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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Swinging in Sydney

Hi dearies....

Sorry for the long absence. I have been caught up since last Tuesday 'cos I have finally started work in my new office!

My colleagues were very warm and friendly, and my boss was extremely funny and endearing. My work as a marketing manager for this executive recruitment company is fantastic as I am the only and first marketing manager to be hired for the job. No precedence - means I get to set all the rules and direct how the marketing, branding and communications of the company is going to go.

That made me feel really important. Haha... :)

I am taking charge of the Asia markets - namely Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Expansion plans are underway, so you can be sure that I will have more on my hands than ever.

Right now, at this moment, I am blogging from my Sydney office. YES! I am nestled in Down Under. Arrived on Sunday evening and started my first round of training under my marketing director in Sydney yesterday.

Weather: Freaking cold, wet, windy and I am freezing to my toes!

Sydney is great. The pace is much slower, the city sights are beautiful and the people are generally friendly. Maybe I may eventually retire here when I am old and sagging.

My office is another one of Sydney's greatest wonders. Perched on the 47th floor of the Citigroup skyscraper, one steps out of the lift to be greeted by a huge reception area, surrounded by full length glass windows. The office overlooks the Darlin Harbour and the view is simply breathtaking.

I did not bring along my super duper camera 'cos it wouldn't fit into my luggage which was stuffed with thick winter wear, but I will try to capture some shots from my trusty li'l phone. :P

I know I owe you guys Mr. Right Part 2 to Part Infinity, and I promise I will write about it once I get back. I am now quite into the groove of my new job, so it's not that hectic anymore.

As for the comments on the inaugural Mr. Right post, thank you all. You have given undoubtedly given me more inspiration and ideas to include in my next Mr. Right rambling.

As for Pip, I understand what you must be going through right now. I promise I will write something about it and hopefully, it will lift your spirits up a little.

Meanwhile, for the rest of ya, do continue to envy me for having a swinging time in Sydney.

I am going shopping tonight.


Cavalock said...

hi there! Great to hear that you are settling in to yr new job. Yah, kinda miss yr updates.

Is it really that cold? heh, can't remember Sydney ever being that cold. Neil Gaiman has got a new comic book coming up real soon. I'll email u bout it?

Take it easy


Mini_viv said...

Yo sweetie, you should wear more coz the breeze is freezing cold at night..
Mel, it's winter over in Aust..
It's the chilling breeze that is a killer!
Anyway babe,you should try eating the nestle Milo ice cream, the feeling is shiok coz your ice cream won't melt..:P
Must go to sydney opera house leh..there's some nice boutiques to shop over there and of coz watch out for the buskers there.:)
You should try climbing the harbour bridge if you are free. ooh oh..before i forget..go to Bondi beach..there's a fish & chips outlet, try the mega size calamaris..
Caution: if you are at King cross, please avoid standing near the lamp post..:P
You take care and have fun!

heather said...

wow so nice. :) *Envy*

serendipity said...

it's winter now over at Down Under! Chilly brrr....

I am heading over melbourne soon enough, I will understand exactly how you feel then. I am a sucker for the sun. I can never imagine how I can survive under the brrr-y weather there.

Take care! Have fun in Sydney!!

KuraKat said...

Take care and have lotsa fun... =)

Prince Romp said...

Good day Ladyboss!

No wonder you've been missing all tis while..

Out of sudden, you're stranded in somewhre nice to be at!

I guess, It's not too late for me to congratulate you...'Dearie'

Wishing you prosperous year ahead with this new Job as Good Manager!

'Yours truly'

Richard said...

You must be joking! It's not even below zero - looking at the temperature, it is even two digits! Sheesh!

I think you need to come visit Canada in January.

yvy said...

Yes, you have ALL my envy hanging over u now. ;)

Hhmm....got an extra position? Might be needing it sometime soon. :D *REALLY!*

Catherine *MeowMeow* said...


I DO really envy you...
for getting a new job
for being in Sydney
for going shopping

When you're back, let's meet up for dinner... ok? email me :)

Anonymous said...

wow... good to know that you're enjoying your new job. It's winter there and ya, it's really cold. Just wanted to tell you that the beaches there are gorgeous, so if you've got an opportunity, even if it's watching from the restaurants on shore, dont miss them. Fish & chips and calamari sets along Bondi Beach are fingers licking good! Enjoy and hope to hear more from ya from Down Under. ~ angel

the virgin undergrad said...

yo! welcome down under -though sydney's prolly further than singapore from where i am.

if u do happen to thread beyond civilisation westwards (ie. perth) let me know k!

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

oh it so wonderful to hear from all of you! Yes it's chilly but really nice! Feels like walking on air-conditioned streets everyday. For once, I do look forward to waking up at 7am in the morning, to enjoy the cool breeze, sit by the sidewalk cafe, sip my hot English breakfast tea and enjoy my nice warm toast.

I get to wear my uber cool winter jacket and look snuggly warm. Oh my, and the guys here are awfully blonde and cute hahaha. Girls, you should all come!

Viv - I think I have vertigo so no climbing of harbour bridge for me this time. Drooling at it from my office is good enough.

There's so much shopping here where I stay! Park Street, George Street, Pitt Street - it's shoppers' paradise! I do not have enough time!!!!!

I am going Bondi Beach this evening, and more shopping tomorrow before I fly off.

And viv, there's even Coke freeze, not only Milo freeze! Everything's freezing here except my passion haha....

Canada huh Richard? Yes - I may try to persuade my boss to send me there. :P

Virgin: I'm not going to Perth next time, but I am trying to psycho my boss to let me visit Australia more often....so maybe ....there's hope!

As for those who want a new job, just send your resume over. My colleagues keep telling me there are lots of jobs out there but no candidates. What are you guys waiting for?

Miss me miss me and I will be back sooon!

Muackz to all-you-who-envy-me

Mini_viv said...

Babe! Must shop Kookai!!!I bet they are having sales now. Witchery is good as well..oh man i miss aust!Please ask your boss to send you to Mel.I'll shop with ya..:)

老星洲 said...

Welcome back.

Rose said...

It sounds like, things have been busy for you. Welcome back!

Sunshin3 said...

sigh, wish i could be there now... anyway, do take care and have a wonderful work stint there!

An said...

wow... I'm jealous jealous!! hehehe!!

Enjoy yourself while there. :)