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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Testosterone Overdose

Friday night. August 12, 2005.

I was awfully sloshed that night. It's been a year since I organized such a large party.

The last time I drank myself silly was my farewell party when I decided to leave MTV. Alan from Shin Bar kept the drinks coming and we were swimming in mixers, shots, tequillas, martinis etc. I was in such high spirits that the moment I got home, I heaved my foot up into the kitchen sink with the intention of washing it there. That should be the highlight of my mundane life.

Friday night was equally memorable. The party @Barnone was initially hinged on one great purpose. I planned to introduce a pretty single babe friend of mine, to an equally charming guy buddy. But it would be awkward if there were only three of us. So I started inviting some guys and my regular group of single babe friends (which I may introduce in another blog soon!). The guys started bringing friends and all hell broke loose.

From an initial group of 7 guys and gals, the party exploded to a party of 11 guys and 6 girls. How did that happen - I seriously don't have a clue. But I must admit, it was one great party with all that testosterone swirling around us girls.

The guys' hitlist includes:
1. Roy (my MSN friend) with his three friends, Kevin, Winston and Steven
2. Gary (my fav male buddy!!) and friend Justin
3. David (a marketing partner) and friend Kim Min
4. Jin (my colleague from Nighspots dept - he got us the table at Barnone) and Jeffery (whose last day at STB was that Fri)
5. William - Jin's friend
6. Jack (my closest male buddy)
7. Joshua (someone who's been hanging out at my Exclusive Singles Babe Club in recent weeks. Lucky bugger!)

I was quite amused by this interesting mix of men. One guy spent the whole night tucking himself into the corner of the wall, obviously shy with all the girls around. Another bloke was so caught up with some big business - busy sms-ing throughout the night to some imaginary hot chick. The rest of the predators were milling around the girls, chatting them up, offering drinks, and shaking their butts to the music of Douglas O.

Yes. It's one wild party MINUS the orgies. Plus a little drama thrown in as well for good measure, but I won't be recounting that because it's not meant for public consumption. :P

So being the hostess and 'mamasan', I flitted around performing my duties of introducing everyone, drinking as I go along. Whiskeys, red wine, shots, beers - they somehow found their way into my glass. Before I knew it, my knees went weak. And yes, that very night, I adorned the beautiful marble floor tiles of Marriott Hotel lobby with a beautiful, reddish puke pattern. Quite ingenious I must say.

My friends told me later that they totally enjoyed this "singles" night out. I may seriously consider doing a few more of such "Singles NetPartying Sessions".

And maybe this time, I might learn to stay sober.

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Jade Falcon Elite said...

Its nice to see u blog again. I waited so long to see u blog and finally. However, Today i have to go for my army reservist starting 15th August to 27th.

Can't speak much with u because i have been very busy sorting out my stuffs before leaving for in-camp. Nice to know u r having fun. Keep it up. Would u like to try and play pool some day? Could impart some skills to you if u dun mind learning the game. Of we could have a game, per rack 1 beer!! Hahah... u lose u drink la....