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Friday, January 20, 2006

Wanna Be Her Valentine? - Part 2

The Love Faerie is BACK......

Miss Valentine #1, as expected, sent hearts into a state of flurry and male hormones scuttering busily all over the world wide web. Her mailbox was filled with proclamations and declarations of interest (not 'love' yet) from enamoured suitors, bedazzled by her sweet smile and pleasant disposition. Of course, my flawless description of her added that final magical touch to her already beautiful soul.

Has she got a Valentine's Date yet? Well - only Cheryll Ms Charming Sweetie Pie knows the answer. I shall leave her to update you guys on her "Singapore Valentine's" finalists.

Oh - I have this extremely funny tidbit that I absolutely must share. Gotham Penthouse actually dropped me a note to offer a free bottle of wine to the man who gets the date with Cheryll! My post actually nabbed her a sponsor! Hahaha... They offered to host the couple at their club and has cheekily gone ahead to chill the wine - awaiting for the V-Day.

Love is in the air, isn't it? Without much further ado, here's the Love Faerie with Miss Valentine #2 - Michelle!

Let me see - how shall I describe Michelle?

She's a hot babe, a sexy chick, a sassy lass, an adorable girl with a surprisingly innocent and girlish charm about her. Despite her happy-go-lucky disposition, she is really a very sensitive soul. She surprises you with what she knows sometimes, and shocks you with what she doesn't.

At first glance, Michelle looks like a fair princess with her porcelain-like complexion - but hold your horses - she's no Paris Hilton. She plays the guitar, the keyboard, the drums and wields a Grade 8 cert in piano.

My rantings on this blog suddenly seemed muted in comparison. How can anyone who looks so good have so many talents? Life is so unfair.........!

Whereas Cheryll's saccharine nature makes me seem like a two-horned, fork tail she-devil (in fishnet stockings and ultra-mini black leather shorts!), Michelle brings out the BIG sister in me. I tend to spend more time playing Aunt Agony, and making sure she is not being bullied by some disgusting predators lurking precariously around her. She beams like the Miami sun when she is being showered a lot of attention, tender loving care, and of course, compliments.

But then again, which girl doesn't? We are all suckers for romance.

As I have proudly proclaimed, I am flanked by a bevy of girlfriends who are single, pretty and whom I dearly adore. Michelle happens to be one of them. In one of our gossipy exchanges, she reveals what she is looking for in a guy:
  • At least 1.7m tall
  • Well-spoken
  • Well-groomed
  • Witty
  • Humourous
  • Good fashion sense
  • Sporty
  • Good looking

Once again, I must emphasize that I do have her blessings to post this online so don't shoot me for it. My friends are a shy bunch - and it's not in their nature be extremely explicit with their feelings, actions and words and hence, they are often misunderstood for being cold, proud, unfriendly and distant.

Guess you have to know them better before you judge right?

If you like what you've read, drop her a note (with your pic please...) at mich-pam@mail.com.

As they always say, it's only an introduction. The rest is up to you baby.

"It's not the men in my life that count -- it's the life in my men."
- Mae West (1892-1980)


luvphobia said...

Now you know why you're such a bad influence to my unsound mind?

Quit tempting us with those lovely ladies!! You're making the boys leave their moms, men go ga-ga and married men weep!

Yea, love could be in the air~ just taking it slow for my part. =]

mel said...

hah...if u don't mind me saying, i thnk V2 is prettier than V1...

"She surprises you with what she knows sometimes, and shocks you with what she doesn't."

that's ...er...rather interesting.

J said...

you can actually write so well in 2 different style in 2 diff post promoting 2 diff person! It seems like marketing is really in your blood. Well written pieces :)

GhOsT said...


Playing Cupid again?

Good luck!!!

Ps: when will it be your turn?

Kudious said...

another valentines.. hehe

this gal look nice too.. =)

absolutjoiz said...

you sound more and more like a 媒婆 now.

can u post myself here too? *giggle*

Kwai Lan Kia said...

"... and making sure she is not being bullied by some disgusting predators lurking precariously around her."

Er ... I happen to be one of those disgusting predators. How ar?


JianXiu11978 said...

hehe..... playing Cupid for another buddy for you. Hope that you don't neglect yourself. Anyway, since you have written so much for Valentine Day, I also written 1 in my blog. Do feel free to visit my blog: http://www.moblog.com.sg/blog/JianXIu1978 . Thank you!

Runaway said...

Hey one of the most important statistic missing: her age.

Runaway said...

Perhaps the other is her friendster profile link.

mel said...

soooo...let me see if i got this right. That's only going to be on winning V date each for both girls, right? ok, that makes sense.

But what about all the other guys who wrote in? Still in the running, post V-Day? KIV file? hah

well, looking at V2's list of wants, looks like she wants the male model type as compared to V1 who seems to prefer the rich boy type. hee

Damn. failed on both counts again!

paranoid said...

hmm..... its hard to find gals like dat kinda quality in sg...! :P

Azxel said...

whoa... one a year please. *lol*
I haven't even made any progress with the first one.

NJS said...

Birds of a feather flocks together...

Seems like all ur buddies are so gorgeous...

suspiciousbastard said...

It appears that I am too young. A stable career...isn't that a perquisite as well?

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Thanks all for the wonderful compliments for my friends!

Luvphobia: ya u take it slow k? but don't wait too long ok? wait all the good girls kenna snatched by other men liaoo....

J: hey dude! long time no see! thanks for the compliments. :P

Ghost: Don't need to worry about me lorrrr...i got my Valentine's date booked already hehehehe...my berry fast worker one.

Absolutjoiz: anytime babe! send me ur photo and wishlist and i shall do the rest of the magic!

Kwai Lan Kia: heheh....that's why i am here ma. to protect them from you.

Runaway: email her and find out for yourself la...

mel: you never know if u never try... love works in wonderous ways.

suspicious bastard: stable career would be good of course... :)

TriplePeriod said...

Aiyo...Part 1, 2 and 3... so many parts and it will be tiring to apply to them all. Why not make the guys submit one resume each then you can let all your eligibles gfs take their pick. =p

Crazyhorse said...

SUddenly I have feeling that is the re-enactment of "EYE For a GUY 3" or "the bachelorette 6"

Like rugby, 10 men try to run for 1 BALL...


The we have our Pretty host Miss Elvina T ...shouting at the end of the whole STunt "FEAR IS NOT A FACTOR FOR YOU!!"... geeez...

the virgin undergrad said...

i probably fulfil less than 1/2 of all her criteria.

but i really kinda keen with a valentine's date. never been one one.

reckon she'll mind?

Angel said...

Dear Virgin undegrad,

Criterias are just there so that they somewhat have the sense of security that they are getting the right guy.

If you are skillful enough, and have the correct timing, and Love hitz BULLSEYE. Even if you Bangara, u will strike 4D.

So, e-mail her, you have already 50% chance locked in.

would you agree, Elvina?

suspiciousbastard said...

Hey, Undergrad's not a bangra ok. He's a Chinese.

angel said...

Sorry sorry.... Thousand apologies.. My bad...

Typo error... it's suppose to be OSAMA, not bangara... hee hee

Mickell said...

Wish you every success in finding a Mr Right for your two girlfriends! :)

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

I agree with Angel! You try - got 50%. Don't try - ZERO %! hehehe.... Go for it virgin undergrad!

the virgin undergrad said...

haha, osama where got need to buy 4D one, if each cruise missile he receives cos' 10 odd million USD, he prolly can afford to buy Singapore Pools every other day

erm, i'm a noob when it comes to stuff like that. so what sorta thing do ppl write in an email trying to solicit for a date with someone whom you dun even know in cyberspace or otherwise?

niwrehs said...

It's a long time since I gave my 2 hour lecture on "What is Love"

Lets give some tips instead:

Give a small introduction on e-mail, and try to get her to CALL you. or Vice versa.
*Golden opportunity*

I remembered I had to be very NASTY to a girl once till she cried, then she called me.
*elvina, sound famillar or not?*

Then it's your charm that comes into play.

Key point: LISTEN... and make the "GIRL" the subject of conversation NOT YOURSELF.
*hint: start to look for common grounds*

- be honest in your views.

-Try to find common ground. That's where you can "connect" with her on an emotional level.

-Hope she's like Elvina, not Dense, and you have to tell simple jokes to keep her going.

If you're really Skillful, just like me, you might hit her off on the 1st date!

*it's like a Parfume that mesmerizes the ladies*

-sorry, couldn't resist to take a stab at it-

mel said...

Hey, not only am I free of any STDs, I'm also debt-free! That ought to count for something in this day and age! hah

Angel said...

Mel mel.....

*Rolls eyes*

Let's see.... are you "virgin"?

One moutain have one mountain higher.

be a good boy,
Go e-mail her and let her decide.

the virgin undergrad said...

wah..so much advice. info overload siah.

ok ok, email her tmr.

Anonymous said...

When women demands "criteria", its called "sense of security". When men asked for "women with beauty and bigger mellons", these women says such men are "insecured". This damn world doesn't makes sense at all. No wonder Sg got lots of unwed women these days.

The Long Reach said...

i see her criterias in the DATE BUT what has she got to offer in return? Men out there do not short change yourselves please....

Anonymous said...

hmmm, i'm interested in... the bottle of wine offered by gotham penthouse... hahaha