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Friday, September 23, 2005

My Ideal Man?

During one of my super boliao afternoons, I took a personality test to find out what kind of man I actually want. Yes - that's the loser part of me talking. The one who needs an online personality test to unravel who her ideal man should be. There are times when I allow myself to slip into bimboism - for whatever reason. Probably I have made so many bad judgement calls on men in my lifetime that I am starting to rely on the virtual world for an answer.

Here are the results of the test. It analyses my ideal man using four dimensions - Romance, Maturity, Lifestyle and Looks.

Although you're a sucker for romance, you'll probably cut a guy some slack even if he doesn't constantly pamper you with gifts and affection. You crave passion in your relationships, so you want a guy who can (and will) express his deepest feelings for you through his actions. Someone like Richard Gere or George Clooney, perhaps? But you know that men aren't very romantic, so you're willing to lower your standards in this area if need be. Chances are you're willing to stick around once the courting period ends, though it's still very important that your guy occasionally dote upon you. Your realistic-yet-hopeful outlook will guarantee you a good catch!

Love might be a serious game, but it should still be fun. Too much sophistication can kill the romance. But we didn't have to tell you that. It sounds like you always go for the kind of guy who knows how to cut loose and just be himself. Practicality and maturity are respectable qualities, sure, and no man should be completely without them, but they've never been high on your list of important ingredients for an exciting night out. Based on your answers, we think your perfect guy — someone like Jerry Seinfeld or Cuba Gooding Jr., perhaps? — should know how to have a great time without acting too childish or outrageous. Whether he adds a little bit of danger to your life or just has a great sense of humor, your ideal man would still be young enough at heart to let the kid in him emerge.

Some people say love is a journey of the heart. So if you're traveling anyway, why take coach when you can go first class? It sounds like you have some very clear financial expectations for your ideal relationship. Money is an important aspect of romance for you, probably because of the leisure and opportunities it offers. (One guy with a bank account that might live up to your expectations is David Hyde Pierce's character, Niles, on "Frasier.") There's no doubt that a luxurious lifestyle is tons of fun, but we hope it doesn't become the most important aspect of your relationship. We all dream about a fairy-tale love affair (complete with a castle), but it's important to stay within the limits of reality. Based on your answers, you should recognize and respect your desires, but if you meet Mr. Right, don't let anything get in the way of true love, even an itty bitty bank balance.

You may not judge a book entirely by its cover, but you definitely like the cute ones. (Who doesn't?!) You might consider someone who's a little less than gorgeous, but you generally tend to seek out very handsome men who can really turn heads. Matt Damon? Noah Wyle? Right up your alley. But if need be, you're willing to place personality and chemistry before a pretty face and a hot body. Nevertheless, your answers reveal that you take pride in your man's appearance and get a thrill out of watching others gawk at him. You're impressed by looks, and you definitely set your standards high when it comes to physical appearance. Still, you also realize that beauty may be only skin deep and that an average-looking guy with tons of charm might be your perfect match in every other way!


Men always want to be a woman's first love. Women like to be a man's last romance. ~ Oscar Wilde

We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love. ~ Tim Robbins

I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love. ~ Mother Teresa


Jade Falcon Elite said...

ok shoot... what is the personality test web site? me also wanna try. keke....

See what is the result. post it here or sms me the address la okie? See what bird personality i have! Falcon, Eagle, Penguin and stupid chicken? hehehe......

Beng said...

The reality is, most girls don't end up with their imagined ideal guy.

Luckily the truth is, most girls will learn to love their not-so-ideal boyfriends/husbands.

Pillow said...

the quotations are very good. But dont agree with Tim Robbins totally. Feel that u can;t really change a person's personality although the behaviour can be changed somewhat.

Richard said...

While Oscar Wilde's quote may be generaly true, it certainly is not in my case - I just wanted to fall in love once.