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Monday, September 19, 2005

Snow Wolf Lake

I cannot believe that Vivienne actually had free tickets to Snow Wolf Lake. I've always wanted to watch it, but I find it too expensive. When she asked me earlier this afternoon if I wanted to watch it tonight, I was delirious with joy! If she's in front of me right then, I would have hugged her breath out of her! (*kish the ground that viv walks on*)


Back to the musical. Jacky Cheung no doubt - is THE King of Mandarin Pop. His voice resonated the entire indoor stadium. Hearing him sing gave me goose pimples, cos he's really that good. However towards the end, his voice went hoarse. For those of you who don't know, he's got a problem with his throat. This should be his last musical - and probably his retirement masterpiece.

The musical, I felt, was pretty disappointing. Maybe I went in with too high expectations, after hearing all the rave reviews of this show. To summarize, it was draggy, corny at some parts, and boring to a great extent.

The cast was inconsistent - in terms of their performance. Delivery was awkward, and they re-used the same set for the entire performance. Songs were repeated throughout the musical and there wasn't one song that particularly stood out.

The final letdown was the ending. It really sucked. Being the cynic that I am, I could not help but wonder - love is really such a joke. Brings back to mind something Jade said - All good things must come to an end.

In short, Jacky swore to love a girl forever and ever. She died shielding him from a gunshot, fired by her jealous husband. The next scene, Jacky lived happily ever after by marrying her older sister, who had a crush on him for the longest time.

"Till death do us part"? Men and women of today have made a mockery of that vow. Marriage has only serve to become an institution - a contract sealed on paper and as easily breached as any contract on earth. Divorce is the ultimate and perfect escape clause for any failed partnership.

With that, allow me to share something I wrote once on this very issue. Be enlightened, and enjoy.....


Two lonely souls met, fell in love
For one moment in their lives, time freezes
He gave her flowers, sweet and blue
Each petal speaks of a love, so true
She wrote him letters, made him gifts
Her world revolves around this man, for eternity

He claimed he'd die if she goes,
His heart would love no other, no more
If he leaves her, tears would flow
She can't live without him, any more

One day it happened
He got sick
Turning his back for another
Love ceases
Her tears of pain
Were in vain
He's tired and just wanna
Walk away
Her heart was ripped
Shred to bits
Her knees on the floor
Begging him
But when love ends
Cruelty sets in
The petals bloom for another girl
Not she

Going through the days
Her soul withering
Abandoned by fate, forsaken by destiny
Who cares?
She opened her eyes
To face reality
Picking up her life to start anew
Forget him

So what is love
You tell me
He didn't die without her, but left her
He did

So what is love
I don't believe
She still lives on when he left
Didn't she?


Jade Falcon Elite said...

U sure r kinda lucky to be able to attend such performances. Lucky girl. Sigh.... me think of which bank to rob first, if i succeed, if i manage to survive the onslaught of bullets from police revolvers then I will go for the SISTIC events.


Jade Falcon Elite said...

Could u use a comments pop up instead of literally switching the main web page to comments? Coz always getting lost. If u dun understand the blabber I am spurting from my noisy gap, pls call me and hear my banter real live!


Bee said...

Hi Rena,

Glad that you are back.

Yes, I agree with what you "don't believe" from the perspective of a 'survivor'...

So what is love
You tell me
He didn't die without her, but left her
He did

So what is love
I don't believe
She still lives on when he left
Didn't she?

But one thing to add...
no matter how many times we have been disappointed or failed,
it does not mean we will never find true love one day,
for it seems to come only when we least expect

Just my thoughts.