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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Long Awaited Update

Image by SBA73

It's been almost three months since I last blogged. Thanks to those who dropped me sweet caring messages to find out how I was doing, especially Richard. I am good now - emotionally raw but stabilised.

So what has happened between my last blog and now? Thought I would give you guys a quick update:

1) I have not lost any weight. The ballooning weight is making me depressed. I think I should start starving.

2) I have just received a promotion. Before I was just managing marketing activities for the Singapore office, my portfolio has now been expanded to cover Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Greater China. That also means I get three direct reports now - which is fun! I love playing boss. :)

3) I am flying off to Bangkok tomorrow - but I doubt I have time to shop. My meeting schedule looks awfully tight. Might as well stay in the room...and read. Or I can go for a massage. Heard they are cheap and GOOD in Thailand.

4) I will be flying off to Tokyo (AGAIN!) the week after my Bangkok trip. Oh yes - back to my "jet-setting" days (as if)! This time I have allocated time to shop, eat, shop again, eat again, then shop, then eat...you get the idea. I can't wait... ii-desu-ka!

I just remembered that I have not posted the photos from my last Tokyo trip...I am indeed getting old.

Old, fat and forgetful. No wonder I am depressed.

5) Bought a new apartment some time ago - and the developers have finally finished building it. Got my keys recently and have been busy shopping for furniture and designing my dream flat. Now that killed 90% of my brain cells and definitely deserve a post on its own - which I hope I can get round to once I return from my business trips.

So there you go - a sneak preview of my exciting life.

Go ahead and envy me.


Richard said...

(1) starving is a bad idea. I have actually been quite successfully losing weight since the end of January using Weight Watchers. I think the weekly weigh in is a strong incentive to avoid cheating. At last weigh-in I was down 31lbs. WW is actually a pretty simple, you get to eat what you want – you just have to keep track of it. It forces you (well, it forced me) to make tough choices on food items - go for that calorie heavy snack or choose something lighter. When you know you are going to be weighed every week, the incentive is to choose more wisely.

My recommendation is to nibble wisely (to keep some food in your belly) instead of going 14 hours between meals and then pigging out. There is no lettuce, no carrots, no celery in my diet. But I do eat more tomatoes and cabbage and less noodles, rice and bread. My choice, I get to eat what I like.

What I like best about having lost weight (and I am not done yet) is that definition has returned to my legs.

(2) congratulations! I always wonder how to get to be a boss. I seem to be perpetually stuck being a grunt (a well paid and respected grunt), with seemingly no opportunity for management advancement (mind you, from all the paperwork I see my direct manager doing, I am not sure it is a good step up). Need to learn to be more entrepreneurial.

(3) Have fun.

(4) Lucky you, Japan is one of the places I would love to visit (along with Antarctica).

(5) You must post pics of your new place. Mind you, I am more interested in what the view is outside your windows are (you do have windows, don't you?).

Envy you? Hmmm ... that probably wouldn't be a good idea. Envy would lead to desire to remedy the cause. Desire would lead to coveting. And coveting would lead to trouble.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Hahha Richard...thanks again for your comments.
I think i will try weight watchers too.

Will let you know my results. :)

And yes photos of my new house will be up soon...stay tuned...:)

Cavalock said...

Glad to see things are looking good. Nahm u don't look fat when i saw u at the conference at raffles city a couple a months ago.

Damn, i miss japan. Getting yr own place can be fun, i like the shopping for furniture/stuff part, hate the coming back to an empty apartment part.

take it easy

Mockingbird said...

Do show us some photos of your dream flat :)


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