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Monday, September 19, 2005

Heaven on Sea: My Little Accident

Well, the stoopid accident was really no fault of anyone but my own.

It was raining very heavily in the early evening and got too dark to read. Feeling bored, I decided to entertain myself with Karaoke.

Big mistake.

It's as if all laws of Physics eluded me that particular moment. I had gone for a swim earlier that day - and was too lazy to change out of my damp clothes /bikini. Amidst the rumbling thunderstorm and the threatening lightning streaks that were slicing across the dark ominous sky, I actually mindlessly decided to sing.

The karaoke machine has to be powered by electricity right? I was holding on to the microphone, crooning to the songs in my wet clothes.

Everything happened so suddenly. Apparently there was this mega lightning, and before I knew it, I felt a shock running from my fingers right up to my neck.

Out of reflex, I flung away the microphone and my hand flew up to my neck to contain the pain. Eugene and Andy were shocked and quickly ran to my aid. I was immobilized for a full half hour because there was a sharp numbing pain in my neck.

Eugene later told me that my neck might have been affected because I was wearing a silver chain - and yes, metal + wet clothes + microphone connected to electricity = SUPERB CONDUCTOR! haha...... I must be suicidal.

Fortunately, after applying some hot towel treatments on my neck, I felt much better. Went off to sleep after that - probably "traumatized" by the shock.

And that's my little accident at the Kelong. Totally freaking bimbotic.


suspiciousbastard said...

Did you develop any mutant powers? Like being able to discharge ball lightning?

The fact that you're typing this means that you're ok.

J said...

"...my damp clothes /bikini... crooning to the songs in my wet clothes".

*eyes big big*! Wah! must be very sexy hor! haha :)

Tan Kok Seng said...

Glad to hear that you're okay and not glowing in the dark or something... yet.

But whatever happened to the escapades with the hot boys? :-)

sÞ¡ηηєє said...

sure hot boys meh? haha

Mickell said...

Thank God you're okay :) interesting to know that a kelong also can have karaoke one :) sorry i very sua ku :p

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Hahah you guys are too funny.

SuspiciousBastard: Ya - I ALMOST got my straight hair PERMED! hee... have not got enough shocks yet to throw fire balls. Maybe my clothes/bikini not wet enough.

J: Sexy as always.

Kok Seng: I was laughing so hard when I saw the "glow in the dark" comment. No hot boys lar. Just a lot of hot sun. Very difficult to have escapades when it is an open dormitory you know? Everyone sleeps out in an open space.

Spinee: "Hot" is subjective.

Michael: Yup thanks for your concern! Hot Boys Fishing is the only kelong that offers a KTV. Sometimes I feel is more for the owners themselves cos they very siao on KTV one..... :P

Fishinf Kaki said...

Glad to hear that u r ok...anyway did u P.S at the kelong...lol...u can actually see fishes eating "it" away like nobody business...hahaha.

Nice kelong ...been to a few there,to relax n fish...


Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Fishinf Kaki: YeeKs! Haha.. the fish never had the honor to taste mine la. Donno why, don't feel like "letting go" then..... :P

You going there again anytime soon?

Tan Kok Seng said...

I think I'll have a related post on my blog at some point -- about kelongs and karaoke and an old BBC documentary on Singapore's SDU. :-)

the virgin undergrad said...

well at least u're alive to tell the tale =)

it could have been worse if u're the sort who sings with your lips on the mic.

LGSF said...

Good to hear you're fine after that incident

But yeah, please always be safe
The silver chain might have been the cause of the shock, but it probably saved you as well hehe, talk about irony (pun not intended).

Good to hear you enjoyed yourself at HB. Among the 4 kelongs there, its probably the one with the widest selection of "non-fishing activities" available. Hope you had a chance to taste their famous calamaris (if not, just letting you know its TO DIE FOR! hehe)

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Kok Seng: Trying to be funny isit??!?? :P

Virgin: Ya lor. Heng ar... my lips were busy moving to the lyrics, not kissing the mic.

LGSF: Aiya. I din try the calamari!! !@#$%^&*

Bee said...

Hmmn... God's angel had protected u. :)

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

yes indeed. I was wearing a silver cross by the way.. :)

Richard said...

Hello Elvina,

No, I am not ignoring you or in some way have found offense with you.

I have read you latest entries, but really had nothing to say. I think you were blessed to have such a wonderful time (and be waited upon so dutifully by Andy and Eugene).

I thought about commenting on your shocking experience, but hey ... it was your experience, not mine.

But, if you want a comment from me (speaking from my electronics background - yeah, before programming, I studied and worked in electronics):

Lightning seeks the path of least resistance to ground. Actually, a channel opens up from the ground to the sky and then the big discharge happens.

I am more prone to suspect faulty ground wiring of the electrical equipment and your dampness as factors involved in getting you a shock (I remember while in Peru, I was constantly being zapped in the showers because the shower heads have electric heaters installed - many of which were incorrectly wired).

Whether the lightning strike was a coincidence, or whether it simply travelled along the faulty electrical grounding and zapped you - I don't know.

Metal does not attract electricity. But, metal is a good conductor of electricity. So, electricity will choose to flow through metal, if that provides the path of least resistance to ground. Since the necklace was around your neck, the electricity would then have to pass from your neck to the ground somehow - likely through the air.

You are a beautiful writer and I do not always find it necessary to comment on your blog.

If I may be bold, I find there has been a very positive change in you since you killed berrynice33. You seem happier, more positive and more at peace. It suits you well.

Of course, I am basing this on having followed your blog for about 6 weeks - about 3 on either side of the transition.

Take care.

Life is beautiful said...

OUCH!!!...that must have hurt, babe. Poor girl. Ah well, at least you're back alive and well. Blog more... =)

NJS said...

It's literally a SHOCK of your life !!!
You must have been the 'live wire' of that party!!!

Chinese got a saying...

Hope you get your blessing soon!

Really cool lightning picture you got there... Spectacular!
Of course thats when you are not at the butt of it...

Despite the mishap, guess you did have a really great time out there...

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Richard: Hey - glad to see you again. For a moment I thought something happened to you. Got me worried there. :) Yes, you may be right. With a new blog, it felt like I was renewing myself. New look, new skin, brand new banners and identity. Made me feel as if I can do almost anything - and hence, it reflects on my blogs too, I guess. Thanks for being there for me always.

Kelly: Hey sweetie! Ya - it does hurt quite a bit. But I am ok now - so no worries. Will be back to my blogging rampage soon! :P

NJS: Thanks! I love the pic too! My fav! :)

fred said...

glad you enjoy your getaway at the kelong and have your first experience fishing : ) Hope you have recovered from that accident. nice writeup on your getaway, keep it up!!!

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Fred: Thanks dude! Enjoy your stay at Hotel Solace.... :)