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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Things That Don't Impress Me

I am sure some of you can remember that I blogged about Things That Make Me Happy not so long ago.

For today's blog, allow me to rant about Things That Don't Impress Me.

1. Durian

This tops the list of the things that put me off. It smells like shit. It is pokey and ugly green. It tastes like vomit mixed with stale rubbish. I used to buy it for my mom cos she loves it. But no matter how I hold that stoopid durian, its thorns kept stabbing me and I ended up with many tiny holes on my legs. Oh, how I hate this vile fruit.

2. Liver

No.2 most hated food. I would rather die than eat this. When I was young, my mom tried ways and means to mix this in my food. She would boil liver soup and use the base to cook porridge. Other times, she would mince the liver into extremely microscopic pieces and fry it with other dishes. Unfortunately, nothing could escape my supernatural tastebuds. I could tell right away without even tasting the food. My mom soon learnt that the rubbish chute would be well-fed every time she tried cooking anything with liver.

3. Cheating Hearts

Man or woman, as long as you cheat on your loved one, you are condemned in my list. Well, maybe that's too strong a word. But still, there are some things I cannot accept and infidelity is one of them. If you cannot stay faithful, don't hold up someone else's life. Free yourself to love whoever you want, and free your partners to find someone who deserves their faithfulness.

4. Petty Men

Oh brother. Men who harp on the smallest things, go anal and ballistic over mindless and senseless issues, and explode over insignificant topics - are a mega turn off. I like to think I am quite cool about a lot of things - and sometimes I feel as if I think and act like a guy. I can be nonchalant about many mundane things in life. I like to prioritize and focus on issues that are critical to me. But if a guy becomes clingy and possessive, it irritates the hell out of me. Breathing space is extremely important to me, and I like a guy to be cool and understanding. Petty, insensitive, unreasonable, quarrelsome, close-minded, judgemental, abusive men - can go take a kite from my storeroom and fly it at Marina Bay.

5. Chocolate, candies and all things sweet

Many of my guy friends have proclaimed that I am not a girl. Reason being I - unlike most females - do not have a sweet tooth. I don't go goo goo ga ga over chocolates, and I have no weakenesses for sweets. I actually shocked a couple of people with that piece of trivia. I don't hate sweet stuff. I just don't have an affinity for it. Hence, cakes and desserts have absolutely no effect on me either like they do on other women - who seem to have a glazed look every time they see such sweet delicacies.

6. Insincerity

You would have figured out by now that I am a very sincere, frank and open person. Insincerity stinks big time. How do I sniff out these type of fakers? Well, they are the kind whom you have not met since you graduated from primary school - and they call you up one fine day asking if you have time to meet them for tea. Hidden agenda? They are either trying to sell you insurance, investments, or invite you to their wedding dinner.

Hello?!! I have not seen you for DONKEY YEARS and when you finally remembered who I am, all you care about is my money?

7. Relatives

I really hate to say this - but I have absolutely no love for them. Ever since my dad passed away, they disappeared faster than you can say "goodbye". None of them stayed around to see us through the darkest period of our lives. They weren't there when I was starving. They weren't there when I was hospitalized for high fever. They weren't there when I have to juggle three jobs to feed myself and my family. In short, they left us to die.

I have heard of relatives who fight among themselves - stabbing each other left, right, front, back, center - in a tussle for inheritance. I knew of relatives who fell out over money. I knew of relatives who gossip about each other all the time - and drive wedges among family members with their vindictive words.

With relatives like that, who needs enemies?

Disclaimer: I do know of friends who have wonderful relatives. Hence, this entry is not a mere generalization. It's just my story to tell.

8. Abortion

I am really against abortion. Someone commented that I was being too Pro-life. Excuse me? We are talking about a life here. You sow a seed and while it is growing - you destroy it with your own hands? What logic is that?

And we are not even discussing a herb now. This is a breathing cell, which is morphing into a human with a brain, a beating heart, tiny hands and feet and most of all, a God-given soul - every single minute.
I was a pure biology student many years ago. During one of the lessons, my biology teacher wanted to explain the different stages of pregnancy - so she showed us real embryos and foetuses that were preserved in jars. I found out later that these foetuses were taken from the hospitals, aborted at different stages of their life cycles.

I could not handle the monstrosity behind the callous act of abortion that I broke down in front of the class. All I saw that day were dead babies. The shock was too much to bear.

Abortion is pure murder. No matter what excuses there may be.

Then again, I would always look to Tony Blair for an invaluable piece of advice where this sensitive issue is concerned:

"However much I dislike the idea of abortion, you should not criminalize a woman who, in very difficult circumstances, makes that choice."

=: :=

I actually have very few dislikes. But these are some things that really irk me big time and to know me, is to understand not only the things that I love, but also the things that put me off.

Savour and learn - and be enlightened.


luvphobia said...

I don't like people with BIG EYES. Scary. >_<

Like Kermit the Frog.

Bored Dad said...

Haha,, Other than point 1 and 2, I have to agree with you and have similar thinking as you on all other areas.

I like durian though not entirely crazy over it. I can eat pig liver but not as every dish.

Yup, I agree with you too, to know someone, is not just to know the strong points of the person, but also the weak points.

chris t. said...

petty man ? how about petty woman?

Catherine *MeowMeow* said...

same views on pt infidelity, petty men & Insincerity.

Anothers to add to list,
- inconsiderated drivers
- road hoggers
- men who cant make up their mind even on the simplest matters.
- men who cant committed
- men who are penny-pincher

Mickell said...

Singapore gahmen laments its low birth rates and keeps encouraging people to have more babies. But they are not doing anything to stop teenagers from aborting their unwanted babies. On one hand, we have childless couples eager to adopt babies. On another hand, we have oversexed teenagers dumping their babies down the rubbish chutes. Sad world we live in, isn't it?

Tan Kok Seng said...

No sweet tooth and no interest in D24 durian... So how is a good ole Singapore boy going to get your attention...?


J said...

Elvina, how can any singapore-born and bred person dislike durian? It's the dearest, most wonderful and most delicious fruit in the world! I love it more than any other food!

Yah, I observed that you don't like to harp on *anything*! "Forget it" and "nevermind" are your two most favourite phrases...Do u know that? :)

Abortion is of course murder. Heartbeat can be detected 2 weeks after conception! Which means, by the time a woman misses her period and contemplate abortion, the heart is already beating lup-dup lup-dup lup-dup...

How did your teacher have access to such things? Hmmm...

J said...

michael, the govt's publicity on teenage abortion is out of context. In singapore's context, the majority (about 60-70%) of abortion are carried out on married women who simply think that it's not the right time to have a baby!

J said...

people who dislike durian have no "taste" -- their tastebud must have been malfunctioning! hahaha.

Kudious said...

I like DURAINS.. hehe it's nice!

But no durian candy, durian puffs etc...


LGSF said...

1. Durians
How can you not love this fruit of fruits? Hehehe. Oh well, I hate jackfruit with a vengeance (wouldn't touch one even with a 10' pole).....

2. Liver
Hear hear! A liver, to me, is just good for absorbing alcohol, not for eating!

3. Cheating Hearts
Definitely. But I guess there are always two sides to a coin. What if I were still single, and met someone *special*, and this special someone happened to be attached/married, albeit to a loveless partner. I've been cheated on big time before, so I'll have to agree with you.

4. Petty Men
Haha. Yup. Petty men, sadly, are a dime a dozen, especially Singaporeans. Stifling and restricting.

5. Chocolate, candies and all things sweet.
So you don't have a sweet tooth. But do consider the benefits of chocolate from time to time. A GREAT aphrodisiac!*grin*

6. Insincerity
As the chinese say - 无事不登三宝殿. One of my favorite phrases.

7. Relatives
Sorry to hear that there's no love lost between your relatives and yourself. Oh well, you live life for yourself anyway, so...

8. Abortion
STRONGLY agree *nods head vigorously*
Not only abortion, but those girls who abandon their newly borns should be hanged as well! I've been trying hard for a kid for ages but with no success and it's simply just unforgivable to abort or abandon babies

"However much I dislike the idea of abortion, you should not criminalize a woman who, in very difficult circumstances, makes that choice."

Hmmm, I'm not so sure of that.

- A woman who doesn't wish to get pregnant should not place herself in a situation to suffer an abortion to pass -

Professor said...

But here's a dilemma for you. What if the woman was forced to have sex against her will and get pregnant as a result? Won't she be justified to abort the baby since she didn't want him/her in the first place?


LGSF said...

But here's a dilemma for you. What if the woman was forced to have sex against her will and get pregnant as a result? Won't she be justified to abort the baby since she didn't want him/her in the first place?


I guess that's why she quoted Tony Blair

Anonymous said...

yes, durains!
one man's meat, is another's poison! especially the after-effect - it stinks right from the mouth and out from the ass' (farts from a durian consumer is totally intolerable)!!

I share pratically all of your dislikes: petty men (broke-up with one who harps on even the smallest things and his every cent matters); insincerity; cheats; relatives (only aware that they exists during CNY, but still I would avoid them); abortion!! am strongly against it, remembered I tried counselling two of my girlfriends against such ideas.

Bee said...

oh... i love durains n sweet stuff... hehe. Can't resist the sight and smell of dessert.... yummy yummy! :D

John said...

1. Ok I won't bring durians to Hotboys if I know you are coming.

2. Liver... only if they can get rid of that strange taste ... Anyway this means I won't have to worry about my meals if you're ordering :). I'm not a big fan of liver either.

3) Cheating partners.. ahh I never experienced this yet... but I will be very curious to find out why..

4) Petty man... hmmm well this can be quite subjective... I do wonder if there is any query into why a man can be petty? Not that I'm defending them... but I always like to hear the other side of the story... but of course if the reason comes out to be some silly sexist stereotype answer... I would encourage their enrollment into a re-education institute.

5)Candies.. hmm this is a surprise... ok so now it should be 'MOST girls have a sweet tooth'.

6)Hey what about those who call you up so they can date you and catch up with you after all those years... maybe bcos they got lonely or they are dying from some terminal illness?

7)Very true... but I normally don't think of good relatives as relatives... more like good brothers or sisters or seniors. Bad relatives.. well no different from the scums of the universe..

8)Ahh just what we can expect from any good samaritan.

Anthony said...

All the above except livers.
And i hate relatives in particular. Always so pretentous when asking you a question. A simple question asked can have lines in between. hate that!!!

SINPREE said...

Hah, Liver makes just about everyone I know cry.

No chocolate though? Must be nice. Being able to say no to such a god send... it's unheard of. ;)

pg said...

Tan Kok Seng say how can a singaporean dislike durians. i say. Y NOT?!?! i'm a pure breed singapore chinese which hates durians. hates the smell, hates the pple who speaks wif breath of death..eeeeeeeeeeuuuuu
i'm glad ling jiejie dislike it like me. whahahz..
abortion sucks big time. all those guys who like raw sex shld go see those abortion videos. they cut the babies cut in the womb n den use a vacuum cleaner thingy to suck the broken pieces up. hey, u can actually c some not fully grown hands n legs n even the head!

pg said...

erm.. sry. make a mistake. not tan kok seng. its someone by the nick of J. sry tan kok seng. =p

Jade Falcon Elite said...

The most meaningful phrase I found,
"to know me, is to understand not only the things that I love, but also the things that put me off".

I agree with you. I know you so much better now. Thank you.

Aristocrat said...

Can I get the automatic kite instead? And fly it at Riverside Point? =p

chris t. said...

ate too much durian when i was younger.. now i'm scared of it.. but i won't go to the extent of hating it yet.. unless you burp in my face after eating it..

main dislike is those incosiderate buggers who block the exits on the MRT..

main like is to bash into them on the way out.

Richard said...

1. Durian
I’ve seen this many times in Chinatown, but never bought it because I didn’t know how to prepare it and none of my friends have ever offered it to me. But, if, as you say, “It tastes like vomit mixed with stale rubbish”, I may pass. Maybe it is just an acquired taste.

2. Liver
I like liver (especially pork) and all other offal (stomach, heart, kidney). The only types of food I don’t really like are cold creamy things (unless they are sweet).

3. Cheating Hearts
My own views on fidelity are likely stronger than yours, since, for me, fidelity does not start and end with a relationship, but is a continuum that I wished to preserve even if I had no idea who my wife would be. As far as I know, I am the only one in the whole wide world with this view.

4. Petty Men
Pettiness is not a characteristic I like in friends – so I don’t have any who are petty.

5. Chocolate, candies and all things sweet
All things sweet are my weakness – especially if there is a lot of whipped cream and / or custard involved.

6. Insincerity
Time is the only test I know for the quality of a relationship. However, not all people who ooze effusively when they see you after a long time are insincere – some people are genuinely shy about keeping contact (but it is irritating nonetheless, when you feel that you have to be the one always keeping in touch).

Most people I don’t trust because I figure they want something from me - especially if they disappear when I don't give in.

7. Relatives
I know of my relatives, but I don’t really know them. Grew up in Canada with just my parents, sister and brother. In the whole wide world, I have only 2 cousins, 1 grandmother, 2 aunts, and 1 uncle. We are a small and dying family.

8. Abortion
I find your position … surprising, but also gratifying. It is one area we definitely agree on.

I am not fond of Tony Blair’s statement because it is not consistent with his behaviors and views on many other social issues. While I believe in loving the sinner and hating the sin, I find that, at least in the West, this is an issue that is overly trivialized and often regarded as a deeply personal action without a victim.

I think crimminalization is the wrong response to most things because it fails at what I believe should be the fundamental driving force of all human behavior and actions: justice.

Two favorite quotes from Marcus Aurelius:
“Waste no more time arguing what a good person should be. Be one.”
“What is no good for the hive is no good for the bee.”

Or, if you want a Biblical flavour:
The entire law is summed up in a single command: "Love your neighbor as yourself."
Galatians 5:14

Professor commented: “What if the woman was forced to have sex against her will and get pregnant as a result? Won't she be justified to abort the baby since she didn't want him/her in the first place?”

While it is a tragedy, I believe the correct question to ask is: “Why does the child deserve to die?” Should a witness to a violent crime be required to die to ease the suffering of those afflicted?

suspiciousbastard said...

I like pig liver. Braised or in steamboat or grilled. How does grilled pig liver taste anyway?

Petty men? They're ok as long as they apply the same standards to themselves. I happen to be very petty to myself. "What the hell did I do that for?" "I made a mistake....again."

But petty men can never be great men. If fact, by Rudyard Kipling's standards(read his poem 'If'), they're not even men.

And of course, I demand that friends be honest with me. If they're not, they're not friends.

But I think that abortion should be allowed. Let's say a woman is poor and her child will suffer if she brings him/her into this world. Should she let her child suffer? And a guy who doesn't take responsibility should be shot first.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Hey all
Thanks for your comments and for sharing what you feel on my list of turn-off items above. Seems like there are a number of durian and liver fans here!

Fortunately, there are some of you who have the same exquisite tastebuds as me! :P

On the topic of abortion, I am still against it. For whatever reasons, especially poverty or lack of ability to take care of a kid, use contraceptives. Getting pregnant and then aborting it cos of no money to take care of the kid - is again irresponsible and selfish.

Anonymous said...


Mickell said...

Whether it's a married woman who think it's not the right time for a baby or a teenage girl who gets an unwanted pregnancy. Avenues should be created by the gahmen to link this party to childless couples eager to adopt babies instead of seeing them aborted.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Christ t: You asked - "petty man ? how about petty woman?"

Petty women does not bother me as much as petty men, especially men who I want to be romantically involved with.

Kok Seng: You wrote: "No sweet tooth and no interest in D24 durian... So how is a good ole Singapore boy going to get your attention...?"

The most cutting edge gadgets should do just fine. Or anything on my wishin' and hopin' list. Haven't you learnt enough of me already?

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Richard: I have been meaning to ask u....Why do you find my position on abortion 'suprising'?

Tan Kok Seng said...

The only thing on your wish list that a guy could give you that wouldn't be over the top and turn the relationship into one fed and driven by material goods is a turntable. And we're not talking Linn LP12 here. More like a Project or most likely a Rega Planar 2. Musical, without costing the earth. Plus a stack of old records including some Billie Holiday...


Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Kok Seng: That sounds heavenly! Thanks in advance for my Christmas present! :P

GhOsT said...

Strange, many people against abortion.

But few speak up against capital punishment?


Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Ghost: What's your view on capital punishment then?

GhOsT said...

Check out my blog. I have just written something on the subject.



LGSF said...

Hi Ghost, I've read your article comparing abortion and capital punishment, but I'd have to disagree with you.

Like I mentioned earlier:
- A woman who doesn't wish to get pregnant should not place herself in a situation to suffer an abortion to pass -

If so, then to those who face capital punishment:
- A person who doesn't wish to face capital punishment should not place themselves in a situation to suffer a sentence to pass -

There is a distinct difference between the taking of lives in both circumstances. It is that of CHOICE.

A woman Chooses to get pregnant.
There are no laws in Singapore prohibiting abortion, so, theoratically, she does have a choice.
But by Choosing abortion, she effectively disallows the unborn child from Choosing to live.

Capital Punishment
There are laws in Singapore prohibiting certain activities, which carry death sentence.
A person who still Chooses to engage in such activities knowing full well the consequences (ignorance is not an excuse here), gets caught and gets hanged.

So how is that the same?
A woman chooses to end the life of an innocent, unborn child, one she chose to procreate.
A person chooses to engage in illegal activities, activities that have a detrimental effect on others, ending up facing capital punishment.

So prithee, tell me. How are the two the same?

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

I tend to agree with LGSF's analysis. Getting pregnant - if not under coercion - is a choice/risk (depends on how you see it) a woman takes. Aborting it after the pregnancy is also a CHOICE.

Smuggling drugs knowing full well of the strict death penalty sentence is also a CHOICE.

Just like smoking, taking drugs, having a promiscuous lifestyle and getting AIDS - etc.

These are all choices. You make them, you bear the consequences.

Mickell said...

It's hard for a helpless oversexed teenage girl to bear the consequences, isn't it? Usually the guy who makes her pregnant is nowhere to be found. Of even he's around he would just tell her to trash the baby. *sigh* what a terrible and sad world we live in, isn't it?

GhOsT said...

Thanks for reading.

I am just hoping to create awareness on our capital punishment laws.

Any active discussion is welcomed and will have met my objectives.

Of course, both abortions and executions are choices. However, the point I trying to put across is why so many anti-abortion supporters and so few anti capital punishments supporters?

To a certain extent, I agree that sentencing the serial killer to face the hangman is right. But how about those who show remorse? (think Took Leng How, Nguyen Tuong Van).

Capital punishment should be not be mandatory.

Richard said...

Elvina commented: “Smuggling drugs knowing full well of the strict death penalty sentence is also a CHOICE.

Just like smoking, taking drugs, having a promiscuous lifestyle and getting AIDS - etc.

These are all choices. You make them, you bear the consequences.”

Yes, people have to bear the consequences of their actions, however, in the case of laws, these are artificial. They are necessary to provide some degree of order, but I personally, do not recognize their authority over me.

I do recognize and accept that the state (among other groups) can exercise coercive power over me – certainly in a way I cannot exercise over it. However, that does not mean I accept their authority.

To say the law, is the law, is the law and must be obeyed and its consequences accepted is stupid, stupid, stupid!

Next you will be telling me that you accept the execution of women in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia for morality crimes (say showing the face in public) because that is the law? No! Law is no guarantee of justice - it is simply a rule.

For me, a just response is one that makes the person a better person and makes society a better society.

If we harm a dog, do we make it a better dog or worse dog – by the standards by which we judge dogs and not horses?

If we harm a horse, do we make it a better horse or worse horse – by the standards by which we judge horses and not dogs?

If we harm a man, do we make him a better man or a worse man – by the standards by which we judge men and not horses or dogs?

A woman has an abortion because the child is a product, which for whatever reason, she does not want. The executed criminal, is a product which society, for whatever reason, no longer wants.

As a society we have a collective responsibility for the products of our society. Killing then off, hiding them in prisons, getting rid of the ugliness our society has created is not a solution. The cancer is still in the society, the poison still infests flows through our blood – getting rid of the side effects without treating the cause it futile.

Another of my longer(and this time angrier) rants.

Anonymous said...

So much for a hypocript that says she does not judge. BIG TIME LIAR!
and self-denial ass just because she has been ditched before. haha

Ya, it takes time to realise the real person it took me a while to realise who you truly are.

From the language in your blog, so much for being a christian who judge others and then say they dont want to judge and because they are also not perfect. My ass. Bloody double standard manz.

Richard said...

Anonomous, I think your comments are unfair. Everyone judges. And as Christians we are expected to judge to determine between what is right and wrong.

Some things are definitely right and some things are definitely wrong. It is not unchristian to call something wrong as wrong.

My gripe is with assuming that application of the law is necesarily just - which it is not (except by accident).

People must live with the consequences of their actions. That is not being judgemental. But, our response to the person, whether it is to humanize or to dehuminize them, is the true mark of a Christian. To arbitrarily assign a consequence and say that is justice is wrong.

People who demonstrate themeselves a danger to society as a whole must be punished perhaps even isolated from general society. I simply disagree with capital punishment as being a valid response. I decry any consequence which dehuminzes any person - whether they have done good or bad.

As well, anonomous, you should have more courage and at least identify yourself - because your comments are, in my opinion, unnecessarily spiteful.

LGSF said...

Anonymous, I'm sure you'll agree with me that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, religious faith notwithstanding. If you have certain gripes with someone, address it to the person's character/opinion, but let's leave religion alone (a whole can of unnecessary/irrelevant worms best left unopened, in my opinion).

On the note of capital punishment, well... yeah, I'd have to agree that the only reason there is this category of punishment is because of the law stipulated by the said government, which leaves little choice to the person who commits said crime that earns him/her this sentence.

Since we can't choose the country in which we are born, we have to live and abide by the laws laid down, barring which we could always migrate to another country who's regulations are more in tune with our beliefs on Life, the Universe and Everything (and I hope your belief is not 42.....)

While I might state that I condone capital punishment, I must also be prepared that not everyone will share my beliefs, that there will always be others who will not accept it, and, in their own views, are justifiable as well.

In this, there's never a universal right or wrong. What's right from my end could easily be wrong from your end, and vice versa.

Ultimately, what we need to do is to practice respect, tolerance and acceptance of the different ways/views practiced by everyone. As they say - In Rome, do as the Romans do. If I were a woman in Jeddah, would I conform to the culture/regulations and don the arbaya whenever I head out? Would I be doing this out of fear for my safety/dignity, or out of respect of the local customs? Or decide that I should be allowed to wear whatever I want? Would I be doing this simply because I'm a rebel, I'm an exhibitionist, I'm an attention-seeker, I'm a martyr, I'm a non-comformist, I'm a feminist? I guess to me, I'd choose the path which would lead me to be a better person overall (regardless of how the rest of the world perceives me; I'd wear the arbaya out of respect)

But as I've already mentioned earlier, everyone's entitled to their own beliefs and principles and I do not expect everyone to accept, or even respect, mine.

Lastly, I too, even as a guy, do wish for... World Peace.. :-)

Professor said...

Reply to Richard:

>While it is a tragedy, I believe >the correct question to ask >is: “Why does the child deserve >to die?” Should a witness to a >violent crime be required to die >to ease the suffering of those >afflicted?

But the real tragedy here is that the girl was forced to have sex and get pregnant as a result. She was totally NOT prepared to be pregnant and be a mother. Not her fault at all.

I stand by my view that in this case, the mother is justified in aborting the child, because she was not prepared mentally (financially?), emotionally and physically to be pregnant.

Richard said...

Professor, lack of preparedness, readiness or any other excuse does not justify the deliberate and calculated killing of an innocent life.

A crimminal who is not prepared in the commission of a crime, does not have the right of justification to kill a witness who happens to stumble in.

Anyone engaging in sex knows that a consequence of it is pregancy (or STD's) and must be prepared to live with the consequences. Taking an innocent life is a grave crime - I would call it first degree murder.

Professor said...

Richard, perhaps I didnt make myself clear. What I meant was: what if the girl was raped? (hate to use this word, trying to be politically correct)

shinpai shinai said...

Feel that everyone has a right to make choices and when they make a bad choice, they got to live with the consequence but should also be given a chance to start anew. They should not (in my view) be condemned for life. It may be offensive to you but if you are not directly involved or is personally affected by other people's decisions, then one must not shut the door.

Christ has come for the sinful, not for the righteous who believes they are clean and need not be cleansed. It is only when we are blind that we see, it's when we've lost that we are found.

Anonymous said...

Yo! Hi Elvina,
looks like ur interesting topics definitely rouse serious commentors.
just need to clarify myself - am the anonymous who chose to be anonymous but definitely not this 'spiteful' anonomous who gave such critical remarks.
i agree with what richard rebutted:-
"Anonomous, I think your comments are unfair. Everyone judges. And as Christians we are expected to judge to determine between what is right and wrong.

Some things are definitely right and some things are definitely wrong. It is not unchristian to call something wrong as wrong.

As well, anonomous, you should have more courage and at least identify yourself - because your comments are, in my opinion, unnecessarily spiteful."

So, anonomous - if u dare be over-critical on people's views, then identify yourself! you are infact taking the advantage of being anonomous to make such unjust overstatements.
if you are not happy with people's postings on the blog, then i would suggest you leave this blog and shutup!
from the other anonymous! (an ardent reader of elvina's; always a sensible/superwoman/sensitive like elvina).
sorry elvina - i'd still prefer to remain anonymous, ;->

Richard said...

Professor, as I said earlier, in the case of rape, a horrible thing has happened, but I still think the question has to be asked "Why does the child deserve to die?"

One cannot erase or remedy one crime by committing another.

Sometimes justice is a very hard thing.

One of the best treatments I've seen on the issue of forgiveness was in the Babylon 5 season 3 episode "Passing Through Gethsemene" (interestingly enough, written by an athiest)

We may not like what has happened and we may not like what is a just response to what has happened, but if our response does not make everyone involved a better person, then we have failed at justice.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Thanks Richard, LGSF and Anonymous (the one who spoke up for me). It's heartwarming to know there are always people like you around. The reason why anyone would wanna come in here and post such messages - without reading carefully what I have written, especially my final thoughts on drawing inspiration from Tony Blair's quote, has already proven their motive.

It's pretty obvious they just wanted to speak their mind against ME, not really the topic. I was giving my opinions on abortion, and how it affects me. Just as how the rest here have given their comments, which I have read and tried to see from their points of view. But that does not necessary means that I fully accept that abortion is ok.

For rape victims, I do agree with Richard. But then again, I do believe its truamatic enough to be raped. And to raise a kid fathered by your rapist may not something that every girl can do if she is emotionally weak.

Every individual has a right to how they view this sensitive issue. I am not sure what I would do myself if I am ever caught in this situation. But I definitely didn't started this topic to judge.

Of course, a judgemental person like anonymous (the antagonistic one) would never be bothered about the facts would he? Looking at his entry, you can tell right away he is just out on a vengeance to salvage whatever pathetic pride he has left - or whatever morsel of ego he can scrap off the ground. Probably he's one of those guys who cannot take a verbal bashing from me.

I don't usually do that until they cross my path. Christians and all that religion shazaam is probably the best weapon they can use against us. And that makes me laugh - because that as low as they can get.

If they bother to read the bible AT ALL, they will realise Christ and the Lord has their standards for behaviour. And though He is not quick to anger, that does not mean He will not be angry.

So with that in mind, let's leave them alone. Now that I have finished the major contract I have been working on, I will post up my new updates very soon.

Thank you all for standing by me. Sometimes I do feel quite undeserving of such devoted friendship - simply because you defended me even when you have not known me very long, nor have you even met me.

Your support humbles me greatly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Richard said...

Elvina commented: "Your support humbles me greatly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

You are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Yo! u're most welcome too.

Elvina said: "But I definitely didn't started this topic to judge."

Speaking for myself - I enjoyed your blogging on a wide variety of interesting topics and your personal views on life and things; same goes for those comments your viewers posted; i should say they are all very sensible and enriching for me. I'm not the vocal kind but sometimes i simply can't resist in being mindful.

Elvina said: "Of course, a judgemental person like anonymous (the antagonistic one) would never be bothered about the facts ......... Probably he's one of those guys who cannot take a verbal bashing from me."
-(u definitely speak my mind).

be happy!

shinpai shinai said...

It's good you have found many friends to stand by you even during these times, it is rare and most often people dont do that wholeheartedly and accepts you fully for who you are, the faults you have, deeds you do and the good as well. These are the pathetic ones that dont deserve our time at all. Let's just not try to be like the pathetic few. If you want to give, give wholeheartedly, you dont have to agree with the other person's views or doing, just as long as what you decide or portray does not affect the other person personally. Or cause hurt and grief to another.

I believe many here will say everyone has the right to their own views so this is mine. If you are unhappy with what you read, just ignore me. No replies expected.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Shipai: My comments weren't targeted at you. So no worries. You are entitled to your own opinions just as I am.

My comments were for the other loser whose only aim was to come here and sprout nonsense.

I have so many angels guarding this blog. Nothing will affect me - cos the loyalty of my friends and readers are overwhelming. How could I ever get hurt with such amazing support?

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Anonymous (the sweet one): Thank you dearie. You make me smile.. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, keep on smiling;
you never know there are people around already fallen-in-love with your sMiLe! ;>

yingyan said...

hi, its me again (the sweet anonymous); inorder not to mislead you with other annoynymouses! think i'd better use a nick to avoid confusion.

mel said...

Many years ago, I was with then-gf when she told me that she thinks she’s pregnant. For some reason that I can’t remember now, those home preg kits were giving us mixed results. I was in a daze. She’s the first person I ever slept with. She made an appt at a women’s clinic in Orchard. We went there n the male doc ran some tests. She was ready for an abortion. I was young then, part of me was ready for while another part of me wasn’t. I know a big part of me was ready to marry her, yah I did love her back then, bought a ring n proposed. But she wasn’t sure. The results came back and she wasn’t pregnant after all. Needless to say, the aftermath wasn’t that ‘good’, we broke up not long after. But she’s doing ok now. She’s happily married with a kid. That was the closest brush I had with abortion. Now, when I think bout it, I wouldn’t have gone with it, not cos it might have been my kid but for the same reasons as u, it’s a human life. But when u r young and confused……

KuraKat said...

I agree very much with the statement that you quoted.

"However much I dislike the idea of abortion, you should not criminalize a woman who, in very difficult circumstances, makes that choice."

I shall not say much here. Readign you blog entry is a pleasure. My pleasure. Keep on blogging. =)

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Yingyan: Thanks sweet Yingyan! Your name sounds as sweet as you! :)

Mel: Sorry to hear that...thanks for sharing.

Kurakat: It's my honour to have you here too. :)