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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Broken Hearts & Trampled Souls

Another lousy day...
My girlfriend broke up with her guy of three years over the weekend. The same evening where I had a soul-baring chat with James.

In a span of 24 hours, she became single again, and I made a new friend - whom I think nevertheless, may not be hanging around for very long.

It's a depressing situation. Her tears broke my heart. Brought me back to the day I was dumped over the phone. Same thing happened to her. I have never seen her so sad - trying so hard to supress her tears when she related what happened.

My heart ached for her terribly. I do not know what to say, except that I totally understand what she is going through right now. I am not in the best position to offer any comfort, as I am a helpless wreck myself.

But her pain now - I believe - is more acute than mine. At least for this moment. It tears me apart to see couples breaking up, after investing many years of time, effort, love and sacrifices. Why would love die so pre-maturely? Why wouldn't it last? What killed love?

I guess there are many reasons, most of which may end up looking suspiciously more like excuses to end a relationship. Looking at her sobbing with such sorrow, my faith in love and relationships leapt headlong into the depths of the hopeless abyzz.

We went for drinks after our Japanese lesson. Gave her my best listening ear, and tried to make her laugh. Told her I will be with her every night if she wanted company - since I am dateless, steadless, boyfrenless and loveless as well. We would keep each other company, and maybe find a great place to go man-spotting every night. Hopefully by giving her my time to help her heal, I can help myself in the process. I want my friend to be happy, and I know it takes more than my company to achieve that.

But at least for now, this is the best I can do, and I'll continue to pray for God's divine intervention - not only for her, but for me as well. I feel both of us need a significant amount of healing - cos the heart is one uncontrollable, irrational and rebellious organ.

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