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Monday, April 03, 2006

Delayed Blogcast From LA!

Yes yes! I know I promised to do a mini-blog on my LA exploits, but I had problems with the hotel's wireless access the last couple of days, so do pardon my tardy updates.

Since all of you are 'dying' to hear from me, I shall tarry no more and get on with my escapades in LA.....


Reached LAX airport feelin' ultra-zombied. Haven't slept a wink during the 16-hour flight. Guess I wasn't really used to long hauls.

Watched the movie adaptations of Rent The Musical and The Producers on KrisWorld. Rent is achingly fantastic. Now I regret not watching the actual musical. Arrgh.

Cabby Pick Up #1

Took a shared van ride to my hotel with a few other girls and a Chinese couple. Thought it would be cheaper than the cab. I was the last one to drop off, so the driver started chatting with me and recommending places that I should visit whilst I am here.

Somehow the conversation steered towards his family. He revealed that he is a divorcee now and his kids are staying with his wife. In an attempt to lighten the mood, he exclaimed with a bright smile,"And now I am single!"

I "congratulated" (condolences wasn't really apt then) him while he went on about the fun things to do in LA. When we were nearing the hotel, he asked if I there was anyone to send me around during my stay here. Before I could answer, he offered to be my driver if I needed transport. Apparently he owned the vehicle so he's basically his own boss and could take time off anytime he wants to.

I "enthusiastically" accepted his name card and told him I would call him should I need a ride. Of course - I'd conveniently forget about it right after I've checked in.

It's not because he was fat, balding, "divorced-and-pretending-to-be-happily-single" that freaked me out. It was really his offer of sending me around - FREE of charge. We all know that there's no such thing as a free lunch and well, I just ain't gonna put myself at risk in exchange for free taxi rides to Disneyland.

Walked along the neighbourhood hunting for dinner 'cos I was starving. Found a nice li'l sushi place and had a quick dinner - before running back to my hotel in the pouring rain.

Bummer. I crashed immediately after a nice warm bath.

Weather: Cold, rainy, windy.


The morning smells wonderful. Is it because there are less traffic, less pollution and hardly any smokers around? It's so cold out there, but yet, I don't see that many cancer stick puffers. Strange....but real cool. :)

I simply luuuurrrrvveee the cool weather. It's like walking in air-conditioned streets.

I hopped onto a cab and headed towards 3rd Street Promenade at Santa Monica. What a quaint little street! It is framed by a small canopy of trees and bricked tiles, and the sides are lined with cafes and restuarants, and some of fashion's best names in their standalone mini-boutiques: Levi's, Nike, Urban Outfitters, Timberland, Banana Republic, AX, Abercrombie & Fitch, just to name a few.

I Was A Street Artist!

I stopped in my tracks as a street artist was about to perform his next act. I took out my camera and was trying to frame the best angle I could find, when to my horror, I saw him walking towards me from my LCD screen. He asked for my name and despite my attempt to put on that terror-stricken look, he continued to pull me towards the area right in the middle of the crowd!

"Everyone, let's give Elvina a warm welcome! She is now going to help me in my next performance. Elvina, you wouldn't need this anymore (he took my camera). I am going to give this to my dad and this (he took my bag) - is for my mom."

To be honest, I was feeling more tired than thrilled. I only wanted to shop before scampering off to the Kids' Choice Awards at 3.30pm. But seeing how hard he was working to entertain the audience, I played along. He started spinning balls into this axis that was resting on my head, as well as onto that little stick that he made me hold up in my left hand.

It was bloody heavy to hold 4 spinning balls ok?! I almost wanted to let them all go, but then the idea of a concussion wasn't really appealing, so I held on.

We earned the applause of an appreciative crowd, but he really got more out of it. Most of them dropped a dollar into the white bucket that he passed around after the gig. I should have just asked him for my commission. (So Singaporean right??!!!)

I was so hungry after that workout, so I dropped by Seattle Coffee for a little snack. It was my lunch actually - tomato and cheese sandwich. This li'l piggie woke up too late and missed breakfast completely. :P

And did I forget to mention that it's uber sassy to sit by the sidewalk cafe with a book in one hand, warm cup of tea in the other, great music flowing into my ears from my sleek ipod nano - and watch the beautiful people whiz by? Life is good.

Cabby Pick Up #2

On my way back to the hotel, my cab driver - this time a much younger Russian - enthusiastically introduced the various shopping malls I should visit. He pointed out the various landscapes to me and explained their histories and heritage in his smattering of broken English. In between the audio guide, he would slip in a comment about Russian men having a preference for Asian women even though women in Russia are reputedly extremely beautiful, or at least according to him. Asian women are smaller in size, and have lovelier characters, he claimed.

That's a hint, no?

I smiled and nodded politely. He said 'it is not everday you meet a beautiful Asian girl like yourself, ya know?', and I said 'thank you very much.'

Then he did the "call-me-if-you-need-a-ride-I'm-available-anytime" trick, and this time, I am all da wiser. I claimed I have friends in LA who will keep me VERY busy the whole time I'm here. I think he got the hint.

The key highlight of the day was really the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. But that definitely warrants an entry by itself, so I think I will stop here for now. Will regale you of the stars that I have spotted during this awards show over the next few days....so keep your eyes peeled on this blogcast.

Meanwhile, be good and await my return. Sleep, I must, and till then, may my words be with you.

Weather: Cool & Chilly


serendipity said...

nice pictures!

haha....those ang mohs are really what we call the

but glad you had great fun!

and oh yeah... sitting in a cafe by the street sipping coffee while reading a book IN LOS ANGELES IS sassy. Very very sassy.


Jade Falcon Elite said...

Did u happen to take down their addresses and names? Can hire a hit man to take them out. Hehehe......

Nice pictures! It does look rather cool, chilly and atmospheric. Glad u r having fun. Me lonely la.......

Pls eat better. Sandwich and a drink hardly constitutes a LUNCH. U really dun need to diet.

By the way, the Balls look good on you!


DelorumRex said...

too bad it is chilly.. here I was hoping for a topless beach pic or two.. my luck!> :(

Richard said...

Sounds like you are having a good time.

Wish the picture of you balancing the globes was bigger (but you look happy anyway … wheee!)

Agree with JFE that you should eat sensibly.

Hmmm … cabbies never hit on me :-(

Mickell said...

Ha, ha, ha... :D Cabbies never hit on me either. Guess we don't have gay cabbies around ;p

Mini_viv said...

haha..delayed blogcast is better than never. Poor chick..those giant globes looks heavy on ya but it adds on more attention to Mini Elv. That's one trick you can do when you do busk along orchard rd one day.
did those ang mohs give you the "huh" look when you mentioned you are from Singapore?Perhaps Singapore is like a mole to them.:P
Glad you enjoy yourself and SAFE of coz!that is more important..:P
Please get me nice FOC postcards from the cafes..

P/S: Do try the "crisy cream"(donuts), not sure if LA has the shop..but heard it's damn nice la..:P

Sassy Lady said...

Glad to know u had a safe journey and great fun whilst there...

Delayed blogcast is better then no blogcast...hee

Cant wait for you to continue the story and see more pics...

Dont keep us waiting for too long...wat say u ppl?

NJS said...

Sounds like you having a terrific time out there...

Guess your readers all are envious of the fun you having...

Look forward to further updates! ;-)

pet fanatic said...

Oh jolly jolly good....

I think I caught a glimps of you in the crowd at the Kids choice awards on Entertainment Tonight...

As well when the telecast it on the kids channel.

Soooo... lucky.... hee hee

Zhe Bin said...

Haha. So was it fun or not? I was thinking if only accepting their offers could be risk-free. Then you could have a rendezvous in LA. Wah. Maciam Weekend In Paris like that. Damn cool. But of cos, where got free lunch one. Heh.