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an unsupressable urge. So indugle in my fantasies, and plow your way through my memories, greatly appreciated you will be,
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mr. Right - Part I

Not very long ago, I promised someone that I would blog on the topic of Mr. Right. Not that I'm Miss Know-It-All (far from that!), but I guess, all she wanna know was my personal take on it.

For the longest time, I have been a delusional girl. Someone who lost her father at a very young age and ever since then, would constantly seek and crave for the attention and love that she has lost so tragically.

Boys after boys, relationships after relationships. They come and go like the shoes in a woman's closet. But every time, I somehow managed to convince myself that the boy I was dating at that particular point in time, was Mr. Right.

I liked him. He liked me. Some very much in fact. We were happy together. So how wrong could it be?

Then the feeling sizzled. The conflicts began. The lies were weaved and the fights were ugly. The breakups were painful and the tears were heartwrenching. The memories were bitter and the pain was lingering. But no matter how I try, I just couldn't get out of the vicious cycle of rebounds and breakups - and always thinking I have found Mr. Right.

My friends have always asked me this same question- How would you know when you have found your Mr. Right? How would you know it's HIM when he appears?

I'm telling you girls - I am no love guru and I don't know the answer. I really don't. If I do, I wouldn't have to go through those many failed love auditions in my life, do I?

But those failures have rather, taught me some very important lessons.

For one - I've learnt to identify all the Mr. Wrongs. Don't you think that would be the one most important step to finding your Mr. Right? I would say it definitely is! Golly, it's a simple process of elimination, for heaven's sake.

The bad guys who thrill us.
The ones who always break their promises.
The ones who make our hearts flutter crazily one day and left us high and dry, pinning for their attention and love which will never come, the very next moment.
The ones who slept with your best friend or the leggy mini-skirts he picked up at a club.
The ones who abused you - emotionally, sexually, financially, physically and psychologically.

It's not that hard. They are the ones that your mother probably warned you about, but you were too smitten to realize. The challenge of snaring such a man was too sinfully irresistible.

My first advice - If you want to know where and who Mr. Right , you gotta first purge all these trash out of your lives and social circles for a start. Clean Up, Grow Up and most importantly - Wake Up. These kind of men will never ever be Mr. Right. You don't need an IQ of 400 to know that. You don't even need me to tell you that.

This is gonna be a long and meaningful discussion. I shall let your eyes rest for the moment - and take some comments, if any - and shall continue this in my next post.

.......to be continued.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I lifted this off Merv's site and thought it was an extremely entertaining meme.

I AM: Elvina da Great
I WANT: "World Peace"
I WISH: That everything I wish for will come true
I HATE: Hypocrisy
I MISS: Sucking my thumb
I FEAR: Myself
I HEAR: Good stuff about my blog
I WONDER: If I got too much time on my hands
I REGRET: Nothing
I AM NOT: Your Mother
I DANCE: When I am Freaking Drunk
I SING: When I am sad
I CRY: When smoke gets in my eye
I AM NOT ALWAYS: Digging my nose
I WRITE: Because I can, and because I love to
I CONFUSE: Whever I cannot Convince
I NEED: A minimum donation of USD100 from everyone who reads this blog
I SHOULD: Try waxing one day
I START: Something
I FINISH: Nothing
I LOVE: ALL who worship this blog
I REMEMBER: ALL who don't

I TAG: Whoever who laid eyes on this.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Missed moi?

Oh my oh my. How long have I been absent from the blogosphere? Two weeks??? Geez.

I bet you guys missed me a great deal. *grinz* I missed you all tooo!!

Here's a quick update on my life so that you will stop wondering if I have decided to marry some rich Arab prince and set up my own dynasty in the Middle East.

Time really flies! This Thursday would be my last day in my current company. I have been rushing all the work that needs to be done and handed over - so it has been a pretty crazy two weeks for me. Can you imagine I have not even packed or cleared my desk? Wish I can cast a magic spell and make all my garbage disappear.

I have a writing assignment and the deadline's tomorrow! Writing assessment books is not as easy as I've thought. I am seriously wringing my hands now.

Speaking of writing, thought you may like to know that one of my blog articles has been published in someone's self-published book! If you have been following this humble weblog of mine, you'd remember the stuff I wrote on my kelong escapades.

Well, this guy Paul Kua wrote to me and asked to include my work in his book - Malaysian Islands: the good, the bad and the finest.

It is now available for sale here so you may wanna surf over and take a glimpse!

Greatly honoured I must say. Once I have completed proJect pink and the assessment books, I would have a title to my name too! OOooooo.....my dreams are coming true. Do support me when the time comes ok? An author with no readers is as good as a bird without wings. We would not be able to get off the ground. :)

Oh - my new found passion! Someone should just ban me from this game. Pardon my french, but this massive, mulit-player, online role playing game (MMORPG for short) is bloody addictive!

I am now a level 42 Human Priest in the World of Warcraft. Killed multiple monsters, beasts, ogres and skeletons. Healed hundreds of players and highly skilled in tailoring and skinning. It would probably take me a few more months to get to the ultimate level (Level 60) - but for now I am quite proud of my achievements, considering it's my first attempt at the game!

I have never been a gamer. My favourite online games are those that stimulate the mind - such as Yahoo! Literati, Boggle, iSketch and online mystery games such as Mysterynet.com which challenges you to solve a crime every day. I have more of such cool links, which I will reveal in a later blog.

Would be quite interesting to know more about me from the kinds of stuff I surf for on the internet, wouldn't it? (If you are thinking porn, you will be greatly disappointed haha...)

Back to World of Warcraft - it is such a mind-blowing game because it allows you to play many different characters such as human, gnomes, dwarves, elves - and different classes such as hunter, druid, priest, warlock, paladdin, rogue, mage etc. The permutations are absolutely infinite. One can probably play till he's in his 80s!

You also get to meet friends from all over the world, who will group with you and pull together their various talents, skills, and spells to fight the mobs in dungeons, or in the various quests you pick up from people of different towns and cities along the way.

Ok ok, not gonna bore you with this gaming talk. You simply gotta try it for yourself and maybe if you like the game, then you can come look for me in this virtual world. I would be most happy to offer my priestly assistance! :P

Signing off
If you have an issue that you would like me to discuss via this blog, do drop me an email. The readers of this blog would be more than happy to share their opinions too - which is what I really lurrrveeee about them!

I have so many issues that I am dying to blog about - but I really must focus on meeting my deadlines this Tuesday. So do be patient with me, as you've always been - and don't desert me! I will be BACK - very soon.

"Get busy living, or get busy dying." - Stephen King