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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Love - Option, Necessity or Inevitability?

Sometimes I wonder why people are constantly preoccupied with the notion of Love. Besides the family, love often takes precedent over many things in life - i.e. friends, hobbies, personal life and values and even work. It seemed that love and love alone - somehow manages to make up for all the other bits and pieces that form one's life. Many a time, you hear stories of some love-struck humans live, eat, breath and dream about love - an unknowing victim of Cupid's arrow.

I believe that people do hold different notions of love. So the question now remains - is love an option, a necessity or an inevitability?

If love is an option - life would be much easier isn't it? When you choose to love, you offered your whole heart and soul. When love dies, you simply pack all the lovely memories into a small pouch called "heart", and you move on.

When love is all rosy, your loved one seems beautiful. Her smiles, her touch, her voice brings tingles to your heart. Everything about her gives you a reason to love. The day love rears its ugly head - when your loved one lost her beauty, her smiles, touch and voice no longer excites you - you may find that you could not bring yourself to continue loving her. On that day, love becomes an option.

If love is a necessity - you will go all out to seek true love, find it and never let it go - regardless of whether you really want it. It becomes your life, your soul and the reason for your existence.

When you find yourself needing love to sustain your life, prove your desirability or validate your existence - then love becomes a necessity. For without it, you feel incomplete. If your friends can find true love, so can you.

If love is an inevitability, it will appear when you least expect it. You may meet him across the street, at a cafe, at the popcorn stand, or in school. He may even be a faceless virtual friend that you chatted with last night. No encyclopedia in the world will be able to tell you why that kind of love strikes you like a lightning bolt; or why the attraction is instant or how to unravel those intriguing, unfathomable knots that bind the feelings of two people.

When you find that you no longer have control over your feelings, and that even if you aren't looking for it, it comes knocking on your door. And the more you try keeping it out, the more persistent it will be trying to get in - then love becomes an inevitability. You don't have to search for it - it just comes. It does not care if you need it, if you want it. When the time is right, it wriggles its way into your heart and starts to take root before you even realise it.

Everyone would have probably gone through all the above stages. Hence, the question would be - where are you right now?


Anonymous said...

This was helpful, thanks. time and time again I find myself asking MYSELF those exact questions. And yes, I have gone through all those stages, when I gave up on the option and necessity part, Love suddenly became inevitable!!! Which in my opinion was the best kind of love!

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Hi there, happy to know that this post has been helpful. I assume you have found your "inevitable" love and if so -- CONGRATULATIONS!!