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Friday, December 02, 2005

Le Crazy Horse

I know you guys must be waiting in trembling anticipation for this post!

I had to be there around 5pm because I needed to usher the VIPs. The much-hyped about Crazy Horse sits snugly at a fabulous and premium entertainment hub, right next to Liang Court.

As soon as I stepped into the place, I was awed by the opulent and plush decor. The color theme for the entire place is a deep rich red, with a spread of lush red curtains, red chandeliers, red plush cushions and luxurious red carpets. For a moment, I felt like a filthy rich socialite in an exotic world of luxury wrapped in plush velvet and silk.

Le Concept

Crazy Horse Singapore is the biggest franchise in the world and first in Asia, surpassing the original one in Paris - which is only a 200-seat theatre. The one we have is an integrated entertainment concept - consisting of the following elements:

1) Le Theatre: 400-seater intimate theatrical experience showcasing the most beautiful and artistic nude show in the world

2) Le Boutique - Unique merchandise corner retailing quality Crazy Horse T-shirts, caps, and other interesting premiums

3) Le Restaurant- Open kitchen concept restuarant decked with red velvet curtains and carpeting serving Modern European Cuisine dinner

4) Le Lounge - This is my absolute favourite! It's a lounge screaming of boudoir decor - with its velvety sofas, leather swings with oodles of plush blue and red cushions, a quaint bar counter and intricate parisian-designed full length mirrors. I was gushing non-stop by the time I came to the round swinging beds, strewn with velvet cushions and shrouded by ebony beaded curtains, tucked away at two intimate corners.

The best thing about this place is you can always chill out here even if you are not watching the show.

Le Founder

To understand how the show came about, you've got to know something about the man behind these barenaked ladies!

Founded by Alain Bernardin in 1951, the Crazy Horse show is a 100-minute spectacle of visual art feast with dance, lights and precision choreography. This premium brand of showmanship features L'Art du Nu (Art of the Nude) - a nude show that marries artistry with sensuality.

Alain himself was influenced by the major international avant-garde movements: Neo-Dadaism and New Realism, Pop Art, Op-Art Kinetics. His sense of performance art was therefore constantly enriched by what the visual and audio-visual culture of the age had to offer.

Alain lived intensely within his era, bathing in the incessant flow of change. The woman was the ideal backdrop for his art. A naked female body was the ideal screen for projecting the host of images which go to make up the theatre of the world. It is no paradox that this master of the ART OF THE NUDE was also an attentive observer of Avant-Garde fashions.

Le Show (....drum roll.....)

The time that all of you have been waiting for - Le Show!

Personally, I felt that the show is classy and sleek, more like a watered-down version of Moulin Rogue. It is NOT a striptease show - but a NUDE show. Which means when the girls appear on stage, you could already see their bouncing boobs and nipples. Of course full nudity would never be allowed in Singapore, so the girls were merely stripped down to their g-strings.

The girls were slim and tall - and quite gorgeous in fact. What I really love about the show is that it is not risque or kinky. The dance sequences were mostly sensual and tantalizing - stimulating your senses through the kaleidoscope of lights and graphics which bathed the bodies of the almost-nude dancers. There must be at least 1o various sets of various performances, ranging from Cirque du Soleil-like dances and cutesy routines to sensual moves and wild gyrations.

Le Price

In case you haven't figure out, Crazy Horse is targeted at the discerning audience with taste. It's not your typical sleazy joint with dirty old men trying to get an orgasm just by looking at the posters.

Dress code is lounge suit for men and cocktail dresses for women. It is positioned as THE premium entertainment venue for the more affluent locals and tourists.

Seating Prices

VIP (right in front of the stage): S$500 for 2 with half bottle of Champagne

Private Box: S$600 for 4 with one bottle of Champagne or S$750 for 5 with two glasses of Champagne per person

Premiere: S$125 with one standard drink or S$300 for 2 with half a bottle of Champagne

Deluxe: S$85 with a standard drink

Bar: S$85 with a standard drink


It was indeed a fun and a truly remarkable and 'enlightening' experience. My colleagues were so amused by the 'Le'-prefixes that they started spouting a slew of Le-phrases - just for laughs.

"Where is Le-toilet?"
"Le-restroom is at Le-left!"
"Let's go for le-dinner at le-Clark Quay."
"Le-waiter is cute. Go ask for le-number."

I seriously it's time for all of us to make love to le-beds.

Thanks for reading this far.



Anthony said...

Yup, definitely Le classic.

Kenn said...

Le Waste of Money Me thinks for me.


Jade Falcon Elite said...

Good coverage on Crazy Horse. Damn..... I was always wondering why did they ever call it Crazy Horse?? I guess its because whenever men watch it, their "Horse" becomes "Crazy". Hahaha.....

I like your in-depth dwelling into even the history of your pet project. I sure hope to catch this cabaret performance someday. Let me go grow some money on my money plant first. Hehehe......

Keep up your interesting post on interesting happenings around Singapore. Your blog is an easy way to find unusual things to do in Singapore. U do the discovering, I do the driving.

Le End

NJS said...


Talk about mixing work with fun...
It’s indeed a fun side of your job.

Nice pictures, giving us a glimpse of what's inside the Crazy Horse.

Quote: “It’s not your typical sleazy joint with dirty old men trying to get an orgasm just by looking at the posters."

Well, it’s more of a high class joint with filthy rich old men trying to get an orgasm just by looking at the real thing...

rukawa said...

le dimples,

wat's yr take on this? Would this classy joint make singapore more attractive to the international citizens or will it be another grandeur white elephant?

mel said...

i see it more like for tourists, asian tourists like the strong china market. For locals, a one time novelty experience. maybe something business deals or entertainment with important overseas clients etc. something differnet from the usual KTV experience, if u know what i mean....nudge nudge wink wink. But seriously, its not a place to get yr rocks off or anything like that. Filthy men (rich, old or otherwise) will always have their usual KTV, mistresses, Internet porn, geylang etc to look forward too instead of paying hundreds of bucks for a see-no-touch experience...whew, finally got here early instead of a late post but i guess i didn't make much sense as usual...

Anonymous said...

An interesting blog you have. I stumbled upon your site while reading comments on rockson's latest entry. Have to admit that I was attracted to that pretty face initially. A superficial horny guy I am, yea. Thought the link was going to bring me to some bimbo site like many others. Moreover, your latest entry was almost porn, and Crazy Horse reminded me of a certain notorious place at Orchard Towers. If this doesn't ring a bell, good for you, stay innocent, if you still are.

It was upon reading some older entries and your poetry that led me to discern an extremely driven brain behind that pretty face. One that craves for more meaning in life amidst a superficial post-modren world. Man, come to think of it I am pretty envious of you. We've got a pretty face, a fine brain and some powderful England out there man, damn it.

Well, I'd better end here, in case my not so powderful England kena condemn, na beh. Keep up the good work ok?


SINPREE said...

Whoa, full nudity never allowed in Singapore!?

Anyway, I loved the pictures. I especially loved the first on the left hand side. Your description of everything was grand.

欣架打鳥人 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
欣架打鳥人 said...

NJS, I completely agree with you. You hit the nail right on the spot. There is no point being hypocritical about it at all. (The hypocritical part refers to crazy horse, not to Elvina). The whole concept is about seeing naked women. Some are willing to do it openly aka "sleazy joint". That does not make them "dirty old men". Some are more pretencious, packaging the whole thing with "lounge suit" and cocktail dresses" That does not make them "high class"!. Men like to see naked girls. Period! Nothing more, nothing less.

I bet my entire year's salary that in less than one year, the dress code will be downgraded to just "shirt and tie" for men and "decent clothing" for women (along the line of casinoes). Mark my word.

I am so sick of such high class artsy fartsy marketing strategy. (Again, here, i am referriing to STB's strategy, and not to Elvina's writing on her blog. Nothing against Elvina...really :)

欣架打鳥人 said...

er, what's wrong *if* it is "risque or kinky"? What's so "dirty" about "trying to get an orgasm just by looking at the posters"? To say: "we love kinky stuff" is to be frank as sexually normal adults. To say: "oh...it's so dirty"..that's being hypocrite. (Elvina, I am not criticising you, it's just a general statement about general population at large).

STB has made lots of mistakes over the past years, by dismissing and then eradicating local natural culture, and artificially create a "classy and sleek" version to replace it. Those old enough would remember the failed Lao Pa Sat project, the failed Chinatown project, the failed Bugis street project etc. In the end, in order to salvage these places, they have to resort to somewhat restore them to their original "no class" atmosphere and way of operation. But, too late, once, you have lost the original, it's gone forever.

The way to bring in sustainable, long-term tourist money is to showcase local culture and way of life and amplify it, not to dismiss it, replace it, or bring in foreign entertainment franchise. Well, I certainly hope I am wrong. I wish tourist dollar for singapore too....

欣架打鳥人 said...

Price ranging from $85 to $500? And have to dress up in lounge suit and cocktail dress? Hahaha. Let's just wait 1 year and see how much of the 400 seats are going to be filled up during the off-peak no international convention or exhibition period.

The last I heard, the two durian heads were making losses every month, and numerous oh sooo high class artistic shops within have been converted to low class "cheap-skate" river-front food joints!

That's the diff between casinoes and STB. Casinoes know that they have to *pretend* to be "high-class" with all those art gallery and "family entertainment" thrown in, but when it comes to bottom-line, they know that gambling is the way to make money. STB on the other hand, really think that being "high-class" is the way to go. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the integrated-resort project is going to be a success while this crazy horse is going to be a failure. Hah...

If there is no "downgrading" of price and dresscode after 1 year, singablogger give u a treat for free at crazy horse! hahaha..

Bored Dad said...

Le moi agreed with Kenn on this..

It's a waste of money... Even if I can afford it, I won't go to such place too.

But thanks for the detailed info though... I'm not one of those that waited in treblmiing too.

欣架打鳥人 said...

Affluent Tourist
Unless you are specially flying in to watch Crazy Horse, otherwise, why would any tourist - convention attendee or even affluent tourists - pack a lounge suit or cocktail dress in his/her traveling luggage? And after finding out that they dont have the proper attire, how many would go thru the inconvenience to specially tailor-make a suit/dress in order to see Crazy Horse?

Therefore, the whole concept is to rely ont a *regular* group of rich people from the region who would fly in *specially* with lounge suit and cocktail dress to see Crazy Horse. But the question is: why would anybody want to see this more than once?

Affluent Local
Solo - If I am affluent, I may tour this place once. That's it.

Business entertainment - please lah. Men are Men. The best place to entertain a visiting businessman from overseas is at some classy KTV where the men can make some private "arrangments" with the girls after the singing session. Will the crazy horse gals accept such private "arrangements"? I dont think so.

Therefore, I really dont understand how market research can show that this project, **in its current form**, is sustainable. Sooner or later, something gotta gives. Either the dress code got to be less hypocritical, or the price got to come down, or both! Sooner or later, this "Crazy Horse is targeted at the discerning audience with taste" aka "oh, we are sooooo high-class" type of marketing, will have to give way to the "everybody tolong tolong, got class no class never mind, got suit no suit also never mind, just dont wear slipper and got money can liow" type of marketing. It happened with sentosa beach, with the durian heads and so on.

I look forward to that day.

Anonymous said...

Type "crazy horse" "paris" "dress code" in your favourite web search engine, and you will get the following info:

"Dress Code: No casual clothes (i.e. no shorts, jeans, joggers or sneakers) however jacket and tie not required."

Even the original one in paris is not as pretentious and "high class" as Singapore's. We are all so classy. hahaha

Righteous said...

I will leave a comment on yout blog again since the last long time.

I do actually hate this kind of nude or semi-expose dancing show.

They used spotlights and lasers to block or dis-reflected the sensitive body part. So it is very hard to see it at far seats.

That's all, Bye.

mel said...

well, i see it as primarily for tourists (hence, STB's hand in it). Average locals (heartlanders etc) were never its main target audience. i figured somewhere in the Middle East some travel agent is probably selling some 3D/2N package to singapore. first nite visit Night Safari, second nite go Crazy Horse. i bet u'll see tour buses parked outside the place every nite.

ted said...

I doubt most tourists come to Singapore packing lounge suits, hohoho.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Thanks SingaBlogger for the insight. I do agree about the dress code. However, that was the dress code for the Launch Night for the travel and tourism industry. Not sure if for normal days would such dress code be required.

As you have aptly pointed out, it will not be feasible for everyone who visits Singapore to have a cocktail dress or lounge suit with them.

Mel is right. This is purely targeted at tourists - and that was why the main invitees for the launch were the media, plus the hotel, travel, airlines and tourism industry. Like Mel has pointed out, we will be doing lots of joint packages with these various stakeholders and partners.

And for visitors and people who are here for business travel, meetings, conventions, exhibitions and incentive travels, it will indeed be part of their itinerary, whenever possible. Same for overseas media.

We may think that the visitors may not want to watch it after the first time, but you may be surprised that we have yet to tap into a large percentage of the world who has yet to visit Singapore.

Of course STB is not perfect. But at least they try. I know because we work our butts out every single night just to launch a new product, sign a partnership contract, and marketing our products overseas...... *sigh*

Mickell said...

Berry berry nice indeed :) But $85 is rather steep. I bet it sure won't deter people who r eager to see some naked boobs ;p

John said...

Ok... for $85 would we see the owner of Hotel Solace up there???

NJS said...

Well... dress code was never a problem...

Open a Lounge Suite and Cocktail dress rental shop right beside the "Crazy Horse"...

Wouldn't that solve some problem...

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the song/artist of the "Lay Laser Lay" part of the show - where there is a girl on a rotating wheel...

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