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Monday, May 08, 2006

Missed moi?

Oh my oh my. How long have I been absent from the blogosphere? Two weeks??? Geez.

I bet you guys missed me a great deal. *grinz* I missed you all tooo!!

Here's a quick update on my life so that you will stop wondering if I have decided to marry some rich Arab prince and set up my own dynasty in the Middle East.

Time really flies! This Thursday would be my last day in my current company. I have been rushing all the work that needs to be done and handed over - so it has been a pretty crazy two weeks for me. Can you imagine I have not even packed or cleared my desk? Wish I can cast a magic spell and make all my garbage disappear.

I have a writing assignment and the deadline's tomorrow! Writing assessment books is not as easy as I've thought. I am seriously wringing my hands now.

Speaking of writing, thought you may like to know that one of my blog articles has been published in someone's self-published book! If you have been following this humble weblog of mine, you'd remember the stuff I wrote on my kelong escapades.

Well, this guy Paul Kua wrote to me and asked to include my work in his book - Malaysian Islands: the good, the bad and the finest.

It is now available for sale here so you may wanna surf over and take a glimpse!

Greatly honoured I must say. Once I have completed proJect pink and the assessment books, I would have a title to my name too! OOooooo.....my dreams are coming true. Do support me when the time comes ok? An author with no readers is as good as a bird without wings. We would not be able to get off the ground. :)

Oh - my new found passion! Someone should just ban me from this game. Pardon my french, but this massive, mulit-player, online role playing game (MMORPG for short) is bloody addictive!

I am now a level 42 Human Priest in the World of Warcraft. Killed multiple monsters, beasts, ogres and skeletons. Healed hundreds of players and highly skilled in tailoring and skinning. It would probably take me a few more months to get to the ultimate level (Level 60) - but for now I am quite proud of my achievements, considering it's my first attempt at the game!

I have never been a gamer. My favourite online games are those that stimulate the mind - such as Yahoo! Literati, Boggle, iSketch and online mystery games such as Mysterynet.com which challenges you to solve a crime every day. I have more of such cool links, which I will reveal in a later blog.

Would be quite interesting to know more about me from the kinds of stuff I surf for on the internet, wouldn't it? (If you are thinking porn, you will be greatly disappointed haha...)

Back to World of Warcraft - it is such a mind-blowing game because it allows you to play many different characters such as human, gnomes, dwarves, elves - and different classes such as hunter, druid, priest, warlock, paladdin, rogue, mage etc. The permutations are absolutely infinite. One can probably play till he's in his 80s!

You also get to meet friends from all over the world, who will group with you and pull together their various talents, skills, and spells to fight the mobs in dungeons, or in the various quests you pick up from people of different towns and cities along the way.

Ok ok, not gonna bore you with this gaming talk. You simply gotta try it for yourself and maybe if you like the game, then you can come look for me in this virtual world. I would be most happy to offer my priestly assistance! :P

Signing off
If you have an issue that you would like me to discuss via this blog, do drop me an email. The readers of this blog would be more than happy to share their opinions too - which is what I really lurrrveeee about them!

I have so many issues that I am dying to blog about - but I really must focus on meeting my deadlines this Tuesday. So do be patient with me, as you've always been - and don't desert me! I will be BACK - very soon.

"Get busy living, or get busy dying." - Stephen King


Merv Kwok said...

weee miisssseeeddd yooouuuuu

aquazero said...

What's after project pink....

How about a collection of singaporean sexual encounters. May it be erotic, funny or uneventful. Finding out if other learn about it the same way as us it is like taking the cat out of the bag. I'am that singaporean are seemed to be a conservative lot. There's a lesson to be learn here....

Oh yeah i almost forgot. Welcome back elvina :)

Richard said...

Nice to see you have been reasonably productive these past few weeks.

Hmmm ... got one of you blog posts published. Congratulations!

I haven't done any computer gaming in a very long time (except for the odd time killer) - I find nothing new. While WoW may be flashier and certainly more interactive than Rogue was back in my day - I am pretty burned out on that type of game.

Moonlighting is always hard. I hope the rewards of this experience are of great benefit for you.

Take care and don't forget to come out of your room and enjoy the sun a bit.

Ole' Wolvie said...

The game at 60 (so called "End Game" adventuring) would be quite different from what you're doing now. It it pretty much true for most of the current games in this genre. Unless of course you never got there because you got bitten by the alt-bug (obsession with creating multiple low level characters of different professions)

Welcome to the MMO family. Hope your stay is a pleasant one for a loooong time :D.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Merv: Thank you!! Missed youuuuu tooooooooo!!

Aquazero: Thanks for the warm welcome! Well, as much as sex sells, I am not sure if we can even get it published in Singapore with the kind of stifling rules we have here. Also - I don't think I want to be known as the sleaze writer hahahaha....

Richard: My friend!!! I didn't know you were into games too? :) Would have to check out Rouge and find out what's it like. I can understand what burnt out feels like. Sometimes when I get online for too long, I can feel myself feeling extremely drained and tired. Hope I will be able to manage myself and stop meself from spinning into hopeless obsession!

Wolvie: Yup so I have heard. I am still pretty clueless about many things in this game, like what the different classes can do. So I still need time to figure out what my character can do, and how to best specc it. For now, I am not so much into reaching for end game, but more to have fun and enjoy the quests while I am heading there.

By the way, I got my mount! Yay!

Prince Romp said...

Wat an absolute talent!
Your bird sure can fly high.

I've tried a few online games before..

Somehow... i felt abit disappointed when i cant even passed the first level.

So..which building is your new office at? Who knows i can drop by.

serendipity said...

welcome backkk!!!

I missed you!

and no, I will NOT forget about you after going Melbourne. Heh.

Keep writing and all the best in ur new job!!

Righteous said...

Switching jobs? Hope you will get use to the new environment.

For PC games, I play alot of BF2 and here is my stats: http://bf2s.com/player/44611244/

Want to discuss about the election issues? Sounds interesting but I glad that those ignorant youngster actually show some attention into this election.

Richard said...

I never disappear ... of course, there has been little new material to comment on, hmmmm ....

I imagine Rogue as a text only version of WoW. Overhead view of a dungeon, with letters and symbols representing creatures and items.

I used to do a fair amount of tactical gaming (Star Fleet Battles - had to be dedicated, you actually used fractions) and role playing (Dungeons and Dragons and various other games of that style). But that was a long time ago - 20 years, half a life-time.

Now, I occaisionaly amuse myself with tetris or freecell. Although, I did buy MechWarrior 2 a few weeks back because it was in the obsolete software bin (played for about an hour before I got tired of it) - I'm sure my son would enjoy it more ... but as he is only 4 and would have difficulty with the controls ... not today.

Cavalock said...

Sure missed u. Glad to see u still hanging in there! btw, I finally got MSN…

Awww…u haven’t played WOW until u played PVP!!!! Its sooo much fun! In PVP, anything can happen, u always on your toes, on world PVP u get to hunt other pple down etc. Anytime u can get wacked. I mean we all pay the same amount of $$$ to Blizzard every mth but on PVE u r really missing out on a whole other mode of playing. Oh yah, I guess I’m like yr opposite number cos I’m an undead priest.

On weekends on my server, there’s usually an ongoing fight between Tarren Mills and South Shore. Geez, think I’ll write bout that on me blog.

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Prince Romp: As Buzz Lightyear used to say, "Never say die, Never say NEVER!"

If you don't succeed, try and try again. My new workplace is at Raffles Place. You can always be my lunch sponsor haha.

Serendipity: Ya you betta not! I will hunt you down wherever you are and send pig's head all the way to Melbourne if you forget about me.

Starlandliu: Woooo...you should try World of Warcraft too. Then we can play together!

Politics? Nah. It's like flogging a dead horse. Too many Singaporeans writing on that. They don't need another one who has nothing new to say.

Richard: Sorry for the lack of updates, but it will be more regular soon - until of course when I start my new job. :)

Guess you are experience total gaming burnout... I like games like Tetris and Bejewelled too. Actually there are quite many games in Yahoo! and MSN that can keep me occupied for hours. :P

Cavalock: I guess it's guy thing. All the guys I know who play WOW love BG. I don't really like getting whacked, pursuing enemies and murdering them. So I am quite happy levelling up my li'l priest - until I am more confident.

Maybe then, I may start another alt-character and make him/her go for PVP. I can then specc it shadow or retribution, depending on which class I choose.

For now, I am happy being the lousy, cloth-armored Priestess.

Which server are u on by the way?

Cavalock said...

Me at Stormscale. I much prefer world PVP rather than BG. At BG, everyone is kinda expecting to kill n be killed, there’s no real surprise n everyone is also more or less on the same level.

With world PVP, there’s this cool real time, real world danger. Sometimes u turn a road corner n meet a high level ally who’s half dead n u sneak up behind him…priceless! Sure, I got killed a gazillion times but those times when u boom! jump out n surprise a group of allies n blow them all away….really priceless.

And I only do honor kills…heh

A.Ball.of.Yarn said...

"Wat an absolute talent!
Your bird sure can fly high."

No offence meant, Prince Romp, but that line was real ticklish.:)

and of course, congrats on getting published.

Sassy Lady said...

LOL @aboy

U sure hv a sense of humour;-wink

Elvina, sure miss your daily entries and all the best to you!

Mr Hobo said...

may i know what this project pink is all about?


kilax said...

Yay! Happy that you are back! ;-)

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

project pink:

Check it out!

RichArab said...

I do think we should have dinner sometime? I'll make the arrangements, just say the word... peace.

Sunflower said...

I am a level 8x Priest in maplestory. :P

Dr_God said...
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Dr_God said...

Thanks for the Babble mention, Elvina!