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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bill Gates Was My Father. [If].

For one, I would be typing this entry using MS Windows, though I personally feel Steve Jobs would have a better eye for design for both software and hardware.

Being one of the world's richest man daughter ain't easy. I'd have to mingle with the upper crust society and put up with the bimbotic likes of Paris Hilton and her herd. I guess most people expect women who are born disgustingly rich to possess little intellect. Not only is it expected, it's probably forgivable and understandable.

Somehow I cannot help but wonder - if I was Bill Gates daughter, how different would my life be? How different would I be?

Assuming I am still what I am, then being Elvina Gates will unleash all the person I will ever become. I'd pursue my education in Havard with undying tenacity and with my burning desire to achieve, I'd make sure that I emerge as one of the best scholars to ever step out of that school. That will show those snooty socialites and aristocrats how shallow and inane they really are.

My day would probably start with a sumptuous American breakfast spread, served on a silver platter on my bed. That for one, I would definitely indulge. Food is one of God's greatest gift to men, and I ain't gonna fight that. Starting off the day with a good meal is essential for what I am going to do next.

Armed with the knowledge I have amassed through education, and my devious efforts to mingle and network with the top guns in Dad's company. I would quickly learn the ropes of the business and find out how Dad, looking the way he is, PLUS being a hopeless dropout, could achieve world dominion. That has honestly eluded me for the longest time. But I guess his life played out exactly like Donald Trump's The Apprentice - where the streetsmarts will always outdo the booksmarts.

Speaking of Donald, he is my mentor. Being a prominent figure's daughter has its perks. Everyone wants to or claims to know you. Not that Donald's like that, but all his businesses under the Trump organization have definitely benefited tremendously from Dad's support. Microsoft has become as precious as the air we breathe. Uncle Trump once jokingly took a jab at Dad and told him that Microsoft is just like a woman - you can't live with it, but you can't live without it either.

Dad told Donald it's time he gets a whiff of fresh air and offered me as an apprentice for Uncle Trump. Being the defiant me, I wasn't the least bit intimidated. I wasn't totally in awe because my Dad has already proven the impossible. I was more excited about having the opportunity to learn how Donald works. I mean though I would ultimately love to take over the reins in Microsoft, getting into the clockworks of a Trump organization is no small feat.

After making my rounds through Donald's various businesses as an intern, I'd start inching into MS, and unassumingly work my way up. I have always believed if one did not start from the bottom, they would never be able to understand how the people at the lower rungs of the corporate ladder really feel. It will always be all too easy for management to say they emphatize, but then you realize they actually have no clue of the REAL problems and will try to sweep them underneath the plush carpets. Most top management are inflicted with the Ostrich Syndrome. If you cannot see the issues, they probably don't exist.

Somehow reading those anti-Bill Gates weblogs on the internet, I cannot help but suspect that Dad could be inflicted with this disease as well. Well, at least I know things can still change. Bill Gates ain't an immortal and he would have to report back to God's camp in heaven eventually. Hopefully by then, Elvina Gates will be the one to make history.

For one, I would abolish the monopoly concept that Dad held so dear to his legacy. It should be a free market, and bullying our way through the industry ain't gonna bring us very far. Steve Jobs is an inspiration. He created a dream that wasn't as successful as Dad's, and at one point even tethered at the brink of bankruptcy. But he held on and revive that dream - and with his keen intuition for marketing and design, Apple got a new lease of life.

If I ever have the chance, the first thing I would do is to jump on the bandwagon with Steve and work WITH him instead of AGAINST him. The best business mantra is not to invest our precious resources fighting each other, but to combine them and create a computer dynasty that is practically unrivalled anywhere else in the world! If Gates and Jobs can work together to create more innovative and groundbreaking ideas, software and operating systems that are compatible to each other's products, the end achievements would be outstanding.

It's a win-win situation and everyone from both companies will only stand to benefit and reap the rewards. I believe in the new era of business, collaboration, not competition, is the way to go.

Well there, I can almost see myself gracing the covers of Time (just like Dad did), Newsweek, Cosmopolitian, Tatler and all other world glossy-cover publications as one of the millennium's most accomplished woman. That whiff of fresh air that everyone is craving and lusting for after years of Microsoft's tyrannical epoch.

Hold on to your seats people, and brace yourself soon for a mind-blowing revolution in the world of Microsoft.


Azxel said...

wow... what have you been smoking? Can I have some?

You do know that the new Intel Macs now run both Mac OSX and Windows XP, right?

Btw, Microsoft Office Mac looks better than Microsfot Office Windows. How weird is that...

Richard said...

I think daddy Gates is going to disinherit you.

Some lost blogs residual?

At least it is probably better than being Woody Allen's daughter and wife.

Aristocrat said...

Somehow that 'if' already disproves all that you have been saying above since from that 'if' viewpoint, one would hazard you thinking from Elvina *insert surname here*'s shoes.

When you are already Elvina Gates, one does not dare to assume that all your noble thoughts will remain the same.

Thinking of Gates pairing up with Steve is perhaps akin to Lee pairing up with Jeyaretnam. A fantasy.. :)

Merv Kwok said...

does anyone remember how Microsoft bailed out Apple when it was teetering on bankruptcy and also influenced Steve Job's return as CEO to Apple? Nope? haha

if there was an elvina gates, i'd probably be too intimidated to read this blog. so i'm glad elvina isn't a gates lol

eustace said...

Interesting idea.

You DO look like Bill Gates (in that TIMES magainze cover).

Nameless said...

Wakey wakey Elvina. Wanna be rich can go buy Toto haha!

Seriously, will Bill Gates' daughter be a happy gal? I doubt so

Jay "Blue Screen Of Death" Walk said...

If you are a Gates, then I will be visualisng this:

You lost your car keys and you are damn sure it's in your desk drawer.

You looked for it in the drawer but it's not there.

You closed the drawer for a while and open it a second time to look for it.

After the fruitless second attempt, you ask daddy Bill for help.

His reply, "Why don't you close the drawer one more time and reopening it again?"

Mickell said...

Very well-written :) If only these 2 giants can merge someday despite their differences. Hope springs eternal :)

palahniuk said...

wow, love that old times cover of bill gates in his nerd era.. haha, talk about nerds making it big..

rainbow7j said...

The latest MAC Hardware are from those Intel Boys, no longer Power PC from IBM. It does and it can run Mac OS and Windows parallel on it x86 Intel core, un-officially, ahem. :)

Time to get a MAC !

KuraKat said...

I am impressed, Miss Gates. =)

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Hi all!
Thanks for some of your very interesting comments!

No Richard, this is not some lost blogs residual. It was something I have always wanted to blog about - and I happened to have the inspiration that day. :P

Woody Allen's wife and daughter? ARggh.... I rather kill myself.

Not planning to get rich or anything. Just living out a fantasy online cos it would never happen in reality.

And eustace, what do u mean I look like Bill Gates on the cover!!! hahahah..I am no NERD ok?

Jaywalk: Your analogy has just whizzed past my head. Maybe I am just dumb.

Merv: Thanks for the trivia! I really didn't know - not that I don't remember. There's a difference! :)

Aristocrat: I guess you never know what I will be...so let's just assume I am still as noble as I am now shall we? :D