I'm a simple girl with a li'l dream, of seeing her humble works in exquisite print, to share with all who feels for words, written with
an unsupressable urge. So indugle in my fantasies, and plow your way through my memories, greatly appreciated you will be,
if you can leave your comments here for me.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Berrynice's Bestseller

Artwork by LuvPhobia
Words by Elvina

Remember the travelogue I wrote not too long ago on HotBoys Fishing Kelong? Well, someone saw my article and was impressed enough to drop me an email, asking me if I could give him permission to use my content in his upcoming book - featuring Malaysia's island resorts and getaways.

The book will be written in the perspective of the traveller - so it would probably be very anecdotal and insightful. I was thrilled, no doubt! The book will be sold online in both hard and soft copies - and will be available some time next year. I can't wait......

Also found out recently that I could leverage on the power of internet for self-publishing. Do you know what that means? I can now fulfil my dream of publishing a book! Check out lulu.com and you will see the potential of this dream.....

I have always wanted to write on these various genres: Children's Activity and Story Book, Women's newsletter, a autobiography-like Novel, Collection of Poetries, Marketing Tips for Entreprenuers etc. Would you guys buy my book if I finally get it out? I promise to autograph it for free hahaha.....

Being so near to my dream can be quite intimdating. I am not sure if I am ready to bring my works out into the public domain. Somehow, despite the confident debonair that I exude, there's a tiny part of me that's remains a li'l fearful of failure. I guess that might be because I view writing as my only strength and pride. Hence, any signs of my works being potentially belittled by the literary world would probably rip me apart and crush me to bits.

Maybe you guys might have some inspiration for me. What topics do you think I should write about? What would interest you to get a copy of the book? What should I write that would be of significant interest to you?

First step to marketing a book is really to understand what your readers are looking for. So - all your comments would be seriously taken into consideration, I promise!

I am going for the Crazy Horse trade launch tomorrow evening...so do expect some updates on this premium striptease club. Unfortunately I am not allowed to take photos - so I guess you'd have to use your imagination! :P

Sorry that this entry does not seem very inspiring. I am actually suffering from acute gastric and migraine, probably from the severe lack of sleep and irregular meals. So my mind's really not working very well these couple of days. Do pardon my absurd rantings.

Meanwhile, do drop me a note and tell me what you would like to read. Who knows? I may jolly well be the next JK Rowling.

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.
– Buckminster Fuller


luvphobia said...

Very kind of you to feature my little piece. Thanks! =]

Funny coincidence may it be, am was surfing lulu.com before this.


Ask not what we expect of you, write what you expect of yourself.

Better mind your body yo. Get someone to nag at ya, will u please?

Thanks once again! =]

Aristocrat said...

That is wonderful news :) Do you actually know that of all those items on your wishlist, the turntable is the only thing not on mine as well? *chuckles*

What, you mean there's more that you haven't shown us? What are you hiding them for? *evil grin*

Anyway, write what is your forte I guess. I view comments no matter negative or positive, as "good", in the sense that it helps to build one's literary skills. One can only improve by having one's works being ripped apart by other writers.

And don't be fearful of failures. One learns from failures as much as one learns from criticism. But don't let those unconstructive criticism bother you :)

Oh yes, you can try submitting your works to www.qlrs.com to try out if you like. Sort of a testing ground.

Fireborn aka the lonely saleman said...

Just wanna say take care of your health ,mate

Richard said...

Elvina wrote: "I can now fulfil my dream of publishing a book!"

Elvina, you are already publishing, but, perhaps, your mindset is not allowing you to recognize your blog as a published work.

Elvina wrote: "First step to marketing a book is really to understand what your readers are looking for."

Everything I have ever read on being successful (and I have read a lot over the past 3 years) is to be true to yourself, not others. Do what you like, do what you want, make sure your product is your passion and you will hit your target better than trying to hit somebody elses targets and expectations. You can boo me for this, since I still have no idea how to get people to give me money for just being me (or maybe I just lack confidence).

Of course, it is always easy to dispense advice and be an expert - especially when one has not done so himself ;-) So take my considerations for what they are worth.

Richard said...

Ah! Before I forget again, you might want to check out this site of an artist who chronicles her rejection letters. Infrequently updated, but curiously inspiring.

Bored Dad said...

Congrats! That's really a good news indeed.

But then, I agreed with luvphobia that you should not write we are interested to read, cause among your readers and supporters, they will have a wide range of interested topics to read about, and I think it will only add more stress to yourself trying to meet what they are interested in.

I always believes as a writer or author, you write what you want to write, a theme, a story, a concept, or theory. The main thing is the objective/aim of your book. Look at the many successful books, nearly all of them didn't write what the readers interested in, they published what they wanted the readers to be interested in, or to tell what the readers the exact things/concepts/theory/story that are in the authors' mind.

You have had published quite a fair bit and well articulated articles on various topics, though mostly are relationship based, why not considering expanding from there?

I can't speak for others but I think they may agrees with me, that is, when your book is out, I will certainly get a copy of it, regardless whether it's targetted to my interest or not! Hehe...

Oh! Yes, please do take care of your health too. You can't really write a good book when you are not in a good state of mind and health.

Bored Dad said...

Oh... Just to add, 'Hotel Solace' does seem to be a good theme to start with. :)

Mickell said...

Well done! Keep up the good work! :D

LGSF said...

I'd agree with the rest of the gang, especially when it comes to successful writing.

Two things must happen for a book to be successful:
1. The writer must be passionate about the theme/storyline, thus able to inject fantastic prose and smooth flow of topics/ideas/events.
2. The said theme/storyline just so happens to fill a niche in the market demand.

While it is all good to write on something that many others have already written, since it's proven there is a demand for it, it is sometimes better to get off the beaten track. Who knows? :)

Random thoughts:
- Fairy/fairies out to market their fairy-dust (guaranteed a sound sleep with sweet dreams, but some sinister chemist brews a deadly concoction with it to use for robbery/date-rape etc).
- Collection of your poems. Well, whether you'll receive recognition in the likes of Tennyson, Bryon, Hemmingway etc would be something that will only be revealed much later :)

Well, enjoy yourself at the Crazy Horse launch hehe. God only knows, there'll be lots of guys here who wish they can be your escort for this haha.

And lastly, hmmm, do you really need someone to "nag" at you to sleep early? Hahahaha.

Cheers ;)

Catherine *MeowMeow* said...


how about writing of the mind & matters of a single modern woman?
Or u can be the next Janice Wong..:)

btw, u take care of urself;
rest well.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

LuvPhobia: You are very welcomed! Thanks for using my quote in your artwork.

Aristocrat: There are tons of me that I have not revealed yet. Gonna reveal it in parts so that it will keep you guys coming back for more haha..

Richard: Thanks for the advice. I will think of something that is close to heart. Just worried that I may be revealing more than I bargained for. :P

Bored Dad: Haha - thanks for being a fan! At least I know one person will buy my book now! Your suggestion for Hotel Solace is quite interesting..... I may have to work on the content a bit. Thanks for the idea!

Michael: Hey you are back!! Thanks for the support!

LGSF: Hey I have always loved fairytales! And yes, the idea of creating warped fairytales have crossed my mind before. Need more ideas to develop the concept though..... But I love the idea!

Catherine: Yup! Musings from A Bachelorette might be fun! Somethng like an Ally McBeal huh... haha. maybe you can send me some topics that you muse about??

Last but not least - thanks to everyone for being so concerned about my health! i am seriously so inept at taking care of myself - but I take care of others very well! :)

sevenspell said...

I agree. As long as you are passionate about what you write, I'm sure there's a market for it.

Got this from Happiness in a Nutshell: "You just need the courage to think the unfamiliar."

Hope it helps someday. =)

GhOsT said...

Soon you are going to fulfil your wishin' & hopin' item nos 1...

A good start...

anonymous passerby said...

perhaps Kelong Ghost Stories?
I have BIGWORDSphobia.
I only have basic brain functions,like the Nokia 3210 ;)

juz_A_ga| said...

Suspense.. thrillers.. I'd definitely read those.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Thanks sevenspell, Ghost, Anonymous Passerby and juz_A-gal! The wheels of my brain are churning now........ I just might be able to create something. Hopefully I have the tenacity to see it through~

swearnot said...

An innocent young colleague in office has this belief: "I trust and believe, each step of the way".

Believe in your writing.

Jade Falcon Elite said...

Your written works exudes confidence and class. Few people write the way you do. Simply put, your writing style deserves accolade and applause. The allure of your writings transfix me to the screen, creating a hunger and desire to pursue more of your works.

Every line you indulge in, feeds me new knowledge. I exhort you to keep faith and believe you can do it. Your greatest enemy is Time. Manage it.

Thank you for a great read. Literally.

mel said...

that's great. looks like i'm late again and all the good advise has already been given out....er, let's see, what can i say that would make me look good??? how bout make sure u book one of those autograph sessions at kino? u know what they say, yr story has gotta make them either think or feel, failing both then it better make them laugh. hah.

senbai said...

People want "reality" these days. I happen to know a jobless (still?) stewardess () who started an .

She got tired of being rejected by publishers and started a website to do it herself....um although it's abit half-bake :)

Gary said...

I think i would describe you as Sand.

Just when you think you have grasp of it, think again.Having to ensure your hands always tightly closed is never easy aint it? a little hole....there it goes...sipping through away into your own world...this describes your independence and free will to live. A grain of sand may be tiny, but they never come in a grain;they come in infinite amount.This describes your intellectual and knowledge. Sand lies over a huge surface area which never take a similar shape,different volumes in different areas but yet its easy how you can just create shapes or writings on sand as well .This describes your adaptability,creativeness the will to learn and accept changes.

Gary said...

I (1) Individuate Elvina. Elvina is (2) exceptional. Elvina thinks a lot about (3) Absoluteness.
When I think of (4) morality, I think of Elvina. If I were alone in a room with Elvina,
I would (5) confer. I think Elvina should (6) inaugurate. Elvina needs (7) exposure.
I want to (8) support Elvina. If I could describe Elvina in a word: (9) Extraordinaire (Extraordinary in french).