I'm a simple girl with a li'l dream, of seeing her humble works in exquisite print, to share with all who feels for words, written with
an unsupressable urge. So indugle in my fantasies, and plow your way through my memories, greatly appreciated you will be,
if you can leave your comments here for me.

Monday, August 22, 2005

My Secret Sanctuary

If there's anything that I love doing more in the world than sleeping, it would have to be writing.

A writer, like any other person with artistic abilities, is temperamental. Eccentric. Creative. Highly emotional. Sensitive.

These are the qualities that I can live with. Because I love to create something out of nothing.

Spin a fairytale where I can escape into and live happily ever after.

Pen a poem when I am inspired, or when words elude me verbally.

Write a masterpiece to influence the lives of some - and touch the hearts of others.

Vent my feelings and let the emotions flow so that I may be released from the complex thoughts that are constantly plaguing whatever's left of my mind.

I write because the words in print mean that my inner most secrets and treasures can be immortalized in a physical form.

I write because I cannot suppress an outburst of my ideas. I write because people, things and events around me inspire me.

I write because I feel and because I emphatize.

I write because I have been touched, and because I am grateful.

I write because I am filled with love, or otherwise drowned in sadness.

I write because I can affect you, or because you've made an impact in my life.

I write because I can and because I want to. Read my writings and hope they'll inspire you. Welcome to my secret sanctuary - The Starlite Cafe.


Kok Yew said...

Hi. Can't help but to visit your blog once again.

1. Concerning faith

Thanks for your poem. It's inspiring. I always envy those who can write well. I never have a good start with language. Since young, I never really like to talk and speak to others. Partly because my mum was overly protective. It's good because the environment where I lived was not as safe. Gangsters will crowd around coffeeshops and deserted corners doing their stuff. Being in a family where my parents were not educated, I never really did well for both languages. But one thing I learn from my parents, especially my mum. If you believe in yourself, be focus and work smart, you will achieve what you want to do in life. That's why when I became a Christian, faith is something that I can embrace almost immediately. Faith is not about getting things for yourself. Faith is about blessing others. How I show my faith, encourage others to trust God more. It is true that many times we fail and fall. It is true that it's difficult to praise God in dark time. It's true that we are not like Jesus or even Paul, who wrote "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice", when he was in prison, chained, and badly beaten. It is also true that though it is difficult, our human will, something which God honours and will never manipulate, can be utilised to command our weary soul to rise above the trouble. King David commanded his soul saying "Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me. Blessed His holy name." It is moving beyond our circumstance, having that substance of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen. When in pain, you want comfort. You have not seen comfort coming, but as you arise in faith, start praising God, that subtance of thing that you hope for, i.e., comfort, and the evidence of things not seen, i.e., a downcast face shining bright with the joy of the Lord, will be seen. All it takes is your decision and sheer will power. I'm not perfect yet. Still can't really live what I preached. But who cares! All I know is I'm moving on in that direction.

2. Concerning your secret sanctuary

Thanks for opening up a part of your life with others. Most of the time, a person who loves to write (a poet, singer, musician, composer, etc), feels deeply for things. Though what they were inspire thus they write. Most of the time, it is a reflection of their soul and spirit. Though without talking to you, I can understand and appreciate you better. With Internet, sometimes it is wonderful that 2 persons can communicate via email or even IRC, withot really hearing the voice. To many, the mute are a group of people who are always silent. But 2 mute can communicate across rooms and streets and they often speak louder than most of us, who has a mouth to speak. They communicate with their heart. Every stroke and gesture is lyrical to someone who really has a ear who ears, mouth tha speaks, and a heart that feels.

You may not notice this comment. Nonetheless, I want to thank you for every piece of work you put here in your website. Thanks for inspiring me.

Kok Yew

Bee said...

My dear sister in Christ and my "mirror",

U have just expressed how i felt once again. :)

May our Father in heaven bless u always.


Jade Falcon Elite said...

Wa..... u got a long lost twin sister in Bee. hehe... your mirror image, your doppelganger and your clone!! hehe...

As to your poetic nature, I am absolutely impressed. Were they all written by you? No plagiarism? Really? I also did write poems when I was younger in my school days. Knew how tough it was to write and conjure up something wondeful. However, u did it my dear. Wonderful. Absolutely Marvellous. Ok, treat u go KTV someday to sing songs!! Keke.... Anyone wants to go along?