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Monday, May 09, 2005

Kaya Toast and Eggs

Met Debbie for tea today. We had Ya Kun kaya toast and eggs. It was like the old times.

I've known Deb since we were in Primary 5. That makes us friends for what - 18 and a half years? Just like kaya toast and eggs, we go so well together. She has seen me at my best, and been there at my worst.

When we were single, we met at least once a month for dinner, or to celebrate special days such as birthdays, holidays, Christmas, New Year etc. A year ago, she got married - and her baby came a few months later. Since then, we hardly meet and boy, do I miss her.

Of course, marriage and babies do play a part in the shift of priorities. I have learnt to accept that after a few more friends took the steady-marry-baby route. It's only natural that you will start spending less time with your friends.

Meeting her today brought back memories.
Of the days we spent in school.
Of the nights we spent out partying till the wee hours of the morning.
Of the guys we used to fall for.
Of the silly things we used to do when we were giggly young girls.

It feels great to have friends like that. It feels even better to have them after so many years. And though we may not spend as much time now as we'd love to, we are still pretty connected on an emotional level.

As one grows older, I realise our circle of friends shrink - significantly. Keeping friends, and keeping IN TOUCH with them - takes a lot of time and effort. I may not be the best friend ever to any of my friends, but I do know they mean a lot to me.

And as age catches up with me, I try to catch up with these buddies of mine - because good friends, as they say, are as rare a find as faithful husbands.

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Bee said...

just passing bye to say 'hello',
hope u dun mind this surprise.

read your poem "Pub Fairytales
Paradox" in someone's blog,
and find it a reality of life.

i was told u r quite like me
or i m quite like u, hmmn... maybe :)