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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I Should Be So Happy

I usually like to pride myself for being an optimistic pessismist. I am pessismistic by nature - but have over the years learn to take things lightly, laugh over my mistakes, make a fool of myself to make my friends laugh and to just enjoy life each and every day - no matter how hard life has been to me.

I have also learnt that the most effective way to stay contented and happy even though you are down in the doldrums is to praise the Lord all the time, for everything that's happening in my life. That way, even when I am having an extremely trying day, I am still grateful.

Hence, over the years, I've developed some Rena's "life philosophies".

1. Don't let anyone who does not mean anything to you bring you down. Hence, I would only feel hurt if someone dear to me let me down - i.e. close friends, family, boyfriend etc. Any other extras who fall outside of this category can do whatever they want to me, I will just refuse to accord them the power to hurt me. The more they try, the more I shut them out.

2. There's no such thing as a bad day. Bad days to me, are actually "character building" days. So if I'm going through a rough patch today, it's definitely a character building day. Lord works in His ways to polish and refine me to something better.

3. Alcohol and cigarettes are depressants. Music and friends are spirit boosters. Pick your poison.

4. When you feel extremely depressed and discouraged, remember that there will always be someone who's ten times worse off than you. Life still goes on for them, so why not you?

5. Courage is not a lack of fear. It is the act of facing up to your problems even in the presence of fear. Be positive about yourself - what do you have to lose anyway?

I can probably go on and on to create an ala David Letterman's Top 10s. But you probably got the gist. Life is short - so work smart, play hard and count your blessings more than your misfortunes. You will soon discover more reasons to smile...


Herbie said...

Brighten evryone's world with your smile - told you I am looking into a mirror? I like what I see.. Smile little lady..

Bee said...

thanks for the reminder, rena...

ya... we should smile at our 'storm', 'cos Jesus loves us.


Jade Falcon Elite said...

Err... who is this Herbie? keke.... Herbie Overloaded the wacky beetle car? or Herbie as in Herbivorous?? heheh.... cute.

Hedonist said...

well said ~