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Saturday, February 25, 2006

If I Were A Guy, I'd Be Legolas. But for now, I am just Elvina the Elf!


You have Elvin blood: The blood in your veins is that of the elves.
The most noble of all bloods.
The Elves are very honest and wise, and you share that aspect with them.
You are a very fun and kind person and anyone who meets you
immediately feels safe when you're around.
You are a great person and an even better friend.
Dont ever change for anyone.

My oh my....this really sounds like me huh?
Any objections?
(sorry - overruled! haha....)


Runaway said...

Objections? Nah, none at all. I second the analysis ... and want to add that you are super-sweet too :) .... Cheersssssssss

Kwai Lan Kia said...

Zun bo?! I do the survey, and it say:

You have Gnome blood: The Gnomes are wise and dont like to get involved in things that are none of their concern. They do not get involved in things with lots of people such as parties or group gatherings. This is because they are often shy or timid, although sometimes its just the fact they dont like people very much. You likely dont have very much of gnome blood in you, since the gnomes and humans rarely breed together. But the bit you have makes you unique and unlikely to follow the crowds and collect stupid fads or fall to peer pressure.

27% of people had this result.


Prince Romp said...

If i were a gal...then i would exactly be like you...a Laoniang too. haha

Too bad..Now Im a Prince :p

Richard said...

Well, I get Gnome Blood (like the post two above me).

DK said...

Erk.... how come the elf look so ugly???

Pet fanatic said...

ya ... ALL FROWNING....

Elvina Start dancing, they might laugh again....hahahaha!!! bleh...

Life is beautiful said...

Interesting test....shall go try also.... =)

eustace said...

Then u better start learning some elf language!

Righteous said...

I will not change for anyone. But if the society and the nation needs me to change, then I will have to change.

luvphobia said...

We're of the same race! Buahahah...but seems like i'm disgracing all the Elves leh?

Elvina the Elf has niceee ring to it, no?

But okay what, your physical attributes go quite well with your bloodline, or unless...you're a faerie?

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Yes! I am the faerie GODMOTHER!! :P

serendipity said...

well...seems that it's quite true. =)

i imagine you being an elf. so CUTE!!!

....::sPellb0und::.... said...

I guessed i am pretty normal coz i am a HUMAN!!!

and only 17% scored the same as me!