.

Thursday was one such day. I was shuttling from one event to another - oblivious to the world around me. I just knew I had to get through that night.

6pm - First event was the IMG Artist Regional HQ launch at Fullerton Lighthouse. IMG Artists is one of the world's leading classical music brand, and they have decided to base their HQ in Singapore, with the intention to bring in world class musicians and artists to this little country - which I am trying my best to "develop" into the Entertainment Capital of Asia. Sounds lofty huh? Well, that's my job. Aren't you guys lucky that I am working so hard to keep all of you "entertained"?

The founder Barrett Wissman was a jolly round man. Looks like Santa Claus. But he's the Donald Trump of the music industry and everyone respects him - a LOT.

Minister of Communication, Information and the Arts - Dr Lee Boon Yang - was there to welcome Mr. Barrett Wissman. So were many key players in the music, theatre and entertainment industry.

I was actually too tired to mingle. The venue was really breathtaking. The launch was held on the rooftop of San Marco's restuarant. They had a guitarist strumming jazz music at the corner, and we were having excellent wine on the rooftop, watching the sun setting over the Marina. If I am ever going to throw a party for myself, this would be it. I was totally transfixed by the scenery and the beautiful music - and fell in love with the place almost instantly. Wish I could just stand there forever and stone.

8pm - Darn! Gotta rush off for the 2nd event - Deuce Bigalow: Singaporean Gigolo Party @Gotham Penthouse. Apparently, Columbia Tristar was holding a contest to find Singapore's very own gigolo! MTV VJ Denise Keller was the host for the night - and I must say she looked super hot in her tight leather pants and black bra midriff. All the men needed a bucket to hold their drool.

Can't say the same for the guys though. I saw fat ones, skinny ones, oily ones, ah-gua ones, and the "cannot-make-it" ones - Wa danz. Quite gross. I cringed when the gigolo-wannabes started gyrating and stripping on stage, and thrusting their groin all over the poles. Proved too much for my emotionally-drained mind.

Left soon after and headed straight for my 3rd event @Thumper. Apparently, Moet and Chandoen was hosting a big party - but till today, I don't even know what it's all about.

11pm - Thumper. All I knew was there were free flow of Moet champagne, and the who's-who were milling all around us in the VIP lounge. The fashionistas, the alcohol companies, local celebrities Tanya Chua, Allan Wu, Desiree (from Villa Wellness), and some upper-class socialites who just want to be seen.

Three parties, three times the alcohol.

Nope - this time I wasn't sloshed. My team (and boss) was also there at the Moet party, so I thought it would be wiser to stay sober. Don't want my wild drunken state to be taken against me in my performance appraisal siah.

Wanted to "bao chi xing xiang" also la. There were so many stakeholders there that I am personally acquainted with, so I really do not wish to embarrass myself. I can get pretty "interesting" when I am high on alcohol... Tipsy Elvina can be quite a handful I must warn you...haha.

Spent the night talking to Keagan Kang and Stephanie Sun's manager, Marcia. She's got really funky hair and specs - I like! However, she was way too sober then, so I did not manage to dig out any scandalous gossips on the stars. Sorry guys. :P

Woke up Friday morning with a parched throat which got infected in the early afternoon, and led to a mild fever in the evening. Ngeh ngeh dong some more because my close girl friend is having a birthday celebration today @Alley Bar. Mich and I ran out to buy her a little cake from TCC and made her feed the boys! Haha.... the peeps around the table were issuing threats to me already, asking me to watch out in Jan. Oh-oh.....

So you see... I am social butterfly by day, mamasan by night. Super shagged. Now got throat infection some more. Donno why so pai mia.


Fireborn aka the lonely saleman said...

Well.in the name of work isn't it.I was like boozing for 3 nites,
Tues,Wed and Friday.With 3 different group of people.Supplier,Customer and my company director.From coffee shop,pub to niteclubs.

Arg..shagged out..

Jade Falcon Elite said...

Social Butterfly by day, Mamasan by night. Hmmm..... ok that kinda makes u Madam Butterfly! Hehehe.....

Dun get TIPSY!

Bee said...

hey elvina, do take vit C or cod liver oil everyday... will help to prevent sickness.

take care.

Jade Falcon Elite said...

Hmmm.... somehow i think Elvina will not heed Bee's advice. She's a very noti girl. Always got alot of excuses.

Bee, she doesn't take care of herself. This is the sad part. I have already said all I wanna say about this. She stubborn la...

Kekeke.... Just take care la.

Anonymous said...

I must say this lao-niang is really something! hehe but lao-niang also human la...must take care.. =)


Mel said...

Geez, guess what. A friend actually invited me to that gigolo bash but I said no. Would had been pretty funny if we were in the same room n didn’t know it.

Take it easy with the nitelife ok? Hope u are feeling better after the weekend. Got enough rest?

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