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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wanna Be Her Valentine?

This should be Hotel Solace's most interesting post to date.

Allow me to introduce a very special friend of mine - Cheryll. She is one of the sweetest girls I have ever known, both inside and outside.

She is patient, very kind and extremely "teasable"! It gives me a cheap thrill to tease her relentlessly and watch her girlish reaction. Somehow, it never fails to tickle me. The greater her reaction, the more she amuses me.

I can be quite gruff and blunt, whilst she's the exact opposite. While I laugh heartily, she giggles. While I am extremely verbal with sexual jokes, she turns as red as a tomato, but enjoys the joke nonetheless. While I am strong headed and confident, she is modest and awfully sincere. While I am cynical and assertive, she is very giving and tolerant.

In short, she's really one cute babe. It is a wonder we can even click, and very well in fact.

Now for the wonderful news. She is single and very available. Though I strongly believe she would have no problems getting a date, but as her good girl buddy, I feel that I have a responsibility in helping her screen the guys.

With her blessings, I was 'appointed' her personal marketing agent. Hence my blog became the most perfect channel to start the quest for a perfect Valentine's Day date.

After many rounds of brainstorming and close-door boardroom discussions, we have shortlisted the following criteria to snare the perfect date:

- Someone who can connect with her intellectually
- Pleasant looking
- Makes her laugh; someone with a sense of humour
- Trustworthy
- Good tempered
- Preferably someone who drives (cos she stays quite out of the way)
- Financially stable
- Well-spoken
- Level of Horniness - 8/10
- Romanticism will be a BIG plus

* Mummies' boys are not eligible to apply

If you like what you have read so far, do drop her an email (preferably with your recent photo too!) at cheryll@mail.com. I have been promoting my blog readers aggressively to her, telling her what a wonderful bunch of guys all of you have been - and most importantly, a huge percentage of Hotel Solace guests are SINGLE!

So no harm making one more friend right? What's more - she's not only single, she's also incredibly cute, awfully sweet and absolutely adorable!

Just to reiterate - she may be single and available, but she's definitely NOT desperate. She's just such a dear friend to me that I make it my grand mission to help fix her up with a wonderful and fun date for Valentine's! Otherwise, given her shy nature, she will simply spend a romantic day lazing at home - and what a WASTE will that be!

What are you waiting for?

"Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever."


luvphobia said...

What are you guys waiting for!? Snare her before she turns all red and runs away!!

Good Luck Cheryll!

and what about you, Elvina? =]

GhOsT said...


Best wishes to her...

Too bad, I have met my Miss Perfect and trying to win her heart.


mel said...

er...just curious...since she's such a great gal, why is she still single? well, all the best in your quest. anyway, i'm outta the picture, no car.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Luvphobia: Me? Don't worry for me. I am the LAST you shld be worried abt. hehehe

Ghost: Oh! I tot you were STILL looking for your miss perfect! Happy to know that u have found her!

Mel: Why is she single? guess it's better to ask her yourself eh?

But she's really shy - and many of my single gfs are such too. You think every girl like me so thick skinned? hahaha...

RC said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I'm not single and I live a "bit" far away, so I guess I'm falling out - still I enjoyed reading the post, don't know why...It's propagating the girl nicely but it isn't intrusive at the same time;) Great idea - hopefully she finds the right "one"! Shyness shouldn't be so much problem for a girl like it would be for a boy though.

Jade Falcon Elite said...

Cheryll is a sexy, adorable and lovable girl. Pretty la. I have great confidence in Elvina's taste. She is a highly humourous gal who enjoys a good laugh.

Cheryll likes to play Boggle, Uno and Big 2! Hahaha.... May I add, she's got Grade 8 Piano too! Rite?

Me not eligible. I am Mummy's boy! Ha!

the virgin undergrad said...

Let's see, i probably meet less than half of the criteria...But is she into younger blokes by any chance *wink*

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

hahaha JFE! You forgot to add that she also has an honours degree in ENGLISH!!

Kudious said...

wah.. ur friend is a nice catch.. hehe

I m a very loud person too! Tok and laugh like thunder.. haha

tink guys are scare of me.. keke

Bored Dad said...

Nice and sweet lady indeed. But I'm definitely out of the league though I can be considered as single. Haha...

Aristocrat said...

Now you are playing Cupid eh lmao... ^^

Catherine *MeowMeow* said...

Mel - Perhaps that there ar alot of great gals whom are single, is just that they havn meet the 'right' person yet to love in luv yet... (speaking 4 me as well... haha..)

Cheryl - good luck in finding the luv of your life! ;)

Runaway said...

hey neither u nor ur fren needs any such thing as this entry ... & moreover this is such a trap. what if a guy likes both u & tells the whole world he finds her cute. automatic disqualification as ur suitor isn't it? maybe this is a trap u have set up for guys .. never underestimate elvina me thinks ..

suspiciousbastard said...

Isn't it a risk to give out email addresses?

Oh, and I'm a daddy's boy(sounds very weird and somewhat obscene). Too bad.

vandice said...

Turning into Cupid's little assistant issit? But Cheryl sounds(and looks) so sweet and demure. Isn't this mail-your-photo exercise too 'pro-active' for her taste?

I mean, I think she expects guys to do the chasing...

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Runaway: Your imagination ran away just like your nick. you really think too much!

Suspicious Bastard: wat's a daddy's boy siah? anyway, the email address is specially set up for this "exercise" - not her personal email. No risks involved. hehehe..

Vandice: read carefully hor. this is posted with "her blessings".

pinto said...

Cheryll J Chan?

Azxel said...

Hmm.. perhaps, you should start up another blog promoting all your cute friends. Good way to make money (and folks happy), no? Anyway, let's see...

-Someone who can connect with her intellectually
(not too sure if my low IQ can match hers. I'm not intelligent, Smart-ass maybe.) =0

- Pleasant looking
(ack! I definitely failed but maybe with some major plastic surgery I could be...) =0

- Makes her laugh; someone with a sense of humour
(not too sure if she'd like my stupid jokes) = 1/2

- Trustworthy
(Trust maybe, worthy? maybe not). = 1/2

- Good tempered
(ack! failed. I'm a meanie!) =0

- Preferably someone who drives (cos she stays quite out of the way)
(ack! definitely fail in this area and the fact I stay horrible far away) =-1

- Financially stable
(ack! failed again) =0

- Well-spoken
(how about well-typen?) =1/2

- Level of Horniness - 8/10
(ack! failed again! I'm at level 9/10)= 1/2

- Romanticism will be a BIG plus
(ack! failed again) =0

Total Points: 2/10

Anyone else that cute but with much lower expectations? >_<

cfy said...

who is that girl beside Cheryll?!?!?! i want to apply for that 1 can ka ?

Jade Falcon Elite said...

Apply la....

Even easier. The email contact has been there since this blog was born. Go chase your gals men! Time and Tide wait for no man!!! Go Go Go!

Kwai Lan Kia said...

Wa. Liddis advertise oso can ar?

Win oredy lor.

I can never go after those gers who read my blog because those who read it will never consider me.

But I still wan to apply leh.


Jade Falcon Elite said...


Life is like a box of chocolates, u will never know what u r gonna get.


palahniuk said...

haha, this must be yr crazy idea, how did u cajole her into it? regardless, good luck to u n yr frens, hope u gals find e prince amongst e toads :p

anyw u were already on my links gal, wear yr specs alrdy! *grinz*

Philip said...

Basic rule of life. Never put conditions. All you will end up with is a pretender who is just trying to show that he/she is able to fulfill your criteria. By the time you realise the truth, its too late. Just let things be.

It happens when it should. Till then there is nothing you can do abt it. Agree?

NJS said...

Hope the contenders are as much as the by stander...

Most innovative to play the "Yuan Lai Jui Shi Ni" or "Eye for a guy" here on your blog...

All the best... may the best man wins the babe!!!

Ah Jack said...

Hey Dearest.... its time u do a "Wanna Be his Valentine" for me liao.... ha ha

Booker said...

Just one question....Level of Horniness - 8/10? Thats kinda high isn't it? XD

Oh well, I'm outta this, I'm too young for her and I have found the woman I like. XD

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Pinto: *wink wink*

Azxel: We know there is no such thing as a perfect man in this world. Just email her anyway. hahaha...

cfy: not sure leh who that girl is also. Some babe who won Miss Chinatown I think. heard she is lesbian though. hehe

Kwai Lan Kia: drop her an email lor - cheryll@mail.com. GOOD LUCK HORRR.

JFE: Howdy Forrest Gump. U should apply too. Mummy's boy or otherwise, cos no perfect man exist. :P

palahniuk: she is berry sporting la. don need much cajoling. if i succeed can earn BIG ang pow liao! yay!

Philip: hey dude! Welcome back! You have disappeared for a while haven't you? As for your comment, men and women will always have expectations (or what you term as 'conditions'). if we don't, then we will date or marry any tom, dick or harry cos no expectations literally mean anyone would do.

God help those who bother to help themselves - so letting things be may not always be THE way.

"For this is just an introduction. The rest is up to you." That's what they always say isn't it?

NJS: haha...yes yes. It's the blog version! call 1800-I-WAN-LOVE to register.

Ah Jack: Of course! Anything for you my dearest pal!!!! Just send me what kinda girl you are looking for and let me do the rest!

Booker: I thought men love horny women???? Congrats on getting your loved one! Any chance of us meeting her on a Bloggers' Night - if I ever do organize one????? :P

Philip said...

havnt disappeared. do read ur blog regularly. jz that never commented ;) hope u are having a great start to the new year. hope your friend finds someone GREAT.

ismylifeafarce said...

Woo..I think this is fun! So any deadline for the next "follow-up report"?? Will be interesting to see who the eligible candidates are. Hah..ok...that may be a bit kaypoh.. heh.

BTW, is the criteria list in any order of importance??

Anonymous said...

My dear friend Carlarina, highlighted this blog to me,well...what can i say, usually if the girl is that good, then she's not.

Having dated over 80 gals in the past 2 years, i think i have seen the lot.

Now, it would not be nice of me to critic your friend, but then again, send her to me to be "processed". And if think she is worth it, I will let you guys know! Hahaha

Judge Freud

Find me at


My Blog;


Booker said...

No need so horny man....just a 6/10 can already. Hahahaha. Love is not sex sia. Anyway, yah, I did found her, but only dated twice.=X

Ah Jack said...

er... though i noe i dun really look good..... but i wish i can have a ..... rich, gentle, caring, pretty, beautiful, sexy and the most impt thingy is she muz not look like xia xue can liao....... not too much rite.... ha ha

Ah Jack said...

er... though i noe i dun really look good..... but i wish i can have a ..... rich, gentle, caring, pretty, beautiful, sexy gf .....and the most impt thingy is she muz not look like xia xue can liao....... not too much rite..pardon for the mistake made on top.. ha ha

pg said...

wah, jiejie promoting her fren! y level of horniness need to be 8/10!? haha.. anyway happy belated(1 day late oni la)bday to u! didnt get to c u online. so haf to wish u here. take care!

KuraKat said...

I am so impressed I knew not what to say.

Wish Cheryl all the best. With friends like Elvina, many seemignly impossible things can be made possible. Haha. =)

GhOsT said...

So hows the going?

Must keep us updated!

b737driver said...

What did I stumble upon? 1st time visiting blog and found this... :(
Are all u people desperate?
Come on, have your own style and way... dun do things normal people do!

Anonymous said...

what is wrong u you young folks nowadays? You live in Singapore for god's sake. Nowhere is FAR. I remember when i was young i used to send my gf home every night. she stay in boon lay and me in toa payoh. It took me 1.5 hours to get back and mind u we dun have MRT back then. c'mon boys and girls, dun let distance stop u from loving someone.

Old Uncle

Mickell said...

I'm interested in your pleasant-looking friend :) too bad i'm already married :(

Mahakala001 said...


an interesting blog out there but i just want to add a comment about lao niang'specs. hehe...retro.

good luck!

JianXiu1978 said...

Very interesting..... I would love to be her valentine for that night..... too bad I ain't got a car and secondly, I am studying Part-Time. However, if oppotunity arises, I would love to bring her to dance Salsa.

Nameless said...

Elvina, my fren interested leh. but after the things I put on my blog, all our reputation go down the drain already :-(
btw, what abt yourself, got valentine date?

Humpfy Dumby said...

b737: Desperates? I beg to differ, one who blogs may want to help in searching for the right guy for her pal.
Old Uncle: Many ppl find that it's convenient to be with someone with ready transport. But the criteria stated on this blog may not be from the one who is searching valentine here.
This blog may looks interesting at one glance but when more and more comments posted, it seems like she's the joke.
Such a sweet looking lady like her need no "hardcore" advertisement like this.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Thanks everyone for your well wishes for my girl pal. She is doing fine - and quite overwhelmed by the comments here.

This blog is my space - so do respect my rights to put what I want up here. Everything that I write here is with utmost sincerity and truth and not meant to be misleading or deceptive in any way - so I don't think anyone should question the authenticity of this write up.

Yes - my friend needs no hardcore advertisement, but a little nudge to expand her social circle will not kill her.

Just be open ya - and let's try to eradicate the image that we Singaporeans youth are a stuffy, close-minded, super myopic bunch like our ancestors.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Mahakala: I love retro! Looking for even more retro ones....watch this space. haha

JianXiu: No harm making another friend la. Maybe she likes Salsa too? Email her and find out!

Ulrich: What reputation went down the drain???

Homer said...

I think u're beautiful ...

Coulieo said...

Well, looks like i'm out of the competition too... Everything pass except that i only have 2 Kar, one "bmw" and one "mercedes", on my left and on my right.

just another guy said...

i am impressed.... was told of this url and i give my friend "a piece of my mind"!

i told him where got people do stuff like this in the internet, in the end i was dumbfolded... not by the post but the person involved...

i would like to comment that both you and your friend, cheryl, looks sweet... well, all the best to the both of you... as i always told me friends... In SG, to get attached is never difficult, but to get a life partner and be forever in love is a challenge..

good day~

Anonymous said...

i meet all ur citeria ,... but problem is i have a gf ... so i think i wouldnt qualify do i ? ... sigh ..

Anonymous said...

Looking at her face and her long list of demands...N.W!!!

surfie77 said...

juz n idea lah, maybe can organise a blogger's outing aka the bachelorette style for all the singles.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Surfie: We do have a social chill out session every Friday. Everyone is free to join. Just let me know! There will be one this coming Fri. :P

Anonymous said...

Laoniang, I have a comments to add on here that may worth the attention of your dear friend and other potential "valentines applicants. I am sure she must have received long strings of replies and like others, I replied too. At least your dear fren could have some decent courtesy to reply with a word of thank you rather than just disappearing forever behind the piles of emails, right?

Or you should make a note here stating that "REPLIES WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED".

Thank you for your attention

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for yr many comments and taking the time to read this post that my dear, beloved friend has put up for me.
And thanks for some of the nice things said above!

Wld jus like to respond to the anonymous comment above. Must say I've received many emails and I've replied to several but admittedly, I've not had the chance to reply to every single one as yet. Really sorry for the turtle-like slowness in responding the last couple of days! :)

Cheryll said...

Oops! Shld've signed off as Cheryll above. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cheryll, its nice of you to come out and clarify my misunderstanding. At least you've proven to be what your fren LaoNiang had claimed of you...keep it up Cheryll.

Jade Falcon Elite said...

Ya ya Cheryll,

keep up ur turtle-like-slowness (is there even such a word??). Hehehe....... Aiya, cannot correct u la..... Hon in Ang Mo. Hehehe..... see u soon!


Anonymous said...

hi cheryl, did anyone ever told u ur cute and got a charming smile?
I like to and hope to be ur valentine. But, after i looked myself in the mirror, i guess i be "out of ur list" , for sure.
A case of "beauty and the beast".
So, i guess i rather wish you "all the best with whoever u choose to be ur valentine" and dont forget, enjoy urself and be happy. ..... I watch from a distance....... cheers :) Regards, wack0