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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Please - Don't Try This At Work

This blog is rated [PG] - Parental Guidance required

For some unknown reasons, I feel a sense of national obligation to conduct a sex education tutorial online. Though I know some of you are probably Masters of Copulation, it probably wouldn't hurt to go through the basics again, for old times' sake.

For a fully-animated, mini-sex education syllabus, tap your mouse HERE and click on the avatar on the left side bar. A modern online karma sutra guide - each of the 21 styles/positions come with mind-boggling names such as "The Persuading of The Debtor", "The Squashing of The Deck Chair" and "The Playing of The Cello".

The avatars in fornication, though they look quite static, are hopelessly funny when you turn up the sound effects.

Having said that, unless you are dying to declare your insatiable and fervent sexual appetite, it would be wise to check your surroundings before you do so. Especially more so if your boss is single, lonely and horny.
Source: Mal at www.welcometowallyworld.com

"I don't know the question, but sex is definitely the answer." ~ Woody Allen


Prince Romp said...

Hi elvina a.k.a sifu..

Since now you're sex education tutorial teacher online...So i must salute you gal.

But i dont want to be the first to give comment abt this..

So i should wait for others..
Anyway...R u one of the single, lonely boss? hee

Anonymous said...

This is not like you, really. Or I may not know you well enough from what I see in your typical writings.

Aristocrat said...

If my boss is horny & lonely, I think I'll turn up the sound effects hahaa. And thanks for voting!

Sassy Lady said...


Definitely not rated (PG) but has already fallen into category RA..hehe

Rose DesRochers said...

Definitely need to kick the children out of the room to view that.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Prince Romp: Nope Nope. Sorry to dash your birthday hopes!

Aristocrat: MEN!!!! You guys just wanna bed anything that moves! haha

Sassy Momma: Yup I realise that. But I thought Hard Core Porn would be R(A), so I decided that this animated couple should be demoted to [PG].

Rose: Indeed! Unless of course you would want them to get a head start on the birds and the bees. :)

rukawa said...

Did someone just had a lousy lay? Why the sudden urge to educate?

Anonymous said...

haha... totally agree. think someone here had a bad lay and is subtly trying to educate the other half

welcome to wallyworld said...

Babe...if you're gonna take my content I'd appreciate a mention. Mal at www.welcometowallyworld.com

JianXiu1978 said...

hmmmm...... it's not everyday to see a female sex-education teacher. Mind if I introduce a friend to you ? lolz