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Friday, April 11, 2008

my soccer jersey

I must be really bored. I don't even watch the World Cup. The only thing I know about soccer is David Beckham, Michael Owen and Pele. So why the hell do I need a jersey?

But I love the number 33 and I thought it would look really cool on a soccer jersey.

Customized Soccer Jersey - ImageChef.com

Actually, what really got me all "excited" about this little boys' game was that I've been tasked to organise an inter-bank soccer tournament in May. The thought of 10 sweating men grunting and shoving each other on the field, trying to cajole a little black & white ball between the hairy legs of another grown man into a gaping net - is quite arresting indeed.

So with that powerful image in my mind, I went about my day selecting trophies that will embellish their win, and reaffirm their mastery of The Ball & The Net.

Then I tried to redesign the jersery, spending a brainless afternoon moving the tournament logo all over the shirt and trying to decide on the one perfect spot where it would look great, and not just "good". Yes, I am THAT anal.

With that out of the way, I decided to take a break from all that testosterone stuff and design my own cute jersery. Which leads us to the beginning of this blog entry.

I must be really bored.


Richard said...

But is that a real jersey or just a virtual one?

You can get software to make 3D boxes and books.

Sorry, but sweaty men don't do anything for me (except maybe wish they would stand further away and, preferably, shower).

You can see some soccer pics of my kids here.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Hahah...yeh. I am so going to stand very far away from those sweaty men that day. Wish they will refrain from hugging me after their win. HAHA....

I have seen the pics! How cute...little boys running around in their mini jerseys! :P