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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Thank You For The Music

Music is a great healer. Not only is it hailed as a universal language (next to sex), it is an amazing antidote to many life's challenges.

When I wanna express how much my girl friends mean to me, Michael W Smith serenaded me with an apt rendition of Friends.

The day my ex walked away from my life, I cried to the beautiful sounds of Expose - I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me.

When the going gets rough, I was comforted by Hacken Lee's upbeat Canto pop Red Sun.

My pent-up angst and frustration was released as I screamed through Linkin' Park's In The End.

I Will Survive brought me out of days filled with frustration and agony.

And no matter what happens, Over The Rainbow will always calm my edgy soul.

There is always a song for any chapter in my life. The good times and the bad ones. Music has been an integral part of who I am - because it speaks volumes of feelings that I cannot otherwise express, and tales which I can never tell anyone.

Music describes my emotions, my moods, my sufferings, my joys and whatever I was going through at a point in time. I feel moved, understood, loved and comforted - and a mixed bag of other feelings all at the same time, and words cannot describe how music has healed me over the years when I was struggling, grappling and gasping - for a less painful life.

All I can say is - Thank you for the music.


Herbie said...

I dun have many CDs. I dun even touch the knob but I live my life with music.

Every moment I hear music filling the air around me as though there are the angelic deejays, complementing my mood and atmosphere.

When I stream down the highway in the night, music flows freely into both my left & right satelite dishes in harmony.

When I get called into the boardroom, the symphony starts and orchestrate itself to the rythm of my pounding heart - when is Jason appearing with his axe?

When there is absolute silence, it is music by itself - the Sound of Silence.

Sitting by the orange glow beside my bed, tugged by the warmth of 4 furry babies - I write the 1st comment on the 1st blog I have ever read from a lady who captivates my attention. Is there music?

Sure - the strings of the violins vibrates, molecules in the air excites to the clear crisp vocals of Hacken.. Fei Fa, Flying Flower.. Wish I can sing for you now... right here... where are you?

Bee said...

What else can i say, Reena? U r always writing something that's in my heart.

My all time favourite which can lift me up from the 'valley' is none other than,
"How Great Thou Art"
http://www.kilgorenazarene.com/HowGreatThouArt.html (lyric)

http://www.abelspiano.com/CuanGrande.mp3 (piano sample)

Jade Falcon Elite said...

Dear Rena aka Elvina,
since u like music so much, can u pls host a music piece on your blog??? Lets listen to some of your taste? keke.... I like your match making events. Sounds cool.

get Herbie and Busy Bee there too!! hehhe.....