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Monday, April 21, 2008

ladies & gentlemen, this is my song

Artwork by ~Blinnie

I was surfing the world wide web when I came across this guy named Jerry Herman who wrote a song called "I Am What I Am".


His lyrics are pretty apt - and maybe I am bias, but it does speaks of how I feel and how I view my life. Unfortunately I do not know how it sounds like, and some parts seem a bit gay. But what the heck. Enjoy.


I am what I am, I am my own special creation
So come take a look, give me the hook or the ovation
It's my world that I want to have a little pride in
My world and it's not a place I have to hide in
Life's not worth a damn 'til you can say, hey world
I am what I am

I am what I am, I don't want praise I don't want pity
I bang my own drum, some think it's noise I think it's pretty
And so what if I love each feather and each spangle
Why not try to see things from a different angle
Your life is a sham 'til you can shout out loud
I am what I am

I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses
I deal my own deck sometimes the ace, sometimes the deuces
There's one life and there's no return and no deposit
One life so it's time to open up your closet
Life's not worth a damn 'til you can say, hey world
I am what I am


Pip said...


how did you ever find me??? replied u on my blog. u r good! i still love ur writings..i rem thinking why did you stop for some time.

cheers and oh, dont link me ya (not that i am assuming u are...or am i?)
much cheers!

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Haha... I track my favourite bloggers too dearie. and oops/1 i did link you...should i take it off?

Richard said...

I go a step further than you, when people ask me who I am, I reply, "I am me" - except when I was despondent, then I wasn't sure who I was, but I am back to being myself these days.

You're a wicked man.
You have no values.
Different values!
You won't be helped.
You want to spoil things.
I won't be a goldfish in a bowl!

- The Prisoner, Dance of the Dead

Cavalock said...

Watching the Wheels by John Lennon. ;)

Pip said...
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Pip said...

haha i am so flattered that i am one of the "favorites" lol. really! yea, can remove my link pls?? cheers!!! much regards!

Tan Kok Seng said...

Nice. I can almost hear the words being sung.

Bored Dad said...

Hi Elvina,

Long time never write any comment in your blog, but rest assured that I do drop by every now and then. But to be safe, thought of just a drop a short note to say 'Hi'.

Hope all is well for you.


WriteClique said...
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