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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

2005 Xmas Bitch Party!

This year, I had one of my best Christmas ever.

Traditionally, I celebrate Christmas with three other girlfriends every year at my home. We will meet for dinner, proceed to my Casa de Yishun with loads of snacks, fruits and drinks, and watch DVD till before midnight. At the stroke of 12, we will be exchanging gifts under the beautiful Xmas tree, with carols belting out from a Christmas compliation CD through the speakers. After which, we will set up the mahjong table for an ardous challenge of maximizing our winnings through the little complicated tiles.

This Christmas eve, I decided to make it slightly bigger. The party venue was changed to a friend's house because I needed a larger space. I invited some friends who already knew my girls through other social functions (such as dinner and my weekly Friday night chill out sessions!) and extended the invite to these friends' friends as well as their spouses.

I even created an e-invite to make this intimate party "official". Thrilled me to no end - 'cos I love organizing events and parties for my good friends. Here's how it looks like:

Just in case you were wondering, I didn't draw that. The graphics were the creative works of a designer called Gavinwm. Ya,ya.... I snitched the artwork for this invite. *guilty as charged* (but hey, at least I give credit when credit is due ok?)

To complete the mood of the party, my dear friend lugged a huge Christmas tree, a mahjong table and set as well as a foot massager to the new venue! I could never thank him enough for such thoughtfulness. My girl friends were warmly pampered with the foot massager while they were watching DVD movies such as Spanglish, Jerry Seinfeld Live in Broadway and 40 Days and 40 Nights.

I spent an hour decorating the Xmas tree and must say I was pretty proud of it. It's almost like Robinson's standard ok? :P

The spread for the night was oooh so divine.... Check this out:

- Roast Ham
- Vegetable Platter of celery sticks, carrots, broccoli and cauilflower, aspargus, tomatoes, baby corn and golden mushrooms.
- Avocado and Garlic and Chives dips
- Curry Chicken and fresh baguette
- Sushi platter
- Chicken and Beef Satay
- Fried Mee Goreng
- Yangzhou Fried Rice
- Sambal Sting Ray

Red and white wines
Irish Cream
Soft drinks
Coffee and Tea

For entertainment, besides DVDs and mahjong, we have some hilarious party games going on - which got everyone guffawing and giggling. Some of us played Boggle and irritate the hell out of our challengers by beating them at every round. We also tried sabotaging each other at Uno - making them draw a hell lot of cards when they were down to their last card. It was 'evil' - but truly enjoyable.

My friend took my place at the mahjong table. Few hours into the game, she desperately cried out for help. She was losing terribly - and I was down to my last few dollars. Of course, the Mahjong Queen must come to the rescue. I declared that I am going to win back every single cent that I have lost the moment I sat down. One of my male opponents sniggered.

Oh yeh....I am so going to show him my prowess.

I accomplished what I vowed to do. Within 3 consecutive games, I won the maximum winnings for each of the game and recouped every single cent that I have lost. On top of that, I won an extra dollar. Hahaha........ the Mahjong Queen reigns.

Yup, the party was great - and the babes were beautiful.

Oh my, I do have tons of stuff to blog about still - now that my workload for the year has lightened! My year-end D&D (where you will get to see lots of bombastic boobs and babes!), the "interesting" Xmas prezzies I've got this year, my 2006 resolutions and a blog on a beautiful single friend of mine - for the pleasure of all you hot-blooded, single, young men heh heh.....

I'll be back.


Anonymous said...

Pretty fat arms. ;o)


luvphobia said...

LoL, a stragetic placing of a halo above your head in one of the pictures..

And what? The last picture seems gorgeous except..hmm, for the finger pointing...

Glad you had fun, lady! Now for the Year's End Party!!!

NJS said...

Great way to spend Christmas!

rainbow7j said...

wow someone is so direct about the *ahem*... "muscular" *ahem* arm

must be the result of too many present wrapping ^_^

merry kurimasu !

Bored Dad said...

Haha... I agreed with luvphobia, the light on top of your head in one of the picture look just like a halo. Planned for or pure coincident? Haha..

Fat arms? No lah, don't think so, more like the angle of the camera was not properly placed and taken. Hehe..

Glad to see your blog being updated with great news about you having fun celebrating the festival holidays.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

fat arms or what - never mind la. It's true i put on a wee bit of weight this festive season haha. not a prob. I shall lose them as fast as I gain them.

these pics are not meant to be taken seriously. anyway, that pic of me with that halo will soon be replaced by the real xmas tree pic. the tree looks much better and TALLER than me - no doubt.

luvphobia said...

I thought everything, err... most things are taller than you?

Duckie said...

party at holland v? bojio?

lol. merry christmas babe!

Mickell said...

Wow! Looks like u sure had a smashing Christmas party :D

Mini_viv said...

It's indeed a smashin, "bitchin" party!Thanks to the owner who provide us the venue..:)
I had a lot of fun decorating the "Robinson" lookalike X'mas tree with a touch from our angels Elvina tying the ribbons and Kylie sticking the Big Star on top of the tree.:P
Really appreciate the feast that you had prepared and definately we don't feel "guilty" even if we put on extra weight for that.:)I enjoyed every sec though I "MIA" for a while. Thanks to Yen's sponsor of DVDs that kept me awake the whole nite and JFE's foot massage machine..i'll be waiting for I-Squeeze on the next X'mas ok..haha..
Mahjong session wouldn't be fun without Sannica though i don't play that..Uno won't be so exciting without Isabel and Cheryl..:P
Not forgetting guest appearance, "Cheesecake" (Jack), "Ji Cheong Fan"(Valerie),"Baby Bel" (Asabel)and "Meow Meow"(Maria), they had added some spice to the party as well.
ohh..and Xiong ge "The sleeping bear" after whacking all those wines..hehe..

Lastly such a great party won't be smashing without a good organiser right?

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

hahah well said well said!!! Thanks to all you girls and guys for coming too and making this xmas party such a special one....

next one up - our new year eve's party...... heh heh

Gabrielle said...

merry christmas!!! looks like u had fun!

mel said...

Happy holidays man! Glad to see u had a good time. Won't be partying much this time cos of mourning period.

hehe...reminds me of my last year's office party. Safe to say 90% of us were dead drunk n throwing up all over the place. Think u know when us media pple party, we party!

Take care

juz_A_ga| said...

hmm.. my sister was also at a christmas party.. at holland v.. with her fellow media people.. hmm..
but i don't see her in the photos so it must have been another one huh?

great to know you had so much fun!

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Thanks for dropping by Gabrielle, mel and juz_a_gal!

Ya - the party was great! Looking forward to next year's one already. Maybe I will throw one for all the Bloggers! How abut that?

Juz_a_gal: Hmm...what's your sister's name? Maybe she came late? haha