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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Goin' Hollywood!

Yes! I'm going to Hollywood!

I get tingles in my spine just thinking about it. I have never been to the States, much less the movie capital of the world.

A significant part of my job is to identify world-class entertainment events that we can bring in to Singapore. If we manage to lure global entertainment companies to invest and anchor top-rated events in Singapore, we could very well be on our way to become the Entertainment Capital of Asia.

This vision is exactly what is taking me to Los Angeles, California on March 31. I will be attending the 19th Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards - which is all about Kids Power! The Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards - oft-dubbed the "mini-Oscars" - will take place on April 1 @ the UCLA's Pauley Pavilion. It is the only awards show where the tots honor their favorites from the worlds of film, music, sports and television in a star-packed, messy, noisy, slime-filled live telecast from the heart of Hollywood.

I have been told that this is probably the BIGGEST kids' show in the U.S. Some of the celebrities who have appeared on the show include:

- Brad Pitt
- Michelle Pfeiffer
- Tom Cruise
- Will Smith
- Jim Carrey
- Cameron Diaz
- Mel Gibson
- Robert DeNiro
- Madonna
- Eddie Murphy
- Drew Barrymore
- Britney Spears
- Adam Sandler
- Mike Meyers,
- Cindy Crawford
- Shaquille O'Neal
- Aerosmith
- .....and the list goes on and on and on....

Besides star-gazing and droolin', I would be checking out some of LA's best attractions such as Disneyland, Universal Studios and Six Flags - which are supposedly actually quite near my hotel. Although I highly doubt I can even complete one attraction within a day.

I am also tasked to do a market check on the nightlife scene at Sunset Strip, the shopping havens at the Hollywood Entertainment District, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive and of course some touristy stuff like the Marvel Comics Exhibition which is happening in LA right now.

You can prepare yourself for some really awesome photos when I am back next week. Hmm...I might even try to blog a mini travelogue every day - just to let you guys in on what I've been up to. How about that - a delayed "live" blogcast straight from Hollywood!

Stay tuned. :)

This is Elvina from Channel Solace, LA, California.


M!mOsA said...

Hey Hey..finally ur chance to go overseas.. Hollywood somemore... a chance to star-gaze n chase... enjoy urself there!! More photos please!=)

Mel said...

hey, that's cool. Know how u feel, i was on an assignment in Cannes years ago. Saw lots of stars too. Someone once said to me "don't worry, they eat n shit just like u do"! don't forget to enjoy yrelf too, its not all work (i guess u have to write a report when u get back though), u deserve the break.

Damn! Marvel Comics Exhibit huh? Now I'm really jealous...

Take it easy.

Mel aka Cavalock

pet fanatic said...

Whoa...MAn... you're one lucky lady.

as buzz lighyear says,"TO infinity and Beyond"

just mind-blowing.....

juz_A_ga| said...

wah kaoz!
you incredibly lucky girl!!!
I ALSO WANNA GO!!! Pack me into ur suitcase and drag me along too!!! hahahaha! enjoy ur trip to the max ya?

people like me (admin) probably will never get a chance to travel for work.. even to KL also cannot. so must treasure each trip k? lucky lucky you!!!

brennan said...

bo jio...

Ole' Wolvie said...

Simply incredible.

Getting paid to get entertained is... (Well, some flops might be not worth the pay though ^^)

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Thanks all. I am really looking forward.

Brennan: Whatever happened to your wordpress blog? Wanna credit you on my earlier post - but I got an error link. :(

Prince Romp said...

Did you say Hollywood?

Even a guy like me do feel envy of you..haha

Okay post more awesome photos then..

Erm.. among all the celeb's list..
whre's Keanu Reeves...?

btw...any chance to see you off at the airport?

Mini_viv said...

Yey..congrats Lao niang*throw confettis* Finally you can make up to your "Almost got to Miami Fashion show but kena rejected by the (who)" last year's dream.
It will be definately a mind blowing experience coz i bet you can catch more than 10 movies on flight. You soon know what's "jet lag" on the day you arrive there. Can start your Mini-Elv's blog too..hehe..you know what i mean..
Yes this morn i told you to "sweep" the Levis jeans off the shelves if you can..:P You sure be thrilled to see that only size 0 - 2 fits you which the ang mohs can't..:P
You should extend your trip!!!
oh and please don't get me lighter hor coz this item is banned on flight..damn..
My suggestion is to just head for one tourist attraction and shop for the rest of the day..hehe..
Enjoy ur mini adventure!

jerry said...

hey:) all i can say is Wow!
have fun on the trip!

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Haha thank viv for the tips! Will definitely give everyone a blow by blow account of my trip and yes, blogging in mid-air does seem like a great idea.

i put on weight already u know - so many have to wear size 10 jeans liao....hehehe

Thanks for all the well-wishes. Don't need to see me off or whatever. I will be back before you can say "Elvina I miss you!" :P

Richard said...

Have fun!

ser said...

wow i'm so happy for you!!!! not to mention a chance to go overseas, but to actually be a guest for such a spectacular event!!!

remember to bring back lots and lots of PHOTOS!!!

serendipity said...

oh, and send my regards to BRAD PITT and ermmm.... Tom Cruise too?


Teck Guan said...

Waliao... I almost cannot get here (cos you seal up your blog in your profile) and now I am here and you going.

Hollywood. Juicy. Remember please to bring back some pics. Brad Pitt photos take lesser, Angelina's photos take more. :D

OK, all the best to your trip. If you have extra ticket, please consider giving me one... :D


Jade Falcon Elite said...

I am gonna miss you......

the virgin undergrad said...

wah! California!
'We've been on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for #1
California here we come '

man, i is no $$ to go anywhere, so PLEASE take lotsa photos and let me live through the trip vicariously through you!!

Booker said...

Please go to Marvel Comics Exhibition and take pictures for poor old me. Please?

And man, do I envy you or what! =D

luvphobia said...

Lucky lucky!

darn. The furthest my company ask me to go is to Tuas (insert ulu machiam streetname here) to collect stuff!

H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D!! Envious leh.

Do justice and take loads and loads and loads of pictures!!!

Mickell said...

Cool! :D I went there way back in 1991 ;p Do try out the roller-coaster rides at Six Flags and let us know what it is like :) Don't forget the photos too :)

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Hahah you guys are too funny! You seem to be more excited than me!!!!

Roller coasters - After watching Final Destination 3....wow...let's just say I have turned soft.

Will definitely try to go for the marvel comics exhibition. sounds interesting.

Pray for mah safety yeh? Take care - and stay tune. You may just hear from me all the way from LA!

Miss ya all toooooooo!

Sassy Lady said...

Safe Journey to and forth...have lotsa lotsa fun gerll...

And dont forget to be Pretty Woman once you're at Rodeo Drive...

p/s ermm..any chance of getting a souvenir...hee..kidding...Bon Voyage

Prince Romp said...

Whoaaa...its less than 24 hrs for your long excited flight...

Hope you have a pleasant and happy journey...

ermm..wonder if i too can get my b'day present right from Hollywood..

Bon Voyage my friend.

Azxel said...

Was wondering if I could be smuggled into one of your luggages? I so want to go for an overseas trip...

Tamms said...

hey... that is so cool! envious envious... ^_^

Anonymous said...

Wow.... what a cool job! I'm so envious of your work!

BTW my blog's been made private, so please relink - http://celsworld.blogspot.com

Thanks and have fun in the States!

Prince Romp said...

Are you there yet?

Teck Guan said...

Don't forget the photos...!!!

Not back yet meh???