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Monday, August 29, 2005

Who I Am In Your Eyes

Yen told me an interesting thing last night. Apparently, there was an article in this month's issue of Her World, where a guy claims that sweet girls make him diabetic. He added that in a recent research, for Singaporean men, "sweet and demure" top their Most Wanted list for girls.

I think I know why. The sweet and demure girl somehow never fails to melt your heart, with that vulnerability in their eyes, their smile, their words, their actions and most importantly, their saccharine sweet looks.

I have a girlfriend who's exactly like that. Everything from her looks to her voice, from her giggles to her words, from her behaviour to her personality, from her dressing to her nail colour, every part of her screams "SWEET & DEMURE". At one of our Social Networking Nights, out of a group of 5 guys who met her for the first time, 3 were completely swooning over her.

Knowing I could never be sweet and demure, I hence decided to embark on a little survey, with a completely unrepresentative sample size.

So, in my pursuit of uncovering the awful truth, I cannot help but wonder - what do guys really think about me?

Without disclosing the identities of those who took part in this li'l survey, here's what I found out about myself:

(1) Melancholic
(2) Opinionated
(3) Strong willed
(4) Sensitive
(5) Emotional
(6) Expressive
(7) Loving
(8) Sweet
(9) Attractive
(10) Magnetic
(11) Comfy (I was told that I exude comfort; very comfortable to be with)
(12) Caring
(13) Cheerful
(14) Hardworking
(15) Carefree
(16) Friendly

Some others pointed out other traits of mine - such as: Stubborn, Ambitious, Sensual, Intense, Loyal, Confident and yes, not forgetting FUNNY.

Somehow I feel they use those lovely words above because they are simply too sweet to me tell the brutal truth about myself. Put the above traits together, you may actually get a very desirable woman! But that is so far from the truth, painted by such poignant words from very forgiving friends.

I do appreciate all these beautiful and politcally correct comments. I am sure there are more, and if you want to contribute to the infamous list above, let me know. I will put it up and ponder over it. I am not even totally sure that those attributes mentioned above belong to me. As much as they can boost one's self-esteem, they also made me wonder if I really do exhibit these traits - consciously or otherwise.

Hence, I searched my soul once again for an answer, looking into the depths of my heart.

No answer lies there.


Jade Falcon Elite said...

Now bee will respond by saying u r her mirror image. Thus whatever u r, she is too!! Hehe.... Joking.

Dear, relax la... u r quite alot of personality. There is always something good in everyone. If we all look hard for the good in someone, we will always almost find it. Even Hitler has his good points. At least he is patriotic. Hahaha...

Jus dun wan u to be too complicated. Simplicity can be beautiful. I remembered watching a japanese show called Heaven's Coins. The lead lady is a mute. So she's silent thru out the entire series of the tv show. Silent as she may be, she's beautiful in nature and in reality. I think highly of u. Jus wan u to know that and one last thing.


The Green Dildo said...


Bee said...

Dear sister,

Yes, there is a human tendency to compare and envy... but...

Firstly, "Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised." Proverbs 31:30

The woman I respect and is learning to be is found in Proverbs 31 ( http://bible.gospelcom.net/passage/?book_id=24&chapter=31&version=31 )

Secondly, "I am (you are) fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalms 139:14 ( http://bible.gospelcom.net/passage/?book_id=23&chapter=139&version=31 )

Thank God that we are precious in His sight. And we only need ONE person to treasure us... the rest doesn't matter :)


Bee said...

Hello JF, twin also think differently ok... hehe

Herbie said...

Technical Error - dropped to 5th position - but I will be back!!! (that's why I post the latter one 1st... will ensure I will be back.. :0))

4 letters - IWBH

cruiser said...

Come to yr blog thru a link in FK.

Read some of the thing u wrote. (I will be back for more…)

Admire yr attitude toward life. Well, “who u are”, from my point of view :
“U are one who live your life, U are one who try to leave some mark during your journey…”

All the other “descriptive” words are secondary… Enjoy your life, Live it to the fullest.

That’s all I have for you.

I roam this land looking for a purpose, not knowing that is the purpose…