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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Man and Woman

Bee recently posted a poem on her blog - which I particularly like. As much as this may sound awfully corny, it does remind me of myself. Woman on the outside, man on the inside (remember my geeky persona?).

Personality-wise too. Like Bee, many times I'm torn between who I am, what I should feel, and how I should behave. This poem speaks movingly of what I feel. Thought I would share it here with you, because it is simply too lovely a piece of work to be cast into oblivion. (Bee - hope you don't mind...)

I Ask God Why

Sometimes I ask God why not make me a bird;
If I were one, I will live above the earth
and be free from all cares and worries
that all humans tend to receive.

Sometimes I ask God why not make me male;
If I were one, I will have no fear
in doing the things that men should
and do them well and good.

Sometimes I ask God why made me female;
yet gave me the strengths that men fear
in a woman who is meant to be pretty,
docile, huggable and worry free.

Then God says He made me the way I am;
not an animal and not a man,
but a woman that is special in His plan
though my mind cannot comprehend.

- Bee

Inspired by this heartrending confession, I couldn't resist penning a poem for Bee. And here it is, something I wrote just for her.


I know God has a divine plan
When He created woman and man
He knew that every man would need
A lovely woman to carry his seed

The Lord truly loves us all
Man or woman, we'd answer His call
Discriminate us, He does not do
Woman is His proudest tool

To love a man as his wife
Fulfilling God's will in giving life
To hold the man up when he's down
To stay by him forever and now

God made Woman for the Man
We are special in His plan
Created not only to be their strength
But to hold, love, hug and cuddle them. :)

- Elvina

During special moments like these Bee, I do feel that you are quite my mirror. *smile*


LGSF said...

Why seek an answer to this mystery
Of what a woman or a man should be?
Blessed is your life to have touched so many
Question not, oh lover of fairies.

Ask not for that which you are not
Born a woman you are, that is your lot.
See inside for that of which you are
Man or woman, we're both of equal par.

God made you a woman
Instead of beast or man
Armed with certain tools
Just do the best you can.

Bored Dad said...

Great Poems! Both spoke the heart of the woman.

Not too sure if of any relevance, but once I heard a Pastor said: "To be a male is by birth, but to be a man is by choice." Likewise, I think it does apply to woman also, "To be a female is by birth, but to be a woman is by choice."

Be proud of your role, though I do echo your deeepest thoughts.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

LGSF: Hey, thanks for the poem! You are quite a writer yourself dear friend! *winK*

Bored Dad: Yes indeed. I think I am both a man AND woman, by Choice. Confused as always...haha..

Booker said...

I'm a man on the outside. But i'm also a woman on the inside. But guys, don't worry, I like women only. XD

pip said...

Hi Elvina, very interesting blog you have there. Honestly speaking, this is the first time i ever visited a blog in my whole life (got to know of it through your post in fishingkaki forum). I must compliment you for the well written heartfelt messages of yours. Know something? You are special in His eyes.

the virgin undergrad said...

erm, this may sound incongruent to the literary nature of this post, but this God-created-man-and-women thing kinda reminded me of this joke:

There're 3 engineers - a mechanical, computer and civil engineers respectively - who were arguing about what sorta engineer God would he if he was an engineer.

The mechanical engineer argued: 'since God created the human body, and the flexibility in movement of the human body is an incredible engineering feat in itself, so God must be a mechanical engineer'.

The computer engineer argued: 'No, God must have been a computer engineer. Cos' the ability for the human mind to appreciate abstract thoughts is something which even the most complex computers are unable to do'

With a grin on his face, the civil engineer smirked and smuggly replied: 'No, God is DEFINITELY a civil engineer. Otherwise, how else could he have intergrated a sewage system with a recreational facility'....

NJS said...

To be man... There are the manly responsiblities.

To be woman... There are womanly duties.

They are meant to be a team.
To compliment each other to find fulfillment and satisfaction in life.

No use "musing" over something you cannot change. *Even if you can alter the physical appearance, its not natural and 100%.*

You know what I mean... ;-p

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Booker: Well well. I see you are quite in touch with your feminine side... :)

Pip: Thanks for dropping by. Hope you will visit more often!

Virgin: Exam stress over already isit? Can crack joke liao har?

NJS: Musings do not need a reason. I muse when I want to.

LGSF said...


Hmmm, I dunno.. reading your "muse" didn't make much sense to me:

"To be man... There are the manly responsiblities.

To be woman... There are womanly duties."

Manly responsibilities?
Womanly duties?

So men are generally exempt from duties and women from responsibilities?

C'mon, it's already almost 2006. Let's move on from such archaic views and accept our other halves as equals.

suspiciousbastard said...

Where did I read the part about "screwing the part that both men and women have"? It's a bit inappropriate here.

Richard said...

I have no problem with metaphorical expressions of the roles of men and women.

There is never any denying that men and women are different. We experience the world differently.

However, I have grave concerns when people talk about the 'roles' or men and women, their 'place' in society.

I reject any notion that my wife, my daughter, my mother, or my sister are in any way fashioned expressly for the purpose of a man.

Just as I reject any notion that I, my son, my father, or my brother are in any way deficient without a woman.

The only obligations and duties I believe any person has is to live a good, just and moral life. A shining example to the Divine spirit which infuses and animates our bodies. As Marcus Aurelius wrote in his 'Meditations', "Waste no more time arguing what a good person should be. Be one."

Mickell said...

Before God made Eve, He said to Himself, "This time, I'd do a much better job."

When God presented Eve to Adam, Adam exclaimed, "Wo! Man!"

That's how woman got her name.

Mickell said...

Very well-written poem, Elvina :) Keep up the good work :)

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Michael: Haha...Once again you have proven your sense of humour. Thanks for the compliment.

Richard: "Waste no more time arguing what a good person should be. Be one." ===> Totally agree. More often than not, we spend too much time analyzing what should have been, rather that what we should be.

Giant Todak said...

We are what we are by choice, not chance.

Live tru your choice.

Think im not thinking straight.

Bee said...

Thank you, Elvina, for the complement.

Bored Dad said:.. once I heard a Pastor said: "To be a male is by birth, but to be a man is by choice." Likewise, I think it does apply to woman also, "To be a female is by birth, but to be a woman is by choice."

True, but I would change it a little for my case: I am a female by birth, a woman by choice, a man by 'force' or by 'circumstances'.

In the presence of a real man, a real woman is around. :)

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Erm..somehow i think sometimes I am a man by birth also..... i so don enjoy many things that women do. luckily I don have facial hair......