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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Tribute ~ Hotel Solace

Cast off the old, the new has come
The past should stay right where they are
The new year brings, a new beginning
Pack your bags and follow the stars

Forgive all debts
Release all pain
It's time to face the world again

Grief no more for time waits not
Many promises lay abound
Let go in peace, leave it to God
2006 is here and now

Love yourself first
And begrudge no one
Your new life has only just begun

So my friends, take a deep breath
A brand new start, let's all embrace
Believe that life will be awesome and great
And so will be, this Hotel Solace.

Happy New Year, my esteemed guests of Hotel Solace.
May the blog be with you.


luvphobia said...

A Happy New Year to you too! =]

Dave said...

Happy New Year! May it be an eventful and happy year for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Elvina!!! May God renew His love n mercy upon all! Have a blessed 2006!!

-G =)

busybee said...

May u have a brand new start. :)

absolutjoiz said...

happy new year! and we look forward to some more good reads in Hotel Solace.

Runaway said...

after so much emotional upheavals & heartaches ... personally i only hope there are less this year. cheers the poem was beautifully written :)

Anonymous said...

may we all have a very happy 2006! cheers! ~ angel

paranoid said...

happy new year!

Richard said...

Elvina wrote: " ... time waits not"

That is true. It is the thing that keeps haunting? (annoying?) me. As I grow older, I feel I have less and less time and the time I do have slips away even faster.

More than any other recent year, I feel 2006 will be an interesting year. Yep, "feel", no facts, no proofs, just some inner sensation that this will shape up to be an interesting year for me. There is an all pervading sense that something is going to change - but I am not sure I am going to be receptive to that change.

Take care and have a great year!

Anthony said...

HAppy New Year!

palahniuk said...

did u draw that cartoon? hehe, it reminded me of that bobbing heads thingy in a clear box they sell in like those action city stores? :)

wish u a gd year ahead too!

Aristocrat said...

May the Year be kind and bountiful to you my dear Elvina. May we find our paths less taken :)

A very wonderful New Year to you!

mel said...

God bless you and happy new year! Finally back with an Internet connection after almost an entire week without one…

Mickell said...

Amen. Let us not look back at the old sins which God had forgiven and forgotten :)

KuraKat said...

Let us not look back.

Setting our eyes on what is b4 us, let's continue to press into the unknown, to try new things and to accomplish things we have never thought possible.

For a better tomorrow. Thanx for the commnts u left on my blog. Hope that 2006 will be the best year for you yet.


Zhe Bin said...

"Pack your bags and follow the stars"

I particularly like this one.

Kwai Lan Kia said...

Happy new year la elvina. Confirm I like the part about the stars also. I also wan to follow my stars leh but na beh they are not shining leh.

I join your yahoo group liao but they ask me to give my full name or else kena kick out after 3 days!!! KNNBCCB!!!

So I a bit scared and back out like bloody coward liddat.


Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Kwai Lan Kia - haha.. don worry. just join la. that was just my mafia talk. laoniang ma. must show some color.

Thanks to all my blog friends too for reading this and your lovely comments and I hope all of you will have a wonderful 2006!

SINPREE said...

Happy new year ^^ It's to bad we haven't had the chance to chat. time zone difference is pretty big ^^;; Soon though!

SugarBoyfriend said...

A wonderfully written poem once again.... may 2006 bring true happiness to the blog princess...

Life is beautiful said...

Happy New Year to you. May this year be filled with many more of your blog entries. They make excellent reading.

On a more personal note, may this year be many times better than the previous one for you. =)

Jade Falcon Elite said...

Happy New Year Dear!

I say to you, this year will be the greatest year you have ever had since the day you were born.

Happy Birthday! Have a great party, enjoy ur fun and drink all you want! I have ordered On-Demand Drivers to ferry you.

Many Happy Returns Of The Day!

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

SinPree: Soon? You coming down to Singapore any time soon? :)

SugarBF: What a long hiatus you have taken. Thanks for the comment. The Blog Princess Rules forever! Have a smashing and "fishy" new year. haha

Kelly babe: Oh thank you thank you. You have also MIA for a long long time. Glad you still find my blog interesting. Was worried there for a second if I had actually bored you to death. Happy New Year to you too and may all your wishes be fulfilled this 2006! :P

JFE: You are the FIRST to wish me on my BIRTHDAY! But erm - a bit too soon isn't it? cannot wait for me to turn 30????? :P

But thanks for all your well wishese. Pls book On Demand male strippers too... that will really make my day.

If you wanna volunteer, I will also be berry happy haha!

Yes, this year is indeed a GOOOD year! :)

RC said...

happy New Year too(I'm a bit late right) - but the picture in this post made me really smile :))