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Sunday, September 18, 2005


The feeling of waiting for something wonderful is especially exhilarating. Your heart yearns for the day to arrive, and when it does, there is this unexplainable rush through your blood which completely fills you with joy.

That's how I felt when I stood looking up where the magnificent Cirque du Soleil Big Top tent stood. Bright blue and yellow stripes splashed across the skyline, and the place was buzzling with kids, families, ang mohs, couples, and all sorts of people big and small.

I took in the postcard-perfect scene, and marvelled at the colours, the enchanting Cirque music piping in the blackground, and the colourful tents of different sizes spotting the landscape.

Waited for my friend for 20 mins! Darn - and I took a cab some more so that I wouldn't be late. Prices of the snacks there are horrendous. A bottle of mineral water costs $5! I could have bought 6 from Fairprice at the price of 80 cents each! Geez. Daylight robbery in a colourful "black" market.

Finally the girls came - Hanae and Cheryll. Hanae came with a friend called Michelle - who works in MINDEF as an admin assistant. Hanae is Cheryll's friend, a Japanese girl who got married recently to a funny Indian chap called Sham. Sometimes, Cheryll and myself will practice our jit-deh, jit-deh Japanese with her. I learnt two words yesterday - onaka suida desu (I am hungry) and and onaka ippai desu (I am full). :)

Speaking about MINDEF, I did consider joining them some time back. I am turned on by men in uniform and I always thought it will be such a divine fantasy to work among the guys from Air Force, Army and Navy. haha......

Sorry - I detracted. Anyway, coming back to Quidam, it was a great show. Like all Cirque's production, the acrobatics were stunning, the music stirring and the mood was magical.

I love watching people who work for their passion. The crew in Quidam put up their best efforts every time, for every performance, every day. Their execution of all stunts and acts are flawless, and have been mastered to perfection. I am awed and humbled just by looking at them - having a great time on stage, entertaining those who are below, and getting one hell of a support from those behind the scenes.

And when I see them dancing, running, twirling, flying and somersaulting all over the arena and the stage, I realise they must have put in their entire life, heart, soul, years of sweat, tears and pain and of course, unconditional love into this performance. This is their entire life. Their job. Their reason for existence. And this is what I call passion. Real Passion.

I came out of the show - not fully gratified however. Maybe that's because I was totally blown away by Alegria three years ago, and Quidam unfortunately paled in comparison. Alegria was more colourful, the stunts absolutely mind-blowing and the music was exquisitely sensational. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before and I was hoping Quidam would do the same for me. But somehow, when you have seen the best, everything else falls short.

Having said that, I want to reiterate that all Cirque's productions are really worth watching, not for anything else but for the people behind it who gave their all for this show to entertain. And for that, I salute and respect all of them with this photo blog of their wonderful performances.

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Jade Falcon Elite said...

1, I am pretty sure Quidam or Alegria isn't the one that makes your heart pound the most.

2, U wouldn't wanna join MINDEF! I hate MINDEF. Ask Kelly. my MINDEF friend. If u need her number, let me know.

3, err.... Passion?? It becomes quite a job for them too. If I ever win a tournament in Pool, would u say I have Passion in it? or still Obssession? Is a Good show or trophy the only way to determine if one has Passion or one has Obssession?

4, I am quite glad you r a thrifty person and humble enough to know the value of $5 for mineral water which is of course exhorbitant.

5, I am glad u have seen QUIDAM! Sigh.... still no chance to see. Overspent my budget for performances this month.