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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Heaven on Sea: Part 1

The view from the bumboat is breathtaking. The vast sea stretched endlessly over the expanse of the horizon and beyond, like yards and yards of silky blue linen. The water bubbled under the boat in mini frothy waves, as it chugged faithfully towards the rustic fishing resort on wooden stilts.

My heart quickened in anticipation as the structure loomed into view. This is the first time in my life that I have ever been to a kelong.

I could hardly contain my excitement as I stepped onto this no frills yet complicated infrastructure. The wooden planks creaked under my feet as I explored the authentic resort. Double-decked beds wrapped in bright colours of orange, yellow and blue bed sheets dotted the main dormitory. Plain round tables were spread out near the dining area for yummy meal times. Up against the wall is a small counter selling fishing hooks, sinkers and other fishing accessories – for those who wanna try their hand at fishing. How absolutely quaint!

Towards the far end on the left is a simple kitchen, its shelves decked with spices and seasoning of sorts, as well as all kinds of raw food which will eventually end up as piping hot food once the cook is through with them. If a guest manages to catch something from the sea during the day, the cook will even help to conjure a nice little meal out of their prized catch. Yes, it’s indeed as fresh as it gets.

As the sun began to retire into the horizon, a dark black cloak stealthily shrouded the entire sky, slowly erasing all traces of light. Almost instantly, the sea was transformed into one big mass of ebony liquid. Small lights from the neighboring kelongs speckled like silver jewels in the distance, creating a picture-perfect view.

Dinner was served – and boy, I was not expecting a feast on an isolated kelong like this. We had fried eggs, breaded prawns, stir fry vegetables, fresh steamed fish from the day’s catch, bean sprouts with salted fish and a huge bowl of soup. The spread was even more lavish than what I usually eat at home – and it’s quite mouthwatering I must say!

I spent an hour reading The Da Vinci Code on my chosen bed, which is tucked away in a cozy private corner of the dormitory. Dan Brown is quite a writer. I could hardly tear myself away from the book.

As I wasn’t really that fanatic about fishing – I decided to snoop around the kelong for a quiet spot. All I wanted to do was to sit by the edge of the platform with my laptop, giving free reign to my thoughts as I typed out this entry with my MP3s playing in the background.

The much-needed solitude, the gentle cooling breeze from the sea and the stars winking mischievously from above – came flawlessly together to provide the perfect relaxing time out for me.

Even the rhythmic lapping of the waves was amazingly therapeutic – as I sat swinging my legs by the edge of the kelong, looking out towards the sea.

Yes, I am shamelessly loving every single moment of this natural indulgence – many miles away from the highly strung city life. Out here in the middle of the ocean, you are almost totally cut off from civilization.

And that’s the intrinsic beauty of it all.

......to be continued


mel said...

hey, glad to see u enjoyed yourself.

Bee said...

the view and your description looks so familiar. Good to know you are recharged. :)

Prince Romp said...

So..u r back.A very romantic moment with a happy stomach.

Mickell said...

Captain Jean-Luc Picard once commented to his 1st officer Commander William Riker (from the movie Star Trek Generations): ...the best thing about a life at sea was that they couldn't get to you.